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Thread: [Event] Return to Caduto‘s Maze of Madness (sponsored by gamigo)

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    Default [Event] Return to Caduto‘s Maze of Madness (sponsored by gamigo)

    Greetings Telarans,

    One year ago, well-known community members Caduto (CADRIFT) and Seshatar (twitch.tv/seshatar) invited you into the Maze of Madness, a twisted labyrinth which promised you great rewards – if you could find the way out before your rivals. This year the Maze will return, in a brand new form, to challenge you again! Are you prepared?
    • What? A maze run through Telara‘s most twisted labyrinth!
    • Who? Everyone can join!
    • When? Saturday, 22nd June 2019 at 21:00 UTC (EU Server Time)
    • Where? Dimension „Oblivion Maze“ by „Caduto“ on EU-Typhiria and on twitch.tv/seshatar

    Prizes? Prizes! The top 10 runners who finish the maze first, as well as the person who collects most dimension artifacts in the maze when the time runs out (1 hour) will receive prizes (sponsored by gamigo):

    1stSeason 2 Battle Pass + 3000 Credits + 1 Month Patron
    2nd2000 Credits + 1 Month Patron
    3rd1000 Credits + 1 Month Patron
    4th-5th1000 Credits
    6th-10th500 Credits
    Special1000 Credits + 1 Month Patron

    (If you manage to be top 10 and also collect the most artifacts, you will receive both prizes!)

    Are you ready, maze runner?
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    If you normally play on the NA shards then you can still participate!
    Just create a toon on the EU Typhiria shard and join in!

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    Should be fun!
    Fwob - Zaviel

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    Ooo this sounds exciting!
    "I'm not sure where I am.. But it's much more fun this way!" ~Aazu


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