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    Default EU Live Shard merges

    With the recent transition to the Google Cloud Platform, the team has been working hard to improve the server capacity and performance for our European cluster.

    In order to adapt the current structure with these latest improvements, shards in our European cluster will be going through merges on June 5th, 2019. After it's all been completed, the European cluster will consist of:

    • Brutwatcht (German) (PVE)
    • Brisesol (French) (PVE)
    • Typhiria (English) (PVE)
    • Cahail (Hidden - Used for load balancing dungeons, raids & warfronts)

    Bloodiron (PVP), Zaviel, Gelidra & Refuge will be merged into Typhiria (PVE).

    Unfortunately the population no longer warrants support for an open world PVP server, as noted above Bloodiron will be merged into the PVE Typhiria environment.

    Thank you for your continued support during this transition!

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    Mit dem kürzlichen Transfer zur Google Cloud Platform hat das Team hart daran gearbeitet, die Serverkapazität und -leistung für unseren europäischen Cluster zu verbessern.

    Um die aktuelle Struktur an diese jüngsten Verbesserungen anzupassen, werden die Shards unseres europäischen Clusters am 5. Juni 2019 fusioniert. Nach Abschluss der Arbeiten wird der europäische Cluster aus folgenden Shards bestehen:

    • Brutwacht (Deutsch) (PVE)
    • Brisesol (Französisch) (PVE)
    • Typhiria (Englisch) (PVE)
    • Cahail (Versteckt - Wird für Belastungausgleiche der Dungeons, Schlachtzüge und Kriegsfronten verwendet.)

    Bloodiron (PVP), Zaviel, Gelidra & Refuge werden mit Typhiria (PVE) fusioniert.

    Leider erfordert die Population keine weitere Unterstützung für einen Open World PVP-Server. Wie bereits erwähnt, wird Bloodiron in die PVE Typhiria-Umgebung integriert.

    Vielen Dank für eure anhaltende Unterstützung während dieses Transfers!

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    Avec la récente transition vers la plateforme Google Cloud, l'équipe a travaillé avec acharnement pour améliorer la capacité et les performances des serveurs européens.

    Afin d’inclure ces dernières améliorations à la structure actuelle, certains serveurs isolés fusionneront avec le reste des serveurs européens le 5 juin 2019. Une fois cette étape terminée, ce groupement de serveurs sera composé de :

    • Brutwacht (Allemand) (PVE)
    • Brisesol (Français) (PVE)
    • Typhiria (Anglais) (PVE)
    • Cahail (Caché - Utilisé pour les donjons d'équilibrage de charge, les raids et les fronts de guerre)

    En ce qui concerne Bloodiron (PVP), Zaviel, Gelidra et Refuge, ils seront fusionnés avec Typhiria (PVE).

    Malheureusement, la population actuelle ne justifie plus la prise en charge d'un serveur PVP mondial ouvert et comme indiqué ci-dessus, Bloodiron sera fusionné avec l'environnement PVE Typhiria.

    Nous vous remercions par avance de votre soutien pendant cette période de transition !

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    Some quick questions regarding the transfers:
    • What about players with the same names? Oldest character keeps the name?
    • With less shards, will the artifact/material node respawn rate be changed?
    • Will the zone event spawn rate be changed?
    • Do we need to clear the shard vaults of the shards that are being closed down before the merge?
    • What if people have more characters than character slots after the transfer? Will the character list be changed to a scroll-down list, so people can log into all their characters? With 50% of the EU shards being closed, many altoholics will have major problems.

    Some additional questions about cross-shard features:
    As Typhiria will inhabit the majority of the players, will further cross-shard features be developed, i. e. mail and auction house? Or will there be a single mega-server at some point anyway? I think Brisesol and Brutwacht will be rather small compared to Typhiria after the merge and many French and German guilds might transfer off to enjoy the much bigger auction house.

    Some additional questions about the new servers:
    Could you tell us a little bit more about the new server technology? So far it seems to have caused much trouble for us EU players, but it would be good to know what advantages and future benefits we players can expect from it, once the issues are resolved.
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    While I don't play on EU myself, I am someone that has the maximum amount of characters (10 for me) on each shard and I use them all for muling, world events and even ddimension touring. That being said, I would imagine there's a lot of other people on EU who do the same which begs the question: Are character limits somehow going to be increased before these merges happen or will those characters simply be deleted? Building that many characters up takes a lot of work and money (both real and in game) so it wouldn't be right to simply delete them all.

    Edit: Second question

    What happens to everyone's dimensions that get merged over? There's a ton of work that people put into those and losing them would be devastating to say the least.
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    What will happen to those of us with more than 13 characters on the shards combined?

    Will our guild banks need to be emptied prior to the move?

    Will we need to empty our auctions/mail to move our characters across?

    Will the move be fully automated or do we need to transfer our chars ourselves?

    What is going to happen if there are character name conflicts?

    What is going to happen if there are guild name conflicts?

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    This is great news and finally there will be only one Concordia again.

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    Any plans on making resources instanced per player? Merging shards means less shard hopping, meaning more players and less instances of resources. So this should warrant tech to allow for instanced resources. Maybe the swap to gcp would allow for this?
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    And as usual, announcements are lacking the vital information needed to understand the process that is going to happen

    Why is it that Gamigo never prepares a post IN ADVANCE, answering many of the questions that would pop up, and always just says "this is going to happen" and then spend a few days getting answers to less than half of the relevant questions?

    Gamigo fails. Again

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    currency. so some of my alts have some event currencies, not as many as the other characters but still very useful... since these chars will probably be deleted any chance of moving the currencies from them (currency that cannot be turned into vouchers)
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    OK so I have a lot of characters on the EU servers. A LOT. I am well over the 6 per shard.On Zaviel alone I have 12.

    What is going to happen to my characters? I will have way WAAAAAY over 13 on Typhiria.

    The answers to this will literally determine whether I just pack it in and walk away from the game right now or not, because I have put a mind boggling amout of hours and effort into my characters, and if that's going to be lost then what is even the point of continuing?
    I will not delete my characters for an unwated server merge.

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    Oh, es wird ja doch informiert was zur Zeit los ist. Damit werden einige der jetzigen Probleme erklärt. Aber zu spät. ich habe schon gekündigt.
    Die Latenz der Cloud ist zu schlecht um vernünftig zu spielen.


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    - what will happen with chars below lvl that can transfer
    - what will happen with ppl who wont be in game in that short time till merge

    if they will be moved by system - what will happen with their mails in mailbox or items at AH.

    - what will happen with guild if leader wont be in game before transfer

    - dims transfer with no problem?

    we need info about merge IN GAME, its kinda important! (im here today because I was bored so i saw that post by accident)
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    I have 13 characters on each of the English PvE shards.

    Please tell me what is going to happen to those characters and what will happen to the respective guilds on those shards

    This is more than annoying !!!

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    Will dimensions still be a thing and stable?
    Considered we in the past have had problems with losing the gelidra dim server and not being able to access any other when they shut it down temporary.

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