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    My original ticket from 16th November was closed without resolving on 1st Feb with them saying:


    Thank you for contacting us.

    We appreciate your patience during this long wait and apologise for any inconvenience it may have caused you.

    Please let us know if you are still experiencing the same issue and if so, please submit a new ticket with up to date details on it. In attempt to improve the customer support, we will be closing older tickets, so that we may endeavor to deal with active game issues as quickly and efficiently as we can.

    Thank you for your understanding, and if you should have any further questions or concerns, please donít hesitate to let us know.

    Your Gamigo US Inc. Support Team
    So I re-opened a new ticket as the issue is not resolved at all and no reply as of yet. Fuming didn't cover it because I had been sitting on my laurels for months to get an auto close/automated response and my ticket thrown out of the queue to start the whole process again.

    Then another ticket for a different issue was opened on the 4th with no reply I have the fear that I am about to face a slow and repetitive cycle of this open tickets getting auto closed because they don't get the backlog sorted.

    Neither issue will stop being an issue and need CS resolution. No way someone could start filtering by key words so not every single ticket gets closed purely on age?...some folks have problems that are not going to go away but we as players certainly could

    As Albert Einstein said...the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
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    At this point, it feels like the best thing to do would be to create new tickets every single week. Hear me out:

    All old tickets seems to be closed and we are being asked to recreate them if the problem still exists. We are not being told anything about the timeframe for this, so we can only assume that all tickets older than one week will eventually be closed. So, let's say I create a ticket on Monday, Week 1. Then on Monday, Week 2, I will make a new ticket, saying the exact same thing, but adding the line "Ticket #12345 for reference". About a week later, Week 3, I will make the third ticket, adding "Tickets #12345 and 123456 for reference". And so on and so forth, until the issue has finally been resolved.

    What this will do is create a massive overflow of tickets, that much is true. But as CS only seems to be dealing with some tickets and simply just close everything else, the odds of getting the issue fixed will actually increase. At some point they will see and read one of the tickets and actually DO SOMETHING about it.
    Let's say I have 6 tickets out, posting one every week. They look at #4 and fix the issue. 1-3 will most likely have been closed already, so they are irrelevant. Then they take a look at #5 and see the reference number for #4 and can instantly close 5. Same thing with 6 when they get that far.

    Problem solved for us players and Gamigo can continue their streak of just being bad at customer service when closing tickets randomly. Everyone wins.
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    Well to update. It appears they finally corrected my 2025 Error. Now if I can only get them to understand that sending me "account reset" emails are not being received, maybe I can get my account back and start playing.... I know the account is old, I just wish I could speak to someone for 5 minutes. Doesn't appear how matter how many times I explain it that I'm getting through. We can confirm the accounts mine. We can confirm I signed up under that email address. The next step seems to be insurmountable. I recreated this account to communicate the request. Oh well time till tell.

    <ticket number is 1192205>
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    Default I'm Curious

    So first Issue ( ArcheAge) not resolved with only 1 reply, ticket open since November 11 2018....great....second issue (Rift) not resolved, 2 replies but they were the same, since Febuary 9th...no response in 2 weeks.....Trion or Gamigo....how long am i supposed to wait before trying a new ticket...I mean i'm on almost 4 months now on 1 ticket....I'm expecting the next response to ask for a pile of info, and then wait again...just wondering, in what time frame is reasonable for you to expect a new ticket for the same issue?....if you were in my shoes, and couldn't even launch 2 games from the same company (that were working fine previously) and you tried to get help, and you got literally nothing in almost 4 months, what would you do?....I'm Curious....what....do....I....do?

    "EDITED UPDATE" 12 hours after this post i finally got a reply for my Rift issue, and despite the first 2 replies being useless this time I was provided what i can only describe as a "variety pack" of possible fixes and one of them seems to have worked and also fixed my ArcheAge ticket at the same time....YAY i can play again!!...not sure why they didn't just send the variety pack of fixes to me the first time and not make me wait months on end but hey... a fix is a fix, ill take it....thanks Garri from CM.

    anyone having issues with Glyph not launching and it been a while feel free to PM me on here and i'll send you what i was finally sent for fixes.
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