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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: Glyph Update Issue Fix

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    Default Glyph Update Issue Fix

    Greetings folks,

    As you may have noticed, recently we’ve been experiencing some certificate issues with our websites. These same issues also caused some players to have trouble accessing games.

    We’ve released fixes for the majority of these issues, but we have an update coming for Glyph that should be the final step to resolving this completely. Unfortunately, players using older versions of Glyph won’t be able to update to this newest version.

    If you have trouble updating Glyph you’ll want to delete it from your computer and download the latest version. Find the latest version here.

    We’re very sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

    Thanks very much.

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    Default nice...

    It's one forty in the morning - starting Rift causes an automatic update of Glyph. After completing there's no more connection to the server.
    Nice update ... what should I say more?
    (Info: EU-Server, shard Brutwacht. Gamestart tries a lot of IPs, stops about 65%-68% loading. I tried few times)
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    The servers have been taken offline around 1 hour ago, as there was a major bug/exploit going on.
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    Default puh...

    Yes, I see - now I'm in. Sorry for some sarcasm before. Server-access denied is no base for feeling amused

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    I assume the fix didn't work? EU seems offline again....

    If this was intentional, then a little bit of communication would be appreciated. If they just crashed I guess we're done for the night.

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    Default Ouch

    Not a single one of my Trion Worlds game will even launch anymore, I updated Glyph to the new version, uninstalled and reinstalled Glyph, uninstalled and reinstalled all Trion Worlds games and even deleted the chache and logs folders in steam folders like your CS said to...still no games will launch, they just idle in task manager and sometimes say "suspended".....how'd you manage to break every game at the same time this bad? please post more info and possible fixes on a thread...your own CS guys are saying they have over 26,000 tickets to handle (which is REALLY BAD btw) poor guys im sure are doing the best they can but I cant even open glyph.

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    I got serious issues with Glyph too. Even after I installed the new version of it.
    The update download seems to stuck into a loop hole. It repeats again and again,for example, 1m-2m like never forwards anymore. Then a notice pops up saying"Error 1034".
    I've never had this error before.
    Please help with this issue!
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