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    Ice Dancer (Bladedancer rogue in the winter time!)

    Head: Fae Yule Festive Cowl
    Cape: Fae Yule Grand Cape
    Chest: Desolate Leather Tunic
    Shoulders: Desolate Leather Spaulders
    Gloves: Desolate Leather Gloves
    Pants: Desolate Leather Greaves
    Boots: Desolate Leather Boots
    Weapons: Ice Dagger x2
    Outfit dyed: Light Violet/Light Sky Blue
    Mount: Snow Ki Rin

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    Default Any posibility of streaming our creations?

    I hope at least one of the judges streams and showcases our creations. It would be fun to watch.

    By the way. I edited my post (page 3 of this thread) to include a video link but since it's buried it is less likely to be seen. I did not want to quote my post and make it a big post so I will put the link here instead.

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    Default Pawnd@Faeblight

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    Default Brass Vespid


    Brass Vespid (same as wasp, but more planetouched)

    Head: Mercenary's Helm
    Cape: Swarmlord's Insectoid Wings
    Shoulders: Frost Keeper's Spaulders
    Chest: Wondrous Cloth Tunic
    Gloves: Imposing Leather Gloves
    Pants: Vostigean-Double Stitched Pants
    Boots: Deathbound Steel Boots
    Weapons: Black Ice Stilleto x2 + Bow of Whispering Flame
    Outfit dyed: Light Yellow/Deep Grey (Exceptionally Black for shoulders)
    Mount: Levitate (or Golden Arclight Rider)

    [I would like to apologize for the silliness of the entry, but comic created itself once I started with screenshots. And I was unable to stop. Yes, it's completely imaginary and it was created as a support story for the wardrobe contest. ]

    [previews are clickable]

    Telaran Extravaganza Eleganza
    Alphaine@Deepwood / BrassVespid@Deepwood (and plenty of alts @ <Jubi> thanks to chronic altaholism)

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    Default Winter Soldier

    Physoxa (Prime):

    Head: Warme Julfestkapuze
    Cape: -
    Shoulders: Warmer Julfestmantel
    Chest: Warmer Julfestüberzieher
    Gloves: Warme Julfesthandschuhe
    Legs: Warme Julfestgamaschen
    Feet: Warme Julfeststiefel
    Weapon: Zuckerlandschlächter
    Mount: Eiswandler

    ...picture implementation did not work - waiting for removal...
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    Click to enlarge.

    "I've had so many names, old names that only the wind and trees can pronounce" - Pan's Labyrinth

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    Here's mine


    Head - Playful Ears, Cat;

    Cape - Swarmlord's Insectoid Wings;

    Chest - Ornate Aelfwar Tunic;

    Legs - Ruffian's Breeches;

    Feet - Ruffian's Boots;

    Two handed sword - Sorcerer-King's Amber Blade (with yellow firework rune)

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    Default Nyvesse@Hailol, "Fairyesque"

    Head: Playful ears, bunny
    Pack: Gossamer wings
    Chest: Runed leather tunic
    Gloves: (edit) nope
    Boots: Alsbeth’s Boots
    Staff: Rend the Heavens
    (staff only appears in combat with this set)

    Location: Ember Island (Dormant Core)
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    Default Nyvesse@Hailol, "Fairyesque"

    Removed double post here. Sorry, struggling a bit with the nuances of the linking code.
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    Default Exploration Attire

    Valinnaa @ deepwood
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    Default Sin-Stalker

    What I imagine a Assassin/Riftstalker hybrid build would look like if it was characterized by its wardrobe! I had this build made a while back but always thought there needed to be one more piece to complete the look. When the jetpack came out, it was the perfect opportunity to put this together again, and I'm really happy with how it turned out

    Front View

    Back View
    Wonskee@Deepwood - Dark Malice PvP Guide - Griefer PvP Guide
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    IGN: Cielune@Faeblight

    Cielune | Ikamuni | Zeruiah | Lucifuga | Lugina

    Guild servant of < Casually Elite >
    Originally from Seastone

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