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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: RIFT Team Letter - Dev Team Update 11/30

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    This is not reassuring at all and calling seasonal world events that re-run unchanged for several years "new content" is a joke. New (premium) cosmetics aren't content.

    The last real update RIFT got was patch 4.3 "Crucia's Claw" in October 2017 - 14 months ago

    Since then all we got was "we are working on stuff" and "we have some stuff but not ready to talk about it". After gamescom we got a few hints on upcoming content/features, unfortunately the persons responsible for many of them are gone. Noone is even showing face for this game anymore, for ArcheAge the responsible boss (Khrolan) at least posted regular updates and even Jake Song from XLgames sent out a clear message.

    Come on, don't treat us as stupid and try to sell us old stuff as new content. At least have the backbone and tell us that things look f* up right now.

    - What will happen to Prime short and long term?
    - When will we receive further zone/raid content for Live in the current expansion?
    - Will there be a new expansion in 2019, as we are already 1 year behind previous schedule?
    - What kind of content will be the main focus for the game?
    - What is the status of the already teased features like Tenebrean Trouble, iGSB, toybox etc.?

    If you make a "Dev Team Update" please answer at least some of these and the many other questions in it. We don't need a "you have to wait more" after three previous "you have to wait more" letters. No point at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fasti View Post

    Greetings Ascended,

    As we mentioned in our previous Team Letter, the gamigo transition has brought up a number of changes in RIFT’s organization. We are still in the process of establishing a variety of new processes and finalizing structural changes to help us streamline things moving forward.

    We hear your concerns regarding the impact this transition is having on the RIFT development team, so we wanted to discuss those with you all.

    As many of you are aware, the RIFT development team has been reduced following the recent acquisition. Unfortunately, some familiar faces no longer work with us. For the time being we’re going to move forward with development using the smaller team, but will be open to expanding the team in the future.

    With that said, we wanted to reaffirm that we're still dedicated to continuing development on RIFT. For instance, we are already hard at work to bring you the Fae Yule content for the end of the year!

    All we ask of you now, is to remain patient as you already have proven to be thus far.

    Once again, we thank you for your incredible support! We couldn’t have asked for a better community of players and we can’t wait to show you what the year 2019 has in store for RIFT!

    The Rift Team

    Sorry Fasti, all I see is empty words that actually tell us nothing.

    You are keeping a much reduced team to support Rift when even the previous much larger team was too small to properly support Rift. All you have really said is "well guys we are keeping the servers open, spend money on our Fae Yule event, and be grateful the servers are still open. We may one day in the future maybe consider giving you anything other than a seasonal event, but in the meantime, just keep spending money".

    Log in to the game the world is empty, heck even the usual trolling is nigh on non-existent most the time now. People are leaving, or have already left. I would say the game population has more than halved since Gamigo took over. Simply because we have had no real news since that happened. Mostly silence, followed by an empty letter that is meaningless. If you want to kill the game by stealth, you are going the right way.

    I still have Patron on two accounts, but in the wake of this letter I am cancelling both as I now totally understand that Gamigo has zero interest in Rift except to make money on it.

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    I want to know how much gamigo wants to sell RIFT assets, I'm seriously looking to buy it, you guys can contact me thru details on your records or I can give more proper business email via PM. This is not troll post at all.
    PS: I just send email to ir@gamigo.com since forums won't be best place to approach such offer but we never know who reads or who can reach to who actually may it concern and I'm 100% serious about all this.
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    So many people gonna quit after that message. Ty.

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    Your Dev letter means nothing..........same "just sit tight and we'll........" like trion. Fae Yule is not content...Fix the game..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pints View Post
    Your Dev letter means nothing..........same "just sit tight and we'll........" like trion. Fae Yule is not content...Fix the game..
    *slow clap*

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    Thanks Fasti for the update.

    Unfortunately (as others have already pointed out) this letter means nothing besides "game has been in limbo, and stays in limbo - stay tuned for news at eleven, and even more limbo". So if there is something Gamigo has in store for Rift, it would be wise to tell it now, as long as there are players around to hear that news.

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    Default Thanks for the letter Fasti but... more waiting....

    The dev letter without assigned devs. Sorry I can't get excited about that. While I am happy there is a letter with reassurance, there is no direction given past updating Fae Yule (which has been in Rift a very long time). I appreciate you all keeping the lights on and trying to communicate. Just keep in mind the remaining player base has been lied to, told everything was fine, and gaslit for a very long time. This is not the fault of Gamigo, but it is why we are watching progress with Rift closely. Many of us are not going to put money into a game that is in dev limbo.

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    Thank you for the update, we really appreciate it! I'm stoked that development in some way is going to continue. A lot are calling for more substance and even pointing out the vague communications that seem to hide a harsh reality of the state of what's to come but I'm hopeful we'll be surprised.

    Sometimes a new set of eyes and fresh ideas are what these decade long titles need to evolve.

    Best of Luck Rift team, i'm rooting for you!

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    Some of you are taking the bait (fortunately most not). As long as they say something, somehow there is "hope". There is no hope.

    There was hardly a team to begin with, and now they've sacked all of them. How many are left? Like literally 2-3 working on Rift at max (it's probably just 1), with little to no experience with Rift's coding.

    All we'll be seeing is seasonal events to promote buying stuff, and more cash shop items. That's all the devs are working on.

    The only thing keeping me here is community and dimensions and community can move..
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    These dev letters / PR-statements are meaningless to myself and many other folks. Make and show the new content (not recycled content), then there might be some meaning to these dev team updates / news postings.

    After nearly 10 years of following, playing, and so forth with Rift, I'm close to just being done with this game. TBQH, I'm reluctantly addicted to this game - and that's a very bad habit to get into a rut with. :|

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    Thanks for responding. Are you able to provide us with any timelines? How long is the transition period expected to last? When can we expect to hear any news on Rift's long term future? What new content is being planned and estimated time to complete? Who exactly will be the new development team working on the game? In what way can a "reduced" team be effective at releasing new content when the previous team struggled? Details are sorely needed so that people can continue to feel confident playing, joining and buying into the game.

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    It's gonna be a slow decline, every letter/cm is gonna say the same thing over and over again.
    And white knights are gonna shove it down the throat. This is it, believe it or not.

    And if you don't believe, at least don't spend your hard earned money in a game where cm/"devs"/company doesn't give two pennies about it.

    Uninstalled and waved.

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    Default Maybe resolve support tickets in Queue at bare minimum

    So, I'm really a patient person, I really enjoy Rift. I've maintained an account from before F2P and kept a Patron account since F2P happened.

    I want you to succeed.

    I'm even willing to give it a few (3) months to see what you have. What you can do.


    I've had a support ticket in Queue for a screwed up Guild transfer that deleted our entire Guild, the dimension, and ALL of it's items. That ticket has been in queue for more than a week... it has gone unanswered. That ticket (1162430) has been met with silence beyond the form letter saying it was received.

    It would help some of us who spend money (beyond just our patron sub) to believe you are on this if, at bare minimum, you could address the support tickets and resolve issues in a reasonable time.

    That's a start - that is how you convince people that you are actually working on things.

    I will post again as soon as the ticket is addressed - not because I think I am special but because how long it takes to address a support ticket that has a major impact on a customer's experience says something about whether or not you are actually committed the players. Whether or not you are doing actual work. Support is the minimum that a player expects.

    At this point, I'm chalking the previous delay up to "transition" so now show me that this Dev team cares please. I want to believe you. I want to see you make Rift better, stronger, and I want to think your really will address the concerns so many others have presented in this thread. I'm watching the clock and deciding if my annual sub (and that of my spouse) is going to be renewed based on all of this.

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    Yeah, this vague dev letter was the final nail in RIFT's coffin. The only definitive thing to take away from it is that the already undersized dev team was gutted, and doesn't appear to be getting restaffed. I was really holding out hope that Prime would recover after Gamigo gave us some news about their plans, but it seems obvious that neither of those things is going to happen.

    "This is the way the world ends
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