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    Quote Originally Posted by AnneBonny View Post
    This was indeed kind of a confusing title, thanks Fasti for fixing it.

    We are basically the new team in charge of communication (what a start! ). Things are still very new to us, thanks for pointing this out, we do our best to learn fast and quick.
    Are you looking to hire new developers for Rift to replace the laid-off Trion team and if so where would the listing for those positions be located?
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    I think more communication through official channels (mainly the forums) is always better for sure, but having developers (even if it's just CMs) on the discords doesn't hurt. Even if they don't reply, it's easier to get information or mention something quick in real time. Both paths offer important information and feedback for both developers and players.

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    I know a lot of people are upset about the devs going, and there are a few I liked a lot and will miss. But realistically you would think gamingo would want to move this game along with their other games, which would be in a different city. The Trion devs rotated between games a lot, I am sure gamigo would do something similar. Pull people from other games to work on this one.

    I think maybe some fresh eyes might be good for this game. I recently went back to play an MMO that I played 5 years ago. And so much has changed. The level cap went up so they made it easy to lvl early on. The max used to be 50 but now it is 80 I think. But in 8 hours I was lvl 42 since they want to rush people to the new content. I remembered doing the dungeons during the long horrible grind to 50 (and that game was the worst grind I have ever done). The leveling dungeons were hard, you needed a good balanced party with people who knew what they were doing or it went horrible. Now you can solo most of the low lvl dungeons on level or they made it a single person instance. The quests in a zone have been dramatically reduced while exp drastically increased. This makes it so much easier to bring in new players to your game without getting them discouraged because they sit around for 6 hours flagged for a low lvl dungeon like Iron Tomb.

    It is not a good look when you want to attract new players and they are following the quest line, get an Iron Tombs quest.... but oh wait that quest sits there because no one does it. Rift truly needs to be revamped to encourage new people to come in and not feel like they hit a wall of missed content because no one does low lvl dungeons.

    I think Rift went about it wrong with trying to try to do things to encourage higher lvls to go and play lower lvl dungeons. It was novel at first but really was not a permanent solution since higher lvl ppl will quickly tire of doing that. Rift liked to hold onto the grind since they were trying to grab some cash from exp vials and notoriety vials.

    Prime was cute idea but it really was pointless. The reason why you have throw back servers is to play the game how it used to be. Nothing has changed in rift except the classes and adding IAs. Prime is the same thing as f2p minus IAs. Why bother? Other than saying, hey lets all start brand new chars over again so there are other ppl to do the dungeons and raids together. Slowly staggering them so no one gets too far ahead.

    The one thing I want to say to the new gamigo ppl is there has been some terrible customer relations with this game. People were being banned with no real cause than wanting to see this game be better. Some of the Trion people had very thin skin, if you said the wrong thing you got banned. There were people who had their chars threatened if they did not remove negative youtube videos.

    Yes some people get mad on these forums and might not sugar coat their feelings. But please understand those that do are doing so because they do care about the game and they do want it to succeed. And I hope you will work with us and not think of us as the enemy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiwi View Post
    <snip>All the very best to all of you and excuse me one second....
    Quote Originally Posted by Kiwi View Post
    <snip>Lets go!
    Quote Originally Posted by Kiwi View Post
    Don't misconstrue my words there is no info on discord that you can't get on forums thats the point blank of it (Edit: for the CM's not the other way around.) No one said anything about anyone's efforts I do understand how much work they take to run as well as sites etc plus anyone should do what they feel like and join any discord they feel drawn to I'm saying don't let them (or anywhere unofficial) be the main/first/only place to communicate.
    Something with cobwebbs and woodwork...

    Whilst the brooms are sweeping, can some more things be cleaned out, Community Team? Like old and stale 'titles' and 'colors' that still seem to lead to entitlement? That would be great!

    Looking forward to some positivity and clarity about the game - from the company that runs things that is...

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    Welcome to the asylum, sounds encouraging, looking forward to more News and info on plans going forward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faerugue View Post
    Turned it off for you so you felt more secure in life I forget all about it

    Titles on this forum do not change any words or their meaning, this is about moving forward not being salty indeed. I was curious if these forums were being kept or new ones started etc also looks like these ones are being kept.

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    Welcome. Happy to hear from you. Super sad about the creator program it was a super fun benefit for fans of my site. Hope to hear more about the future good luck here and Welcome again

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    Hello and welcome to Rift.

    Thank you for finally giving us players some hope for the future of the game we love. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

    On one of gamigo's game forums I see a ton of interaction between the CM and questions for players and what they would like the most regarding new things. I think that if you take the same approach over to Rift and the other games here it will greatly be appreciated and help build a solid base of trust where both parties work together. This is very important for success overall.

    Also looking forward to meeting our CM! I just want to say that this game has massive potential and is very unique in the mass mmo world. Just give it a good honest chance and keep communication going always and things should work out. This is a game that should stick around for years to come due to the originality and the many different things it offers as opposed to the big ones out there such as World Of Warcraft. No other game will ever come close to the player housing Rift has to offer, or the wardrobe system. so please keep that in mind.

    Thank you and welcome again.
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    Rift was first created from developers with the goal to let the players feel fun in their game. It ended as marketing-object with the goal to make money, make players to consumers. At that point, a lot of players left the game. I love the dimensions and events and now your predecessors killed also the spirit of Autumn Harvest.

    I would like to spend more time in Rift again. But at first I am curious and wary.

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    Default PVP Family Welcomes You

    On behalf of our fun and dedicated PVP warfront family we want to Welcome you guys aboard. We are excited to learn who the New Community Manager is and who replaced Linda.

    We love our Warfronts and the new one Tenebrean Prison. High Five everyone!

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    Thank you for the introduction, and welcome to Rift! Many of us have been holding on to the hope that Rift has a future, and we look forward to this next phase!
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    Welcome and thanks for the introduction.
    I hope to see some of those other new people on Monday as well.

    Just try to keep us posted on stuff. Communication is key. A lot of people are unsure if they are going to continue with your Patron, and that I think depends upon if you intend to add new content, work on some of the main things people have been complaining about such as (fragments!); and fixing bugs.

    Will be nice to know if the plans are to release new content in a timeline. Thx for the intro!
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    Default Irony

    Quote Originally Posted by Kiwi View Post
    This is not correct, the forums are very informative also. Devs burned out using Discord and divided the community even more using it and not forums - I should know and never approved of that happening.

    Let's get things back on track and encourage Gamigo to not be afraid to use their own channels and hopefully we as players have learned also and no longer want this funky vibe of who knows what first and being privvy to info while others aren't.
    This is a completely different tune to sing from just a few years ago. The Discord channels (the ones people are actually allowed to speak in and don't have to worry about constant over-moderation) are a good thing for the community Rift has left. I believe the perceived "divide" you are bringing up is more of a micro rather than a macro issue. Nepotism is an AMAZING thing when you are the person benefiting from it. However, when the object of favoritism is no longer me, and I am not the most privy to information, it is no longer acceptable. The old devs, Brasse for example, were able to see the wolf in sheep's clothing and I think this caused the perceived "divide".

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    Welcome to the game and I hope things move forward sooner rather than later, as a lot of us have been losing interest for some time now and now with a lack of population in game there is no reason to log in, thus I cancelled my patron that I've had for years until life continues on in game or I am thoroughly sucked into another game.
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    Hi new team, I do not trust you.

    You have stepped into the game at an all time low. Trion took a very beloved game and ran it straight into the ground. We know nothing about you nor do we know what you have planned or how you plan on implementing these ideas. Trion also made a habit of blowing the players off and only made a half effort whenever they did something. We are weary and we are frustrated. I would advise you to be very straightforward and transparent with us.

    That said, I am willing to give you a chance. Please do not burn me like Trion did time and time again.
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