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    Sorry if someone else already mentioned this haven't read all the posts. Rift Prime needs new raid content badly. Try and get the 1st 10 person and 1st 20 person raid content out for Storm Legion to get players to return. I'm sure it will need updates/love also asp once comes out as the old raids did. Getting them adjusted asp would be nice rather than waiting a week for an patch/balance but I know staffing is an issue. Would also like to see PVP que more on Rift prime maybe if people received a small amount of raid currency from the daily chest charge it would encourage more PVP. Thanks for the update and GL.

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    Eternal Weapons grant certain buffs particular to each class which improve the playability/functionality of those classes in certain souls. Unfortunately, some classes have become heavily more dependent than other classes on eternal weapons, specifically in some game areas, to function competitively.

    The buffs from the weapon also imposed scaling imbalances between class throughout expected gear tiers which can lead to certain classes performing worse or greater than intended before, during or after new progressive content is released. These imbalances causes players to desire certain cookie cutter raid compositions which can exclude unfavorable classes in certain roles hence excluding players as well. Classes are designed with a number of soul options which allow them to play every role. Players who want to play a certain role were marginalized by these role imbalances.

    Considering how expensive it is to build for an individual role because of planar fragments and the grind players who expected normalized balancing through all content in every role found themselves unfavorable in the roles they chose to focus on forcing them to adapt playstyles they never intended to play in the first place. They had to either play that role they never intended to play, reinvest in that role they never intended to play, reinvest in another class where the role they chose to play was favorable or not play the content at all. Depending on how much trust they had in the devs they could have waited for class changes for over a year expecting the devs will fix their class in those desired roles they wanted to play. Or they could have took a gamble and rerolled another class immediately in order to be not left behind or replaced in their guild who would not wait for them to spend the time to catch up since they happened to pick the wrong class for their role.

    The lead dev told us clearly that this should never happen back two expansion ago. He said it would be about bringing the "player not the class" which meant that classes can fulfill every role competitively. Players being excluded from certain roles because of soul imbalances and later ignored when those issues were brought up contributed to terrible game play experience that greatly reduced the player base. For example, you wouldn't fill a DPS spot in a raid with a class who did 40% less DPS than another classes DPS. Because of a DPS imbalance it made an entire class unwanted for that role.

    You wouldn't want a pure tank healer soul in a class when you have another class tank healer who can produce 5x + more dps while healing, can tank heal better and can area of effect off heal, plus bring better damage reduction in an all in one spec. Obviously you would pick the healer who can contribute more damage, more healing, and can fulfill the job better than a pure tank healer. These are the kinds of imbalances that have been rampant in this expansion for far too long. Addressing these issues were far too late and too punitive of an adjustment over time. More than a year in some cases too late.

    Two examples to illustrate scaling imbalance due to eternal weapon and itemization:
    A) Two different classes hit fresh 70 and do not have the eternal weapon fully upgraded or access. One class can be far less balanced in terms of performance than the other because the more dependent class relies much more heavily on their eternal to be fully upgraded to function and perform marginally on par with the other class. You can have 2 different level 70 classes with parity in gear score and one does 350Kdps and the other 600Kdps as an example. However when you tabulate end game gear scores of the two classes with the eternal weapons and best in slot gear the imbalance can be less apparent. 1.1Million+ dps vs. 1.2million+. However, getting the best possible gear score is in itself is like winning a bunch of scratch offs or the lottery. You may end up with far lower numbers on an already lower performing class and it can seem very much imbalanced to the player. For instance, if you were the most unlucky in the worse class you may see numbers like 900K+dps vs. 1.2mil+ in the better but much more lucky class. You can have a player who can play night and day and dedicate hours and hours of grind to still end up worse than someone who basically won the lottery with roles on gear and fragments and picking the right class.

    B) In the case of PvP you are disallowed to use your eternal buff so those classes who were better off than others without the eternal have better playability or functionality and in many cases perform better on charts. This forces a handicap on players who were more dependent on their eternal to hit parity in playability with less dependent classes. Add in specific PvP fragments that are again a lottery role, you end up with essentially a similar problem. Players who lucked out can perform better and classes with less dependency on eternal can perform better in certain souls.

    I would like classes to be balanced without dependency on eternal weapons or any single item from a functionality stand point. When I mean functionality I mean how a class plays. Their expected damage/healing/durability etc. is okay to come from items that are attainable by the majority(especially in pvp) but items that actually attempt to fix the playability of a class should not exist. If a soul plays horrible then the class devs should look at revising those souls directly so they can play on par with other souls in other classes that share an identity. Classes should be expected to perform at a competitive level not only on dps, hps, but also on functionality( how they can handle target switching, how they perform in high movement fights, how much utility they can bring, how they handle disconnects, if they can cleave with single target, if that cleave can be done from range or from melee, how big or small is those radius, the frequency of doing constant damage output like if a class can go 10 mins without having to stop its rotation vs one who can only go for 2 mins. because their resources like mana/power get drained and they are out of commission for 15 secs regenerating it, the frequency of burst for instance if a burst comes in every 30 secs vs every 1 or 2 min. If a class burst comes in much more frequently that class usually has more chances to deal that burst in a period of time. For example, if the average PvP match lasted 5 mins. a class with 30 sec burst can get more burst off in that duration vs. a class with a 2 min burst block, also reevaluating how resources regen and damage to self abilities impact specific game options. Personally I would remove all damage to self abilities because they give false representation of a souls true outgoing damage and the incoming damage actually gets boosted from some self or raid buffs!)

    Raid bosses should not be manipulated in design to fit a classes short comings as well. This means that your raid dev is always at the whim of marginalizing his designs to fit the class devs designs because the class dev refused to give a soul to a class that is on par in performance of another soul in another class and in an effort to keep that marginalized class useful in that role the raid dev had to limit their designs of bosses and mechanics to cater to the class dev who believed that restricting class playability was a more important design implementation vs. restricting content and content design.

    For example making a boss instance grant everyone full range regardless if they are playing a range or melee soul because the range souls across all classes are not balanced and only a melee soul is competitive to a range soul in that instance of another class when it can have full range.

    More examples to illustrate imbalances from functionality with and without an eternal weapon:

    A classes resources may deplete much faster than other classes and regenerate much slower in a particular soul. The eternal fixes this to make them have better parity with classes that are not resource bound in such a way. If the eternal is outdated/removed etc. the class performance and playability drops and become overall much worse in performance than the class that is not resource bound which effects playability. The proper way would be to also make the class that is heavily depleting his resources to be less resource bound directly by changing the soul itself. Not by introducing an item that is only usable in certain game modes.

    When balancing classes consider functionality in general. If you design a melee soul in one class to perform as well as a range soul in another class and these are the best these classes have the melee soul will be much more crippled in raid boss designs which have heavy disconnects, movement etc. This can also effect PvP where a range spec from a class can perform way better than the melee counter part in another class due to not having disconnect issues, gaining advantage on primary attacks. Like half your life gone before you reach the range opponents etc.

    There is also another important issue. Each eternal weapon for each class grants a certain raid buff. Some are more wanted than others making those classes more valuable in raids. For instance, if you are not in the party with a class that grants a 5% damage buff your class does less damage than that class which has 5% healing buff instead. In Rift 5% healing does nothing in general. It only effects wasted healing or over healing but the dps buff is apparent and very noticeable given the dps increase can be the difference between hitting a dps check or not.

    Another problem. By giving eternals these specific raid buffs you give classes an overall identity which defeats the purpose of having an extensive soul system. Even when giving classes specific eternal buffs, with specific identities it doesn't follow any reasonable logic. In the current state your best eternal healing buff comes from your worse healing class. Makes no sense to shove an identity on a nameplate when all classes can perform these roles and some unexpectedly better than the one chosen to shove that identity on.

    Just because it is a warrior doesn't mean that they will TANK or cleric, that they will HEAL. And just because you chose to give each one a tanking or healing raid buff doesn't mean that they ended up being the best at tanking and healing. For majority of this expansion your best dps buffs came from your best dps classes and in many cases the best dps classes were the best healing and support classes because of terrible imbalances...It made no sense from multiple points of view and was one of the worse design changes in my opinion. It made people think that their class would be the best at that role because other classes were the best at that role since the raid buffs seem to match up with those classes.


    Planar Fragments in itself are very very expensive and convoluted system. Considering the amount of roles you can play you can build different sets. Building sets for PvP and PvE are ridiculous if you play both parts of the game and you play different roles in both parts of that game. It can do the job that was intended with simplifying to a great degree.

    My suggestion is highly progressive. Make Planar Fragments that are best in slot with no randomly generated stats and have them have the same upgrade fees. The cost alone is high enough that RNG is not needed. You can always add MORE levels to the same fragments as time goes by to keep it a never ending progression. The way fragements are set up is unappealing to the players and EXTREMELY GAMEPLAY restricting both on a role, content and class level. It is THE WORSE IMPLEMENTATION by far on an itemization concept. The only thing it accomplished was making players stop supporting the game. Considering that players would have invested in alts if they had the time which would have possibly brought more money to the company ... this along with the massive barrier to entry with eternal weapons, and the class imbalances were game breaking for many raiders and pvper.

    Planar Fragments for PvP should be earned with PvP currency to upgrade and RNG should be removed as well. You can look to normalizing stats completely in pvp and not make it a gear progression game but a cosmetic/ rank progression game.. One that can fall over time due to lack of participation. Maybe a system that removes certain mounts and cosmetics as time goes by forcing players to keep up with PvP. Like a sort of repurposed CQ power but with cosmetic benefits instead.

    You will accomplish many good things but here are just some.
    A) Less buyers remorse.
    B) Something less complicated to deal with for both the developer and player
    C) A more accurate way to normalize dps since the high end is now attainable and not something that depends on pure luck.
    D) More people able to test classes to an accurate degree.
    E) More opportunity for the developer and investment from the player because you can make Best in Slot fragments come from events, created quests and/or quest chains etc.
    F) A more balanced and better PvP atmosphere with incentives that can be directly earned through PvP keeping PvP more active and less blame on bad RNG.


    There are games that RNG gear fits in but not in instance lock out raiding with a very very low amount of chances per year to roll on loot. In some games you have the ability to run the same dungeons and bosses over and over for hours and hours usually in single player mode and the gear can drop with random stats multiple times. That is not how Rift works. In Rift you do not have nearly the same amount of rolls or chances to get the better gear because you are locked out each week from those drops.

    You can either luck out and get best in slot gear in a few months or be on the opposite side.. LITERALLY MULTIPLE YEARS. This may work if there is new content to retire the old RNG gear and introduce a higher RNG gear but with these very slow content releases it doesn't make sense. Once people are geared they will generally graduate to an alt or several alts. Replayability will actually increase instead of decrease like what happened during early Rift. Current way kills replayability. People just quit and quit much more often because their gear progression in now RNG.

    I would like it to go back to Best Gear for that tier to come from raid currency again. Drops to be intermittent catch up gear. This will take away the power of players mandating who they think the gear should go to and with a very limited player base every roll an alternative character wins you can expect a main to lose which is the way Rift is set up at the moment with these concat changes( specifically on live.)


    Best in slot planar essences have an upgrade path. If you decide to slot the essence before upgrading you will be forced to buy a credit item to unsocket the item then upgrade and resocket it. There is very very few ways to obtain essence unsocketers without paying real money. This is a very broken mechanic that most new players and returning players do not realize until they make the mistake.

    When we log in per day there is a calendar that rewards you a specific item per day. I would like that essence removal devices to find a place on this calendar and/or to spur up the desperately low economy make a recipe to create such devices that is not a direct out of pocket cost to the player. These devices were once used to help alleviate stress from CS from players making mistakes but now it feels like a way to trick a player into making a very costly mistake like fully socketing your entire source engine and having 0 unsocketers so you can't upgrade them without obtaining a large amount of them with a huge credit purchase.


    We have seen many possible ways to approach PvP. We have seen constantly adding upgrade paths and this lead to systems developed to turn the nobs down on DPS and HPS to get back to more or less the same levels as it was before. We have seen other ways like now where we just stop at a gear level and decide to stop at making changes directly to classes to fix balance. We have seen what happens when you introduce RNG gear with planar fragments and how some luck out and some don't. We have seen how a group of player or a single player can destroy PvP overtime with their luck of the draw gear or class broken balance specs.

    What we have not tried is normalizing stats and making premades face premades with good incentives. Many players will play for incentives like prize mounts and cosmetics like costumes and wings. We can have a game for casuals who just want a more balance playing field and a game for those who want group play with friends with a carrot on the stick. In fact I think by doing so the group play will become much more popular than it is today.

    As for conquest.. I think there has to be a high margin to enter this sort of game play. Maybe dependent on earning ranks which can fall over time if you don't participate in group play or earned by premade vs. premade. I just think that making any fresh 50,60,70 or afk bot enter is not working and we need people who want to play pvp together to find eachother with group premade vs. premade. CQ can be a strong and interesting enoughto play when more people are encouraged to premade vs. premade. In this case losses and wins should not matter it would be more about maintaining the power to enter through constant group participation. Just make those rewards good enough without breaking the game. How about something like if you max the power you get a cool cosmetic or mount that has awesome abilities in the world. "FLYING"

    Unless dimensioneers are enough to fully support a non content driven and imbalanced game bring back your Raiders and PvPers!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jabberrwocky View Post
    IF RIFT is to survive, and I would love it to QOL will have to be addressed big time. Build from the bottom up. New and creative raids as well with a good marketing plan will be key. Quality PvP as well. The biggest and most important will be communication with players. We need to know wtf is going on, (to a point). Create something unique and fun and I'll come back. Give me the 20 player raid experience I love. I'll come back.
    These are two worthwhile requests, but unfortunately on the PVP front... there's so much wrong with Rift PVP at this point - it'd need a severe re-do.

    My suggestion from many years ago, was to intentionally inflate player endurance values from their gear value, leave damage and healing output as it from what you see on PVE play. Then adjust healing output on an as-need basis. No gear in slot becomes a loss of stats. Seems like a awkward idea, but i feel something like that would be a logical step in the correct direction.

    As for 20 man raiding, as much as i'd love to see that once more, I think those sorts of days are done and gone in Rift. Especially with challenging raids. We're in an era of computer gaming where it's "me me me", instant-gratification in terms of most game genres - Rift is no exception.

    Rift in this day and age, is honestly an old game now. It's not fresh with a vast community like it was years ago. There was some terrible decisions made with Rift, I'm not going to deny that. Those decisions plus the age of the game has put Rift's hardcore raiding community out to greener grass (other games).

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    Unless Gamigo started using AI to handle RIFT code, I do not know what this letter refers as RIFT Team, because only confirmed and known developer from old staff is Eps and not to mention RIFT had smallest team on all games TRION did developed like 6 active people (2 of them was engineers), not including producers or all company shared art team like Brasse keep trying to fool people with including them.

    This is so much fluke, not pointing any actual problems game has (content drought, on going issues for both live and prime) but keep saying same stuff we have been told "Quality of Life".

    This is compared to AA and Trove letters just big fluke nothing else.
    RemoveBuff a simple addon for replacing cancelbuff command.
    Addons updated for 4.3: RiftMeter, BiSCaL, RiftActionBarCooldowns, GCDDisplay
    Gadgets 0.11, updated for 4.3
    Softcap values for current prime (Level 60), Why trion bankrupted in nutshell
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    Prime Progression, I'd like to know what is the status on that? When can tier 1 raiding be unlocked? Is it a matter of flipping a switch and patching it in, or do the raids still have to be tuned for prime?
    People mention how the prime population is dropping and yes this is true, but the simple fact is... we have ran out of things to do progression-wise.
    Some information on this would be greatly appreciated by many.
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    I think its a reassuring step in the right direction. At least its something to cling to while they sort everything out. And, from the sounds of it, there will be a future for Rift, so that is good to know
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    QOL Suggestions:
    1.)I would strongly suggest reducing shards to two "normal" shards and maybe/maybe not seastone.
    If Seastone is kept some itemization open world incentive to see people there would be some nice tweaks. Some ideas might include world drop goodies that come as loot from killing players (with some checks to make sure someone can't simply farm a dummy account on repeat all day).
    A page from Ultima Online of double resources from farming nodes on Seastone for event and gathering nodes could be a really interesting incentive as well that should be coding light.

    2.)PLEASE lobby for Gamigo to buy adds to promote Rift to get it's population back up. We can't play without people to play with and they dont sell Rift swag unless people want to buy it.

    3.)Dimensioneers are the most fiercely loyal player Rift has, because the dimension system is truly unique in the genre. Again, I'd like to plug a suggestion I made a while ago to implement player made PvE content via the dimension tools already in place. (Thread: http://forums.riftgame.com/general-d...-proposal.html)

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    Hello is this where we make posts asking for things that most likely wont happen?

    I'd like Conquest back.

    Oh, and remove those charge things too. If I wanna do 734 dungeons in a day then I should.

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    Me, a month ago:

    Quote Originally Posted by TigerhawkT3 View Post
    "communication about a formal communication"

    I eagerly look forward to the communication about a formal communication regarding when they'll tell us when they're planning to inform us of the plans to relay news about the strategy of revealing a hint about the intended actions that will result in a Producer's Letter.

    I have a feeling the letter will go something like "we're doing lots of secret stuff we can't tell you about but it's really cool and we have a lot planned so stay tuned for more communication."

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    Things that need to happen...

    Gamigo et al needs to earn the trust of the community. We need to see a concerted effort in terms of communication, content and VALUE returned.

    With the current expansion, we need to see content delivered, plain as that to progress toward completion of 4.whatevuh.

    Nerfs needed...

    1. Gambling for gear, lesser essences, etc.
    2. Do something positive with IRC's and eliminate them from open zone content.

    Why lesser essences were not tied to notoriety and zone currency/planarite needed to purchase from a list of specific essences in the rift store is unknown however, a poor choice on that.

    Fragments, why these were a roulette wheel is unknown. This is reprehensible at the wholesale level.

    Soul system...

    This aspect of Rift is a travesty! Zero effort was put forth on scaling. Unacceptable, period!
    Resist the "Nerfathon" and do fine tuning instead. It only serves to turn players away from the game.

    New expansion...

    1. Scale the souls. All of em!
    2. A dungeon representing each state of the new lands of Telara.
    3. T-Zero raids (10 and 20 man required)
    4. PvP done properly. (If you didn't do it during vanilla, get with some peeps that did)
    5. T1 to be rolled out within 6-9 months of x pack rollout. (10 and 20 man required)
    6. T2 to be rolled out within 6-9 months of x pack rollout. (10 and 20 man required)
    7. Zone event on par with the venerable Volan event.
    8. Return notoriety to relevance. Venerated??
    9. Crafting... Only 4 rune slots doesn't cut it!
    10. Content delivery shall be steady and reasonable time frame.
    11. No more cash grabs with no intent of content delivery.
    12. Promote the game...Promote the game...Promote the game!!!!

    Frankly, you have a large database of players from the beginning of time to market to. There are plenty of venues to market Rift within that can be very effective.

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    Default Not an improvement, just a wish that quality is maintained.

    I have been playing Rift since beta. I was very green and new to MMOs at that time. I am pretty much a solo player and explorer. I'm also an achievement hound and dimensioner. I am not a sophisticated raider or dungeon player, but I can survive on my own. I love all the tedious quests. I like the time limited requirements that take us back into zones we haven't been to in a while. I love the special events and world events. The cleverness with naming of artifacts and items, and occasional Easter eggs are fun too.

    But of everything I like and enjoy in Rift, my absolute favorite thing is exploring the amazing lands and what I consider the most elegant artwork of any game I have seen. The dark places are terrifying and the places of light are charming and delightful. I hope you maintain the quality of the artwork throughout the game, no matter what else you do. Thanks for asking.

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    Honestly, The biggest thing that turned me off from this game was the awful inclusion of Individual reward charges. The Individual reward system was a good idea, But with the inclusion of "Limited" Charges that once you expended deterred players from doing game content because of lack of reward, was awful.
    Throughout playing the game i always was against the Rift is "Pay to win" debate and thought to myself that it was not, But my opinion was changed when IRC's were brought, They (In my opinion) were the most Anti consumer thing had ever done to it's player base and damaged it the most, The fact we went from being able to grind dungeons in Previous expansions to get as many pieces of gear as we like to being limited by how much money we wanted to spend or stop doing other content to do so, was stupid to say the least. Yes people might say "well you can save them and just do dungeons on your alt !!" But in reality that's not a good response, Trion limited the content their players could play by adding them, and Evidently people left and now trion is gone.
    In my opinion either the IR system has to be reworked to WORK without any store irl money bought stuff or just bring back the old system of group loot.
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    I super appreciate the letter given out. I agree with a great many of folks that have already posted.

    I think the big things needed is:
    #1- communication with the player base. Not all the players in game are the same yes, but there are a great deal of things that need above all to be fixed. I am not a PvPer; but I got PvPer friends and PvP is something that has taken a ton of heat from the player base.

    #2 - Keep in mind what this game has that really 'sticks out'; as odd as that statement... I find the largest appeal to this game is the wardrobe system, dimensions, and artifacts. RIFT is darn unique. Leveling is in so many directions. I adore dungeons and old content. I am not a raider at all, but I do enjoy watching the drops that raids get. I think there is a lot that RIFT could legitimately grow from. (( to be frank, I am sorta tired of the recycling of gear looks. The newer content had a chance to show different types and I'll I saw was in quest gear, not drops...))

    #3 - Item mall. I get there is a need to find a way with income... Dims allow for a chunk, but I think above all keep in mind whom the player base really is. I don't mind finding a way to spend $30 for a pack.... But when it starts actually gearing pack to the rich; I feel that is just rude to those that cannot be given a chance. I know there are many whom can blow off $200 for that Greenscale pack - but most of the player base is play F2P because they either cannot afford more then maybe a patrons... or cannot even afford that.

    And I probably get some heat at that last one. But I think it needs to at least approached. When something like that hit; the chat blew up. And I really wonder how much it really was looked at because of all the hate it landed.

    So I put my two cents in the forum... hahaha, and I rarely post. I am glad however you opened the chats through the forums again. - Oh one minor question: Are there going to be twitch updates to watch again, cause I might be one of the few, but I really did enjoy and looked forward to Fridays to see what updates might be posted.

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    Default keep it simple

    Does Gamigo plan on continuing development of Rift?

    On Prime, one of the main currencies is Void Stones. When you hit 60 only Abyssal Crusader's Marks drop, which currently have no use in the game. This appears to be in error and Abyssal Crusader's Marks should be replaced with Void Stones.

    Something simple like this would be an "easy fix"

    There is just so much wrong with the game right now that this is just a single snow flake on the iceberg.

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    Default tired and need help

    I guess you're all tired, too, BUT I've been a subscribing member of Rift since the game launched. even when I step away to try other games, I never allow my subscription to lapse. I am a loyal and persistent Rift player. this time when I tried to return and settle in for some decorating and dungeon-running, I got error: #3300, and I am getting it repeatedly...for the past 15-20 days.

    yes, I do have a ticket; yes, I did try all the support suggestions until support was no longer there to help me; yes, I did search the forums; yes, I did google and scour the net for answers.

    during this time I also downloaded and upgraded 2 other games successfully, so I am afraid the issue (my some-timey connection, notwithstanding) is in your coding that governs how the update re-connects after a dropped connection.

    IF you accomplish ONE thing during this transition, PLEASE let it be a PERMANENT fix for error: #3300.

    I wish you all the best; my sincere regards and thanks to those we lost; I'm hoping that the quality of the graphics in Rift does not change for the worst. I have my fingers crossed.

    thanks to all

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