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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: RIFT Team Letter - November 8, 2018

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    IF RIFT is to survive, and I would love it to QOL will have to be addressed big time. Build from the bottom up. New and creative raids as well with a good marketing plan will be key. Quality PvP as well. The biggest and most important will be communication with players. We need to know wtf is going on, (to a point). Create something unique and fun and I'll come back. Give me the 20 player raid experience I love. I'll come back.

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    This message says the most important thing. Rift is going to continue. For which, a fervent thank you.

    Number one wish:

    Make Rift play well using Steam Play or Wine on Linux, or build a native Linux client.


    Updates to Windows 10 are being released with terrible bugs, things like silently erasing the wrong files, unexpectedly...

    And since Microsoft has Linux built into Windows 10, and they sell Linux Distros on their online store, and they run their cloud on Linux rather than their own server OS, and they call 10 the last version of Windows that there will ever be...

    ...well, I think we should take the hint.
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    Default Thanks

    Thank you Fasti, at last, some communication! I guess time will tell if things will move forward or this is simply the long dark teatime of the soul (sorry couldn't resist a douglas adams reference).

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    Thank you for the letter wish it had been a week or so ago like many others. I do understand you being in a bad position. I do hope some of the QoL changes include the Call to actions on weekends to give us stuff to do while your team gets stuff together. I do hope to learn who is left on the team and who is new, if any are soon. Seeing the Trove stream made me sad. We still don't know who we have left. I am very grateful to know you are around and the amazing Morganna.

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    Thank you for the letter. But moving forward with Rift I would much prefer to see actual new dungeons and raids instead of repeat the old stale dungeon and raids by increasing stats. more world to explore. make crafting of weapons and armor useful again. add more planar attunement. either get rid of the planar fragments and go back to actaual stats on gear or give what was promised so long ago. main thing is new content more often.

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    1. Do they plan to add people to the CS area to help with tickets? I know a few people how have sent something in like 10 days ago with no response other than *sorry it is taking us so long*!

    2. Do they plan to actually add in a few devs/programmers to help fix current bugs/add new content, even if it is a new Intrepid?

    3. Are they going to take over projects such as Toks 2 and add it to the game, or will that be an unfinished thing since Simon is gone?

    4. Do they plan on having someone look into planar frags and either adjust the prices way, way down or change the RNG part of it so it lines up much better with your DPS/Tank roles?

    5. Do we expect to see live streams again from people in the Rift house?

    6. Does Gamigo plan to introduce themselves at some point?

    Thanks for the notice!
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    I love to finally hear this,thank you

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    Default Thanks Fasti...

    I appreciate any communication from the Black Hole. It helps very much. That said- here is my (albeit cynical) take on this missive:

    -Efforts to streamline and find efficiencies to save money are happening. An analysis of Rift population and money generation is in progress. This may mean collapsing servers into one or two servers to save money on administrative overhead.

    -QOL issues are being looked at. Priority snafus will be addressed. This does not mean development of new content- this means fixing broken issues. I suspect there will be some examination of bugs, poor quality or poorly performing facets of the game. These will most likely be fixed or even excised in favor of smoother play.

    Sounds to me they are trying to slim and stabilize for a more automated process.

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    Hi Fasti

    Thanks very much for communicating this to us. Right now I feel what I'd like the most is some real reassurance that Rift is worth investing in. I've recently come back to Rift after a few months off and was going to reinstate my Patron but then this hit. I'd still do that if I knew for sure Rift would be around for another couple of years or more but your letter only really gives me hope for the near future. I realise we can never be sure of such things but some sign of commitment from Gamigo would be great. Failing this, maybe some other incentive to invest at this stage would be good. Discounts or free stuff.

    Thanks again

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    I have no idea why ppl are so happy with this letter. This is exactly what we have been hearing from Trion for the past two years. Archonix and Brasse would be proud.
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    Default Bwahaha


    Whole lotta nothing and vagueness.

    That's the "dev letter".

    Now the white knights gather up in force and try to white wash this to something amazing.


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    I should also mention that we were told on the Trove Stream last week that Gamigo would "for sure" be putting out a letter this week and they have one more day to do so. Any longer than that is just going to frustrate people even more than they already are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ambrodel View Post
    I'm sorry to say this, but: This letter, in this exact wording, could have been posted within 3 days of gamigo taking over.
    This is my thoughts when I read the letter. Gamigo makes it their business of buying troubled games. I am sure they have a generic standard message that they can give to their player base just to give them warm and fuzzies. Just that simple, hi we are looking at ways to improve the game, please bare with us during this process. This was not much more than that, and it is usually done on the outset.

    While it took so long it is nice to have one. It feels like Rift was on limbo on what to do with it to begin with. It felt like there was a chance of not really doing anything at all. That they did not evaluate the game before purchasing it and was seeing if it could be profitable to even keep it going. Maybe they decided there is something to work with and that is why we finally got our letter.

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    There are so many QoL fixes that need to be made.
    I very much look forward to them being addressed.
    I've played since Beta 3. Some of these issues have been around since launch.
    Rather than list what others have and will describe in awesome detail, I will list one of my pet peeves.

    There is one thing in particular that has always bothered me... A LOT...
    Bouncing mounts.
    Mounts toss us all over the place when they hit a, sometimes nearly invisible, piece of geography. That is annoying. Especially when you find yourself falling, falling, faaaaalllling to the bottom of some crack or ravine because your mount "tripped" over a blade of grass or the edge of the portcullis base. Sure, there's no falling damage, but those NPCs in your "new" location may kill you if your level is not high enough. Dying is part of the game, but dying from a bouncing mount is maddening. My fault death is fine and acceptable, broken mounts causing it is not fine.

    I have an idea(s) for a fix.
    Contact me if interested.
    Rather not fill the forum with excess text.

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    I am really interested in who or how many ppl are part of the "rift team". I get it there might not be many. Just some information would be nice. Even if it is some ppl in gamingo's main staff that are familiar with this engine and they are just playing around and learning how everything is set up.

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