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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: RIFTstream 10/19: Autumn Harvest, Twitch Drops!

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    Thanks for the explanation Salvatrix!

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    Question Bugs Ingame

    Yesterday I did -Sofort Abendteuer- and could not deliver, the Quest was just gone. I do not spend my time and then just everything I've done disappears from quests! In addition, you can see in -Gildeenfenster- no longer where who is. When does Trion do it right again? Why are more and more bugs coming in, which makes much of it unplayable? Before these mistakes were not and in 2017 there were not such mistakes!

    PS: Trion is really fun on Friday night to down the servers for two hours, where almost everyone has time to play. Especially where everyone wants to do the Autumn event. We hope we get compensation for this or an extension of the Autumn event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salvatrix View Post
    So these pinatas are NOT like that. These pinatas are more like cross between the loot pinatas we used to sell towards the end of Storm Legion and artifact pinatas. They are player usable items that you can toss where you choose - meaning that a raid of players can choose to get together and toss their pinatas one at a time, resulting in wave after wave of artifacts to collect from the ground.
    Do they have the same extremely short artifact lifespan as the Summerfest ones? If so, I'll be lucky to get even a single artifact from each pinata due to hand tremors.

    I accept that certain aspects of the game will be gated to me, and that I'd have a reduced reward even if the potions worked as intended, but 3 minutes from the potions would be enough time for me to get at least a handful. If using the Summerfest timer, I might get zero.

    You had to put a big last-minute effort in to get a workable solution in, so I'm not pushing for another change for this event, but it's something to keep in mind if you end up working on it further.

    (I normally use SteadyMouse to tame the tremor, but it does not play well with Rift's screen-edge detection, so the view jumps around like crazy when I try to change the orientation. Ironic.)


    I've only seen one popped, but the artifacts were close enough together to not be an issue on that one. I was able to get four. That's better than I remember the Summerfest ones being, but I gave up on those rather quickly due to the effort. I guess you can disregard this post.
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    Not got the twitch drops on prime ( no one in my guild got them tho plenty of us watched the stream and yes we have our accounts linked)

    Builds on Prime:
    Spiral Sanctuary, Ship Ahoy, Blue Idyll, Al Fresco, Logger's Revenge, Arena, The Fated Hour, Egdol Yks, Endless Court Oasis, Musee Fantastique, Dragon Spa, Might of Heroes

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