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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: RIFTstream 09/28: Kitasia on Dimensioneering

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    Default RIFTstream 09/28: Kitasia on Dimensioneering

    Kitasia is coming to town, and we invited her in for a Livestream at the studio!

    Dimensioneering is a big part of RIFT, and there is a whole group of folks who spend most of their play time building out incredible environs. Some games have player housing... Telara offers you entire ZONES to build out!

    Kitasia will offer her personal advice based on years of mastering the craft of building in RIFT.
    Storage issues - do you need to level up - how to get ahead as a new builder - how important are minions - and YOUR questions - just post them here!

    We are thrilled to have her here for this event! She runs RIFTDimensionAddicts.com in her spare time; a great site for those learning the craft.

    This just in, Dev Salvatrix, parton goddess of Dimensioneers, is also going to take time to join us on the stream to offer inside information on the art!

    RIFT Livestream
    Fridays, 11:30 AM PDT

    (side note: If any other @TrionCreators are ever in the area, please let us know - we'd love to have you in our studio streams too!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrionBrasse View Post
    Kitasia is coming to town, and we invited her in for a Livestream at the studio!
    I'm not a dimensioneer but I'll watch just because it's Kitasia.

    Excusing and tolerating disrespect guarantees it will continue.

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    Love Ya Zyanya

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    Looking forward to it, all the respect for what you do.
    Fwob - Zaviel

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    are there any plans to add minions to prime? I ask because they can return a lot of useful dim stuff and the current mech week vendor has minions for sale

    Builds on Prime:
    Spiral Sanctuary, Ship Ahoy, Blue Idyll, Al Fresco, Logger's Revenge, Arena, The Fated Hour, Egdol Yks, Endless Court Oasis, Musee Fantastique, Dragon Spa, Might of Heroes

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    Default Raffle winner

    Fellow Dwarf here, wanting to know how I'll be contacted about my prize that I won on the Livestream.

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    Default Thank you

    One of the top Rift Streams I have ever seen. The introduction was very heartfelt and inclusive of the whole community; the panel was very well-informed, fun and supplied many beginner to advanced tips. I may actually be inspired to build past my cave dim, featuring a rock and a plank. Thanks for the stream

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