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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: RIFTstream 09/14: The Ryan Show!

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    Default RIFTstream 09/14: The Ryan Show!

    Two Ryans. Two chairs. Two microphones. What will they talk about? What will they show? Who's Driving? Tune in this Friday and find out!

    Our big content drop this week is Primeval Feast, and that will be our focus. One of the Ryans describes it as, "The world where Greenscale eats the Ascended, then the Fae eat Greenscale - it's a hungry place!"

    Skins On Farm's "Summer Hangover" wardrobe contest winners will be drawn on stream as well! Thank you Trion Creator @Seshatar for setting this up! Each of the three winners will receive:
    • Free <Skins on Farm> lifetime membership for incl. 700+ weapon skins on EU
    • An accountwide Blue Surfboard mount
    • The new Eternal Armor Bundle (worth 3,000 Credits) - sponsored by the RIFT team
    • 30 days of Patron time - sponsored by the RIFT team

    We'll also chat about Planar Disciples, the Maelforge Pack, BoS changes, and a few other tidbits.

    We'll take questions in advance, so post them here, but remember, these guys are Devs but not Producers, so we'll have to trim down the question list accordingly, unless you want them to make things up.
    Brasse will not allow Ryan and/or Ryan to make things up!

    RIFT Livestream
    Friday, September 14, 2018
    11:30 AM Pacific (17:30 UTC)
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    Thanks for giving us an opportunity for asking questions, don't know if any of my following questions make it to streams thou and since looks like we don't have any producer active on stream, I'll try to ask some questions in this regard.
    Following questions for prime,
    1. Since you mention "Primeval Feast" as big content drop, I think that refers it's coming to prime like mentioned on gamescom or are you making intrepid version of it for live as well?
    2. Will Primeval Feast face same problems lately happened on ROTP, which had huge damage modifiers and most bugs reported for ROTP or ROS didn't get fix, will PF face same kind of problems?
    3. Do you have any plans for tuning ROTP, since some of the achievements are unlikely to be done with current settings of it.
    4. Did you guys change the pace of prime again? Since transition from T1 to T2 was uber slow but T2 to T3 looks like happening much more faster.
    5. Any plans for balancing classes on prime? right now warriors are most like FOTM and rogues are like going to the ground with the latest changes applied.
    6. Will we have same kind of XP curve and levelling problems on SL launch or this time that period tested properly?

    Live related questions
    1. Will you able to implement data-type change needed to release iGSB soon or should we wait another month or months?
    2. What was the reason to develop planar disciples in first place? Will it be another problematic feature like planar fragments?
    3. Will we get any love about planar fragments soon?
    4. Since you mentioned lots of content since april on the very hot topic on forums called "Maintenance mode for Rift Live", what you classify as new content? Sadly 99% of live players except dimensioneers are unhappy about current situation or did you confuse prime and live?
    5. Will new eternal weapon upgrade paths released?

    Special question to Brasse

    Ain't it hard to manage 5 games as Community Manager, do you have any plans to recruit new dedicated Community Manager's for your active titles specially for RIFT?

    Thanks again for this opportunity and please do more official streams not hosted ones.
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    A few questions on Planar Disciples
    1. How much customization is there? Wardrobe was mentioned but can we change things like name/appearance?
    2. Is the "Planar" part of Planar Disciples just a cool name, or are they going to actually be associated with the planes in some way? (And if so, how if possible to answer).
    3. Planar Dungeons were mentioned in the last stream. What kind of content will this be, in particular will it be smaller scale (1 or 2 players) or full 5-man dungeon type content?
    4. Also regarding Planar Dungeons (and again nitpicking on the name), is the planar part just to tie into the Planar Disciples or will they be related to specific planes (Death Plane Dungeon, Water Plane Dungeon, etc.)

    Thanks for any responses, and thanks for all the hard work you put into Rift!
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    It's oft said, and I do paraphrase, that Trion could mail people $100 each and some would complain on the forums that it should have been more.
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    Hey folks,
    Just dropping in a reminder to ensure your posts are on topic, civil and constructive.

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    5-man dungeons
    1. Any plans for new 5-man dungeons?
    2. Any plans to add additional rewards to 5-man dungeons?
    3. Has the team considered something similar to WoW's Mythic+ to extend the longevity and rewards for 5-man dungeons?
    4. Any plans to add additional rewards for non-premades to queue up for Normal dungeons?

    Planar Disciples
    1. Will there be alpha/beta testing of this feature? If so, when?
    2. Can we get more details on what type of players/content Planar Disciples are intended for?
    3. What difficulty level are Planar Dungeons targeting? solo/duo, 5-man, etc.?
    4. Can we give them names in addition to altering their outfits?
    5. Will they be focused on one soul, or have unique skills of their own?

    Rift Store (a shot in the dark given the lack of producers on this stream, but might as well ask in case any are reading!)
    1. The latest Power Pack is being received quite well, will future power packs continue to have some high value bonus for a $20-$30 price?
    2. There was word a while back about a revamp for the Rift Store. While some talk has circulated that Dimensions will see some tweaks soon(tm), is progress being made towards updating the rest of the store?
    3. Does the team find that items/packs sold for cash sell better and more consistently than items/packs sold for credits?
    4. Any plans to lower credit costs on things such as minion slots, role slots, wardrobe slots, or dye costs?

    Silly Questions
    1. Will the real true Ryan, please stand up?
    2. In a 1v1 duel, who wouldn't win?
    3. Are either of you Planar Disciples?
    4. What is your favorite Rift Instance?
    5. Are you sick, and is the only cure more Blood Fever?
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    When can we expect to see a stream about future content for live?
    Starfall Prophecy? More like Overall Amount of Content Fall Prophecy.
    Prophecy of Ahnket? More like Prophecy of Content Drought.
    Rift: Maintenance Mode.

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    Will the toybox be a separate bag on each character or will the toybox be a collection of fluff items that's then account bound similar to PA so that all of your characters have access to them?

    It was mentioned that the next set of balance changes would be hitting PTS in September. Will this be a continuation of warrior focused changes or will it be some warrior and then the rest of the classes also getting their changes?

    Can we get some confirmation on whether or not there's a new raid being worked on besides IGSB? Brasse had said she'd confirm whether or not this was the case and get back to me on the forums, but never did. Understandably so as I'm sure everyone is busy, but asking again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Seshatar View Post
    No need to be on stream! The reasons the winners are live-drawn on the Trion stream are to show-off your creations and then do a fair public roll between all valid entries. After stream you can either watch the recap or look in this thread, where I'll post the winners. The prizes, with the exception of the SoF access, will be sent via forum DM. For the SoF access the winners will have to directly contact me in game.

    As a side note, 29 of 32 entries were valid, one didn't include a screenshot and two didn't include charactername@shard.

    Good luck everyone!
    While it's not my intention to prevent any of the more important questions getting answered on stream, is this going to be the stream where those will be announced or is that going to be pushed back still? Just out of curiosity for myself and others.

    Intrepid: Greenscale's Blight

    On the subject of balances changes, will these go through to live in time for IGSB if enough people test and give feedback? The changes are always good to get after we've been waiting and asking for them for a very long time, but we all hope that you'll keep the IGSB tuning in line with the changes that go out before the raid hits so that we don't run into another BoS situation where people can't clear the raid due to those changes.

    Will we be getting new armor set graphics for IGSB or will those also be recycled from the vanilla and or Bindings of Bloods sets?

    Will IGSB be dropping accessories and capes this time since there's quite a bit of trash this time around around or should we expect to see those from a new set of boxes similar to the BoS ones? Capes more specifically just from the raid itself rather than trash packs.

    What's the new hit requirement going to be? and will there be alternatives to crafted ranged weapons before IGSB comes out in order to help people get caught up? There's quite a few people who opted out of upgrading those due to the amount of extra grinding required and the price for the amount of Celestial matrixes you need. Gating people over crafted gear will not get things off to a good start, not that IGSB is already.
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    Default two Ryans walked into a bar...

    Morning, hpe Ryan and Ryan will have fun with the stream tomorrow, I won't be able to come on when it is live but will watch the recap.

    Got a couple of questions:

    1. What is each Ryan working on - is RR focusing on fragment rework and other Ryan focused on what aspect of game?

    2. As devs you must be busy beavering away on coding the content for the work packages from producers and project leads, can you tell us a little about what those projects are, obviously within the confines of the caveat from Brasse, just would be nice to know there is something coming along that is going to be fresh for the 7+ year loyal cohort?

    3. Between now and end of Year what are the 3 things you are most excited about that is coming to game that players know about already (e.g IGSB, Fragment rework, planar disciples, planar dungeons etc)

    4. What has been the most challenging thing in the last 6 months to develop, and why (I realise this may go off into realms of coding etc but some of us are really interested in that side of things!).

    5. When are we getting the promised reveal "post-Gamescom" that yaviey told us to expect via Livestream- is this the stream for that?

    6. what would you love to see in Rift from another game and how difficult would it be in terms of time vs people vs cost to implement/integrate in Rift?

    7. When are we getting a 7th and 8th minion know one for each year the game has been running

    8, are you the only Ryan's in the office or are there additional Ryan's to be found in other parts of the office structure...

    9, Seriously, content for Live....when....?

    The above are some of the things that popped into my head, but this should not distract from the very big, burning questions that people have about timescales for new content.

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    "Our big content drop this week is Primeval Feast, and that will be our main Livestream focus. "

    I read that as Live focus, not Livestream, hence it confused my brains

    I assume we're still seeing IGSB then. Pretty sure you actually gave it a Nov release date last livestream. You usually only give an actual month when it's close to done. Are we sticking with November?

    Class balance is still quite literally the second most important thing after content. So my second question: Are we going to be seeing further balance changes to legendaries? Particularly warriors you said you would fix, but didn't so when's the next update on them.

    Final question:
    I'm concerned about Dev management. The new guy seemed to be having a stab at class balance, not having enough time on it, therefore not doing so well with it on PTS, and now we've heard nothing since. He's also supposed to be the one bringing IGSB to live. Why do I get the feeling one Dev is working on the 2 most important things on live atm?
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    I'd like to know when Live is going to see some fixes for some long outstanding bugs that have been reported in the past. Ones that come immediately to mind are...

    Defiler's Greed's Call should take 15% of a user's health according to the tooltip. Usually its around 35% and sometimes can crit for over 50% of a person's health on a single cast.

    Damage buffs like Cabalist's Legendary Shadow's Touch are being consumed by OGCD buffs like Peace of the Forrest

    Saboteur bombs are not hitting for their tooltip values.

    Lava Field buffing pets instead of players.

    Curative Remote not healing for it's tooltip value.

    I of course would love to know about future dungeons/raids/zones etc as well. Brasse recently closed the "Maintenance Mode" thread citing that there has been lots of new content. I disagree that 1 PVP zone and the re-enabling of existing seasonal events qualifies as "new" content. But I understand her sentiment in that a fair bit of work goes into making those happen.

    I hope that most of the player's posts here, and my own, don't come off as hostile. Most of us are simply frustrated at seeing friends/guildmates leaving left and right out of sheer boredom. The majority of us who take the time to submit feedback, write class guides, and post on these message boards have been here for quite a long time.

    And it's getting quite difficult to convince friends who play reasons to stick around if there's no compelling group content to point towards.

    Thanks for the work you dev's do. I get the impression a lot of you do care about the game a lot and the negative threads are probably trying on your patience. But just know the negativity is there because we care about this game as well.
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    Loads of good questions so I'll just ask this:

    How difficult is it to make the Dev bosses like you have on Live that are used to say hello to the community? Would be great to get some for Rift Prime and some Dev events.


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    Right around 4pm today I will pull questions from this thread and close it.
    Thank you all!

    Brief reminder that Ryan and Ryan are RIFT Devs and not Producers - they cannot answer all of these. =) We will of course try to get more information to you all when possible, but the Producers rarely commit before they are sure of timing, because they don't want to set expectations that may have to shift.


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    I understand that Archonix and Amary are very busy managing a team full of designers, artists, engineers and other people that are working hard on brand new content for Rift but it would be really cool if they could show up on livestream and tell us about all that new stuff they are working on with the team. Thanks !!!
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    Thanks Brasse, good to know there are things in the pipeline, but don't forget the old adage of "too little, too late".

    You are having to walk a very fine balance indeed between the risk of losing players over lack of new content on Live and the length of delay in communicating what that content is, when to expect it and why that content is being delayed (for example to make sure it is polished).

    Now may be the time to reveal some of the mainstream content that is coming to LIVE
    and although I love the stuff DeadSimon does, I think everyone wants to see the official and not spare time content that is coming to Live (not Prime - we know whats coming there, we already played it 5 or 6 years ago).

    This would help to both mitigate that risk and also help to manage player expectations.

    If they know there is a completely new dungeon or raid coming, but it needs 2 more months to be polished and given some testing and then some PTS testing then that would likely be accepted by the's the gaping void in communication about new content that is distressing everyone to the point of looking elsewhere for their fun.

    Fun is after all what we all pay our money for, whether it be patron or via direct purchases on the store.

    I for one am excited about planar disciples as that may be for me the only realistic way I have of ever levelling any of my alts to the point of being useful and can't wait to see more details on this.

    Also, although IGSB is a rebuild of existing content I am confident that it will bring some new challenges, especially as its turning a 20 person raid into a 10 person raid.

    not all doom and gloom...just impatient
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    Thank you for your thoughts and some very fine questions.

    As mentioned, I suspect some of these are outside of the Ryan and Ryan field, but I'm sending them on to the team Leads for review anyway.

    Closing this thread now, and we'll see you tomorrow!

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