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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: RIFTstream 07/13: 4.5 is Here!

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    Default RIFTstream 07/13: 4.5 is Here!

    This Friday the Thirteenth, join us live on Twitch for our weekly RIFTstream.

    This week the RIFTstream host is Linda “Brasse” Carlson (Director of Community Relations, Trion Worlds, Inc.), along with guest Simon “Dead Simon” Ffinch (Sr. Design Director, RIFT). Together they are going to show off and talk about this week’s massive game update for RIFT and RIFT Prime: 4.5! Don’t miss it!

    Friday, July 13, 2018
    11:30 AM PDT: 4.5 is Here!

    We simulcast on RIFT’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but remember that in order to get in on the prize giveaways, you have to in Twitch chat!

    Want to ask questions for the livestream or chat about the stream? Post them here!

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    Grim Remembrance is very welcome.

    In the past, we've heard from you guys that one-off events like this were a lot of development work for a one-time thing. Will we be seeing more of these kind of special events? Will they be repeated? (Especially for those who suddenly have so much to do with Summerfest at the same time, and may not get all they want the first time_

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    A few questions for Rift Live :
    1.In previous livestream you said that promotion events might come back (these with unicorn etc mounts). Anything new about this ? Can this happen ?
    2.Dead Simon can you now share with us more info about your secret project you are working on ?
    3.Is an expansion on your plans ?
    4.Can you PLEASE increase the droprate for Grim Remembrance quest ?
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    massive update??? where's the content for the live servers, apart from the seasonal event? i wouldnt call destroying classes an update..
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    Default Conquest Follow-Up Question

    Hi All,
    Has a date been nailed down to roll out Conquest as discussed during the Friday, June 1 TrionWorlds Livestream?

    In discussion were 2 separate days Saturday Night/Sunday Morning so all could participate in the fun and that all players would be "Pure Bolstered".

    Also, it would be a real Home Run if you threw in some spicy reward(s) as you were mentioning !
    Thank you,
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    Really nice to see the ROS awakening event Grim Rememberance again...I have very fond memories of this first time round as got the spectral mount from it and felt like I was zooming everywhere!

    Hopefully, as noted by forbiddenlake above, this menas you have worked out how to "re-engineer and re-enable" these older events. They were a huge load of fun first time round and if the rewards are scaled to 70 level then something for everyone.

    I would like to ask if there are plans for any new events other than the usual summerfest/autumn harvest etc. for Live and for Prime in the next 6 months?

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