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    Default RIFTstream 04/13: Winning! Shiny Stories, Prime Challenge, The Path Ahead

    Hello all!

    After you read about The Path Ahead, we invite your questions for this Friday's Livestream.

    Producer Amary will be armed with a fully loaded Corgi, lists, spreadsheets and savvy!

    We will also announce the winners of the Shiny Stories Contest (thanks again, Seshatar!) and the winners of the First Prime: Vigil Challenge!

    Friday, April 13
    11:30 AM Pacific (18:30 UTC)

    (We will simulcast on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but for technical reasons, only those on our Twitch channel qualify for prizes.)

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    I posted this questions on other thread but will post them here since most of them really needed to answered by producers, only changed question 7 to make it more livestream toward.
    1. What's your goal with Prime?
    2. Do prime really intended as progress server or slowmode fresh start server?
    3. If this is progress server, did your plans changed like you mentioned all content of RIFT will be served under 1 year but with current pace even vanilla doesn't look like will fit in 1 year span.
    4. Any plans for increasing rift team member counts? Right now this guys trying their best for both prime and live but we can clearly see this, it is not enough. (and I really appreciate and like their efforts as always)
    5. Whats your definition for success on prime? Is it only sub counts or any kind of measurement you used on satisfaction of players and their feedbacks?
    6. How many of subs you will think continue to playing next month?
    7. Do you think upcoming changes will be satisfying both hardcore and casual community?
    8. Can we also get schedules on website like AA fresh server?
    9. Don't you think team more focused on prime and live seems like a bit forgetten place?
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    Will souls that are sub par mainly because of the 51 soul point cap such as Archon receive buffs before SL?

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    1. Will raids such as Greenscale, River of Souls, etc. be using a loot system we are used to or changing to a personal loot system for Prime?

    2. Will there be an actual schedule or release time posted for the raids as before they are released? Example, you gave us the exact time the sagas are supposed to unlock (date/time).
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    1. Will we be getting back any/all of the recipes that vanished a couple of weeks ago due to being too OP, for example the Tormenting set for mages.

    2. Will mage tank gear drop from raids such as Greenscale's Blight, either in an updated loot table or from some sort of raid currency vendor set.

    3. Similar to question 2, but this time for CP gear, will we be seeing that drop from raids which were previously released before the stat was introduced.
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    1. Will Rift prime be a part of the Creator Program that Trion has announced ? and if so, can you tell us a bit more abouth it ?

    2. What are your plans for cleric ? will they receive the same love warriors did ?

    3. Would it be possible to change the amount of Plat needed to upgrade the guild bank to fit the current economy.

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    1. Will we see other mage souls competitive in DPS without needing to use Mystic Archer? IE AOR using stormcaller, st walrock, ele and necro?

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    Did the Team manage to get the River of Souls and the Hammerknell opening World Events done? and will we be getting Hammerknell as the third raid?

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    Posted this thread of inquiry regarding guild banks and dimensions as we prepare for raid.

    Regarding Guild Banks & Dimensions.

    Q. Can the price of guild bank vaults be lowered?
    Q. Can the price of guild dimensions and tiers be lowered?

    Regarding Dimensions.

    Q. The loot table for items across all zones is so small. I would be surprised there is 100 different items watching the AH daily as well as the items I have - Dreamweaver included. Were the original zone loot tables changed when minions came out? When will we see these items in the world?
    Q. When will the items on the store be made available for credits?
    Q. Dimension Test Dummies - we are finding the only ones we can hit at the moment are Mathosian Practice Dummies BUT a level 38 can hit it. Can we please have correct test Dummies at a lower cost?
    Q. Can we please have the Dimension Entry Point item added to the store?

    Regarding Crafting.

    Q. Minor Catalysts & Catalytic Essences seem to be available differently on Prime from launch is their any way to get info like this in advance to help guild banks plan?

    Regarding Raids.

    Q. If GSB is slated for the end of this month when do you expect ROS approximately?
    Q. Will we be able to make private channels on Prime for raid organization?

    Regarding Community.

    Q. Will we see Dev pinata events etc on Prime?
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    Copied from another thread:

    There was also no new content mentioned for live, only summerfest was mentioned. No word about iGSB or any other upcoming content. All we know is that Tenebrean Prison warfront and iGSB (another rehashed raid) are coming. What else is awaiting us in the Celestial Lands? Any word about Toks2? An Ahnket themed uber sexy new raid? Making available more dungeons for end level? Updating the sparkle quest to T2 gear? Giving dungeons and warfronts an end game purpose again? Some 'real' chronicles? Expansion of the LFR tool?... and finally when we can expect the next major expansion? The usual update cycle would be this fall, but I'm sure it won't happen before prime closes. That's OK imo, IF we get other new content in the current expansion.

    I chose to continue playing live instead of prime, because I don't want to play the old content again. So I hope we see more than intrepid raids/dungeons and the same 4 seasonal events... | Twitter: @Seshatar | HoT Discord | Discord: Seshatar#1337

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    It's been THREE weeks since we've had a developer stream so... prepare yourself Brasse!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tacitus View Post
    I know some of the above is also being reviewed. As Brasse has indicated, the changes will be ongoing, and there is some ramp up time as various devs familiarize themselves with how all those abilities are built under the hood (it really is astounding how crazy complex almost any player ability is on the back end).

    So it will be a gradual rollout of changes. If we waited until we had a massive sweeping list, there would be weeks yet of "still no changes?". ;)
    Quote Originally Posted by Tacitus View Post
    It takes a significant amount of ramp up time to get a handle on the ability editor, not to mention get versed in the specific abilities for a soul, relearn where a lot of the interactions are, because what you all love about Rift - the myriad soul combinations - is also one of the most challenging things about working on those abilities. And Keyens came into that role with a significant amount of experience with mix and match abilities and their near countless numbers of possible complications.
    Based on some of the information and comments Tacitus provided and what has been stated early on prior to prime is that balancing changes would be a "team effort". Keyens left a pretty enormous hole in that regard when he left and I'm sure that's part of the reason why you guys are choosing to spread out the knowledge across the team so that it's not completely lost if someone else decides to move on. I think it's time to go into the specifics of what a "team effort" means exactly? How many people on the team will be dealing with the balancing and back end systems of it? Will those same people be dealing with all calling and souls at once or will a certain amount of people be assigned 1-2 callings each?

    My second question: What is going on with the unreleased souls that were to come after Mystic Archer? The last we heard (when keyens was still around) is that most of the ideas and general directions of each new soul were mostly settled on, but just weren't in development yet since they were being dealt with one at a time. Have these souls been put on the back burner or will we hear more about them soon?

    Greenscale's Blight Questions


    1. There seems to be some doubt that GSB may not be 20 people (idk why), can you confirm that it will be?

    2. Will GSB and other raids going forward be personal loot? It's been stated that prime is accelerated content and it would make sense to do it that way, but it hasn't been confirmed on whether it would be or not.

    3. How many difficulties will there be with the initial launch? Ghar stationed datamined potential LFR, Normal and Hard, but we need confirmation. Though I know the article mentions you're still looking at scaling up LFR to 20 which may make my first question useless.


    1. Is IGSB going to have a simultaneous release with Prime?

    2. Is IGSB going to be T2, T2.5 or T3? I think many of us are hoping that's not T3 as that should be whatever raid we'll be fighting Ahnket in, but we're all eagerly waiting for confirmation.

    3. IF IGSB is not T3, will it use the same currencies and upgrade parts as Bastion of Steel currently does? Including Intel,

    4. Will IGSB be covering all gear slots or will be to expected to get more accessories out of more RNG boxes?

    Final Question

    We're at the point where normally discussions of a new expansion would start taking place very soon, but with all of the resources, time and effort being front loaded into prime, seasonal events and whatever else is being worked on behind the scenes, that has been called into question. Can we expect to see an expansion at the usual time period or will this be pushed further back than usual? It's better to be up front and honest about it with us now rather than later.
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    will you be adding individual loot to the raid rifts?

    can you make craft recipes bound to account?

    can we have more rewarding (at least twice the marks!) craft dailies/weeklies to enable us to buy the recipes we need before we out-level the content!
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    Default Mage Tank Gear!

    right now we have a very very low % chance to get the loot from Expert dungeons and Raid Rifts. not to Mention we cant buy any Mage Tank gear From the vendors we cant even buy Mage tank lesser essences from the Vendors...

    so my Question is: will you Fix the Drop rate and or Loot Table, and will you add Mage tank Gear to Expert vendors and Planer Vendors, and also for the comming Raid Vendors ?

    PS. an ETA would be nice, we dont like the silent treatment, "something is better then nothing"

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    Questions about Live servers :
    1.Are we gonna have twisted artifacts in the comet zones ?
    2.Any new end game zone coming ?
    3.Are you working on an expansion ?
    4. Can you add new rewards with lucky coins? Like mounts,pets etc
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    For Prime:
    1. Can platinum costs for various game items be revisited? I'm thinking additional roles already being 100platinum for the 5th or guild bank vaults being 1500p for the 3rd. Mounts being 125 also feels steep considering how mounts now drop from dungeons. Please can we at least consider some adjustments here?

    2. In terms of items for purchase from the experts gear vendors and presumably future raid gear vendors, will appropriate items be added for mage tanks?

    3. Archon was revised recently to quash -chon hybrids by pushing Flaring Power to the top tier 61pt ability. My opinions on this decision aside, this has the unfortunate effect now of making Archon entirely undesirable for level 50 endgame content. Is this intended or are there plans to adjust Archon to be roughly equal in support capacity to Beastmaster?

    4. Mystic Archer is by any metric you choose the top mage soul on Prime. MA and its hybrids are outperforming all other mage dps builds by a large margin even in terms of strictly dungeon/raid performance. Again leaving my opinions aside, I remember upon its release that MA was designed for open world content. Will other mage souls be balanced to be competitive with MA?

    5. Speaking of Mystic Archer, will the new souls for clerics, primalists, warriors, and rogues still be developed and released? I understand the departure of Keyens might have put a wrench in these plans but I'm still curious if they're still coming.

    6. Can we get a rough estimate of new Pve content releases for the year? A timeline for IGSB testing and release as well as what comes beyond that.

    7. Crafting feels a bit unloved. I got crafting marks coming out of my ears. During Storm Legion i remember new recipes being released after t2 raids had come out. Any chance of new crafting recipes? Please, other than amenders...

    8. Are the plane of water zones ever getting unstable artifacts, and will the Celestial lands ever get twisted artifacts?

    9. Can we please show Dominator some love and make it viable in some form again?
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