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    Quote Originally Posted by Atraius View Post
    The idea of having an NPC to give items to and to make him sell them for an amount of money that i choose, sounds very good. And i can imagen more ppl getting into dimensioning with this. Maybe not on a super-art-level but on a hey-thats-fun-lets-play-a-little-with-it-level.

    ..if i got it correct.

    You! got it

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    *lets out a huge sigh of relief*

    thanks for returning our babies unharmed
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    YEY!!! Thank you guys! We back in business!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharandra View Post
    maybe dimensions permissions should simply be turned off per default, when you get a dimension, and maybe a tutorial tip added aswell?
    Very good idea, and for the "default off" part, I suppose not difficult to do.
    With everything "off" per default, people not interested by dims would have their empty dims invisible and not cluttering the public list, and people who want them to be seen would turn permission on.

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