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    kinda fair too..

    otherwise, one could make a zillion mail accounts and vote one name into oblivion^^

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    I agree with what Yvette and others have said about Meridian being a potentially problematic choice.

    Some of the options listed may be associated with one side or another, but Meridian is literally the home city of the Defiants. You can say that we're all friends now, but we still get flagged and attacked when we go to the opposite faction's capital. Especially for returning players that remember a more heavily faction based game, having a server named after the Defiant capital could be confusing or perhaps discourage players from choosing the Guardian faction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrionBrasse View Post
    I appreciate your feedback, Clowd.

    The name Wintercharm was nominated as often as the other most popular names in the list, the general consensus is that this was intended as a way to honor her memory, just like the NPC that we have in game. To say that Wintercharm is not part of the lore or history of RIFT would be inaccurate.

    We included the best ten options that were approved by Dev. Going by the number of votes recorded thus far, many would disagree with your opinion and intend their votes to honor Wintercharm.

    Your best way to influence the outcome of the poll in favor of the name you prefer is to vote.
    Been thinking about your response..

    And it does raise some questions...

    You give players a pre-selection option.. 'name your preference' and we will choose what to go for from your preferences..

    Wintercharm does not fit your criteria for being Rift/Lore bound.. more players have added to the game, be it in guides, helping players in game, offering suggestions, giving feedback.. all things that added to what the game is now. Their names and input just may not always be visible to everybody.

    So you have taken a free choice in names offered.. majority count.. according to your words, 'the best 10 with dev approval) suggests majority mention didn't matter.

    For if 50 players had mentioned " Crap" as possible name, would you have added that to the final 10?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaedor View Post
    I'm actually unable to vote on both of my accounts. It seems the poll is locked to url or account or something, because I voted once and can't vote on my other account. Kinda frustrating.
    It's actually locked to gmail accounts, from what I can tell. You have to be logged in to google to even vote on the poll.

    I have about a dozen different gmail accounts. Anyone can have as many or more than that. If you log out of one account, and into another, you can vote again. This form is not an effective way to ensure that people only get one vote.

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    I am a dimensioneer in this game, but I also must agree that Wintercharm has got honored in many ways. Lots of us dimensioners has made a part of some of our dimension to honor her with the Wintercharm flowers that we bought from an NPC called Wintercharm. Also there has been more than one dimension created in her memory to respect and honor her as a great dimensioner and contribute to that.
    As I have said before I am truly sorry for the loss.
    We lost over 3 years ago a guild leader to cancer, he was a player.

    Now to name a new server what is starting from Scratch should not be named with any name used previously for any server, nor a player name, nor any name related to different faction to support Guardian or Defiants.
    Should be a name related with the Lore, a name that we could easily remember and respect.
    You yourself named the server when you said it is a PRIME server, that is the very best suggestion for the server.

    Everyone would accept PRIME as a great name for a new starter server.
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    So.. summary

    We got a selection of names to choose from that's dev favored.. and to a certain point dubious
    We got a poll that can easily be rigged

    What would it take to call above post the most sensible and give the SERVER (what you see in dropdown) the name PRIME .. obvious for anyone who wants to play there.

    And just make a poll for shard names one month into Prime, amongst the players that actually play Prime?
    One could just give it an inbetween name for the first weeks.. say ONE or Mathosia, since that is where players will start anyways
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    Default MATHOSIA

    The following names are problematic for the reasons listed.

    Meridian: Name of Defiant home city
    Vigil: Name of Guardian palace in home city
    Asha Catari: Defiant NPC
    Orphiel: Defiant NPC
    Atrophinius: Troublesome NPC
    Usukhel: Who? Oh right another random NPC
    Port Scion: A defunct PvP warfront that 1/2 the players took the deserter debuff to leave.
    Greenscale: Dead Dragon
    Wintercharm: A deceased dimensioneer/player who has already been honoured with an in-game NPC.

    Mathosia: The only name on the list that makes any real sense is Mathosia because according to RIFT lore "Mathosia is the primary continent of Telara." Mathosia is a place we all have known, enjoyed and are looking forward to rejuvenating and reliving.

    Go vote for Mathosia at:
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    one correction.. Sanctum is the name of the guardian city.

    The Vigil created the world of Telara..

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    Default #teamgreenscale

    I wanted Azdah Server the mother of all the Telara dragons but next best, doesn't everyone finally want a Rift plush?

    For inspiration......

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    I wasn't quick enough to get in on the name suggestions but one I wanted to suggest was Prime. I like the idea of letting the players who are actually using the server vote on the name after a month. Can the naming be postponed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arachyd View Post
    I wasn't quick enough to get in on the name suggestions but one I wanted to suggest was Prime. I like the idea of letting the players who are actually using the server vote on the name after a month. Can the naming be postponed?
    Oh heck no to postponement. The server name has to be chosen quickly because it launches on March 7!

    To all on this thread, every name on poll is there because:
    a) players nominated those names multiple times in the nomination thread.
    b) RIFT Dev Leads each chose ten names from the top nominees as ones they would happily accept. Those lists were combined and the ten you see is the end result of their faves. Over to you!
    c) no one is ever going to agree on the best or most appropriate name. Yaviey is still arguing for Servey McServerface. =)

    This is not open to debate. It is, however, open to votes, and they are still coming in!

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    Asha Catari:
    Port Scion: .

    now imagine the convo one year later when players move to live...

    Hey all.. looking for a guild...
    >> what do you like to do in game?
    mhm.. I played in Meridian
    >> only Meridian?
    >> so you are defiant?
    oh noes.. I'm guardian
    >> so as guardian, you only played in meridian.. what's your level?
    I'm level 70
    >somebody@Seastone< >> i think you will enjoy it on our shard.. come join us, anyone making it to 70 in Meridian that way is very welcome

    next day same player
    Can anybody help me?
    >> what's your problem?
    how do I get off this shard?
    >> log out and hit transfer
    I tried, but it says I can't
    >> did you change shards before?
    yes, yesterday I went to seastone.
    >> ah.. so you were/are looking for a pvp guild
    oh noes.. open world and instances.. never pvp....

    other player..
    hello everybody, I've been playing wintercharm and am now looking for new friends on live

    Player 3
    hey all, I've been having a lot of fun with Asha Catari past year, but am now looking for some other action..
    >> you were playing trove?

    Player 4
    hey all, after Port Scion, I'm looking for a new guild
    >> welcome.. join us on seastone, we often run the warfronts

    Player 5
    hey all.. I've had it with greenscale, so am now looking for a new challenge
    >> you are level 50?
    no,no.. level 70
    >> try akylios?
    where do I find that server?

    Player 6
    hey all, I've been playing on/with Orphiel, but now Orpiel is dead, I'm looking for Live

    Player 7
    hey all.. after Atrophinius, it is time to move on.. where do I go and what's going on now?
    >> go sanctum/meridian, visit the event npc, then travel into the zones, find the mushrooms and in the instance, talk to Atrophinius...

    Player 8

    hey all.. I've spent some time on Usukhel and want to move to a pupulated shard.. any recommendations?
    >> what's Usukhel?

    .. I did have some other convo options in mind, but at the risk of being banned for inappropriate postings...
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    Default So...

    this is where XE moves to on server down? lol

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    hey... 6hrs.. that's a long time to go down...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrionBrasse View Post
    RIFT Dev Leads each chose ten names from the top nominees as ones they would happily accept.
    I have to wonder how many of these RIFT Dev Leads were here during the early days of RIFT, and if they realize that most of the polled names are contradictory to the idea of the server.

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