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    I know you probably don't want to reveal or talk about upcoming content too far ahead but..

    • Will we ever see Ahnket make a detour and head to Crucia's Plane of Air with the Comet to bring the battle to her?
    • If that ever happens, will there ever be a chance of us being able to pick a side as 'Mercenaries', we fight for either Crucia or Ahnket
    Expanding on that, it could be designed that we play as a Crucia Mercenary, then at the end of that storyline we can 'betray' Crucia and turn to Ahnket and play through that quest line. You could do the same if you had picked Ahnket, betray her and turn to Crucia.

    Thus you could have two different stories running side by side, double the content without double the workload.

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    • Are the Elves descendants of the Tuath’de or were they created by the gods or some mix of the two? I think early lore suggested they were the first of the intelligent races on Telara, is that still true?
    • Is their an origin for the Dwarves? I think I read they were created by the gods to build things and were given sentience later as a reward.
    • Is there an origin for humans on Telara? I haven't seen any hint of it anywhere.
    • We've now been to the Plane of Water and seen sizeable chunks of the Plane of Fire and Plane of Life, But what are the other 3 planes like? We got slight hints of the Planes of Death and Earth in some Raids but I would love to know more. And we have really no clue about the Plane of Air.
    • When the Bloodstorm was killed it was shown that their power wasn't destroyed but went elsewhere. In the Dendrome we killed small dragons that were supposedly imbued with their power, and Tasuil is the new drag of the Plane of Life and we know Maelforge's power is being fought over or was fought over in the Plane of Fire. Does this mean the power of the other dragons is still out there, and that they may all come back in different forms?

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    Thank you for these FANTASTIC questions!

    Mordrahan, I've always wished I had the time to make edited transcripts of our Lorestreams... one day I hope I'll have the hours needed!
    Closing this thread now. See you in an hour.

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