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    Default Particles

    It's time, passed time the 25 particles were NERFED! I want to do other things in the game (that I love) except spend an hour or more trying to these 25.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tacitus View Post
    The particle requirements are not currently changed. I would like to investigate adding an alternative, and that may still happen but the reality is that the sparkles bit is SUPER heavy scripted and would chew up an unknown amount of time just adjusting how that one bit works.

    So changing the particles requirement adds two very expensive things - time and risk. Which isn't to say that such a change isn't worthwhile or shouldn't be done.

    But what it does mean is that it was beyond the scope of what I could do right now, and rather than hold up the other adjustments to wait on particles, I opted to get the rest of the changes out now, and then can circle back to the particles at a later point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iduna View Post
    It's time, passed time the 25 particles were NERFED! I want to do other things in the game (that I love) except spend an hour or more trying to these 25.
    Wow you spent an ENTIRE hour? Maybe even a little more? Definitely needs nerfed then...

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    Default Lets see how well we did?

    It's been a little while since the eternal weapon chain got nerfed. I work in a stock market listed company and after we implement we review against our objectives to see if we achieved what we set out to do and to see if we could have done it better. It's a professional thing to do and ensures we learn from our mistakes and dont make them again. The community was pretty much in consensus in relation to the grind and boredom. I almost quit after getting one weapon to the second last stage, wicket and the 100 SPE's were some of the least fun I have had gaming.
    I think we can all agree that the wicket component is much better, lets give that a tick.
    Reducing the SPE's to 25. It has slightly fixed the boredom factor, well maybe I should give a little more credit. It has fixed the boredom because SPE's dont pop any more.
    A large portion of players had grinded them. There is no reason for them to go back. So getting a SPE to pop is next to impossible.And of course alot of the player base has gone to prime.I think I am going toi have to give this a massive fail.
    The design of this expansion is part of the problem The eternal weapon/chondric chain are isolated from the rest of the expansion. I considered playing my cleric, so I crafted my helm and offhand, called up the quest through the new process and saw 100 elites.
    I stopped. At the beginning of this expansion, groups were running arouind doing this. It is going to take me 5 to 10 times longer than that time.
    You designed a chain that was completely isolated from the rest of rift. I know the devs were asked why this wasn't reduced, I believe the answer was it needed to be a challenge. Well iit wasn't a challenge in the first 3 months. Now the challenge is dealing with complete isolation, repetiton and boredom. It is worse. So the decision not to nerf this (or redesign) has to be a massive fail.
    I totally agree that it should take work to upgrade items, It is the struggle that provides the sense of achievement. If something is too easy there is no value in it. But that struggle has to be integrated into the game. Questing becomes fun when you discover you are knocking off multiple quests as you go. You are still grinding, but you dont have that feeling of grind because the achievements are coming in.
    The design of the weapon/armour chains gives none of that. I would in future design encourage a more holistic view. There are many aspects of the game you could have tied in, celestial instances, warfronts, zone event bosses, elites in VP, all which would have provided far greater sense of satisfaction by providing currency or rep at the same time. There are only 4 celestial instances, its an ideal thing to ensure a delay in progression without enforcing a massive grind on people of 100 SPE's or 100 elites in T Chasm.
    Your model only suited the hardcore at the beginning of the expac. Ultimately it is Rift that will suffer if players who joined at the time of expac are presented with a model which leaves them isolated mid way through the expac. They may not stay. And current players are not likely to gear alts either. Then removing a large portion of the player base on them to move to Prime is not helping.
    I am not interested in prime, I have plenty of patron months up my sleeve, I just dont want to revisit to do things again. I know there are plenty who are, but I am sure for alot of the existing players that is a reaction to the design of this expansion. People are enjoying having lots of people to play with, they dont feel isolated, they have that sense of community. They are having fun.
    It certainly shoiws they dont need mages who tank or warriors that heal (thats as dumb as pandas I reckon, Gandalf did not tank, End of discussion) lol
    And the poor devs who have to manage all of those souls, to try to create balance and deal with bugs associated. It is simply too much.
    And it is one of the reasons PvP has died. I used to PvP, the grind leaves me no time. I dealt with playing a ranged character even though PvP is melee biased.
    Yes, I am slightly off topic, bu in a way I am not. These hotfixes simply cannot cover the glaring design issues in this expac.
    Please listen to your customers, they really do love this game but are hurting.
    Design in ways that brings players together over the life of the expac. If you are going to use dungeons, you need to get players to come back to them.
    Remove boredom via dumb grinds. We dont want a game without challenge, but 100 of the same whatever is not a challenge, its just sadistic torture. If I want that, I will see a professional.
    Break down the unnecessary elitism. Having SPE grinds which players then overgear to reduce the pain means half of the community cant join that group. I personally dont think a 5 or 10 man LFR easy should count if it isnt actually random. It would also remove the in game moaning about the elitism. You may also get the newer players learning from the more experienced as they are forced to interact.
    But you need to start with the souls to get a bit of balance. How can you have random LFR's without a system which effectively deals with minimum gear/DPS etc.
    And who knows, PvP may come back if players start to ave some time. The current design doesnt allow the time, in fact it is almost unhealthy in the amount of time required. What is yout time model. If you consider a SPE is 20 mins or so, the 100 SPE's was say 40 days gaming at 1 hour a day. That doesnt allow for crifts, armor chains, Pvp & rep quests, crafting dailies, events like the carnival let alone 10 mans, instant adventures etc
    Do you see the problem?

    So was this hotfix a success. Yes and no. Change the armor chains from 100 lonely elites to 8 celestial instances and I will give you your flowers.Find some ways to ensure players have to do some SPE's to help newer players who havent upgraded their weapons (RANDOM SPE's no premades) and I will make that 2.

    Learn from the mistakes in design of this expac and I will subscribe.

    Quote Originally Posted by TrionBrasse View Post


    Hello, Ascended!

    The Eternal Weapon Quest gets NERFED... in a good way! (See Dwarf celebrating above with definitely-not-an-Eternal-Weapon)

    Watch for the reworked Eternal Weapon upgrade path! Please send thanks, flowers, and your "about time!" comments to Tacitus. Huzzah!

    The active upgrade steps and the quest chain have been separated out. The quest chain is still required at various steps, but the quest chain is now focused on quest activities.

    The other upgrade activities such as closing Rifts, killing colossi, and running Expert dungeons are now tracked only on the weapon.
    To keep it easy to track progress, a Track Progress checkbox has been added to the Upgrade Item window.
    Additionally, the upgrade requirements for each step have been greatly decreased, making it easier to gear up alts or for new players to catch up on gearing!

    These changes will be on the PTS for testing TODAY TOMORROW, Feb 1, and will be rolled out to Live soon!

    p.s. Please remind all your friends to get ALL inactive characters logged in to Live servers TODAY to keep their names safe. The great Name Reclaim list will be pulled just after midnight... pass it on!

    p.p.s. QOL = Quality of Life. These are improvements that we hope to institute on a regular basis to make your days better. Thanks for all the feedback!

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