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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: RIFTstream - 2018: RIFT ON!

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    Default RIFTstream - 2018: RIFT ON!


    Tomorrow, we will publish a development blog from the RIFT team, outlining what you can expect in 2018 in very broad strokes.

    Answers? We have some, and others will need to wait, but please post them here!

    See you on Friday!

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    1. What is being done to ensure that we start getting more information going forward on things to come? I know that the team can only talk about so much, but even small doses of information are a nice moral boost for players, especially between dry patch cycles like the one we've currently been in. You don't want to make promises you can't keep and we all understand how certain groups of people will lash out in that regard, but not giving us anything throws people into a void of despair and negativity towards the game, team and company.

    2. IF you aren't ready and or don't have a solution in regard to information communication, then has the team at least discussed it as one of their major topics? as this is a major issue

    Communication has been a lot better since since and during December so I really do appreciate it Brasse. The same goes for keeping us updated on social media platform and giving us a month in advance warnings for name changes coming towards the end of this month. Those are the kinds of changes to information relay I and everyone else would certainly like to see more of. Great Job!

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    What's being done to address class balance?

    Are there any plans to reduce the amount of RNG in the game?

    What PvP updates can we expect in 2018?
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    Are there any plans to increase the currency gained from completing weekly quests?

    In previous expansions weekly quests awarded a decent amount of currency upon completion. In this expansion the awarded currency is very low in comparison. I'm mostly referring to the Captured Intel currency. 200 Captured intel can be acquired by completing just two or three zone events in vostigar peak. So once you've maxed the notoriety with the Utilla Resistance there is no real incentive to do weeklies any more. And many players are at that point now.
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    I hope they will drop info on Classic/Challenge servers. I have little interest in live game, but maximum interest in 1-50, t1, t2 dungeons, t1, t2 raids.

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    What is the future of the LFR feature? Is LFR meant to be a Tier 0,5 raid or will higher Tier raids get a LFR version as well? Are there plans to dramatically improve queue times?
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    • What is being done about Class Balance?
    • Do we have a new class dev? Who?
    • When can we see some improvements regarding classes? We have a couple classes that are dominating dps while others are forced to heal, support or tank due to various reasons. *cough* 5m aoe range *cough*
    • When can we see some actual challenging content (That is NOT challenge servers) that made this game fun in the first place?
    • What do you have planned that will appeal to your long time patrons and give them a reason to stick around?
    • What do you have planned to bring players back into the game?
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    Default Suggestions

    1. Look at the decisions you have made over the last two years and how they directly correlated with massive player population loss. Learn from that. If you want to continue the game you HAVE to do this or you might as well close up shop.

    2. Balance issues. No matter how many great ideas you can come up with in content, if you can't balance and get rid of bugs then people just won't have fun. A player's character IS the game (soul builds, min/max, etc.). This must be addressed immediately.

    3. Listen to player feedback on testing. Too much content released with massive bugs the last couple of years.

    4. Make raids hard again, make PVP meaningful again. While these two segments of the population of the game may be smaller than general pop, it is the LIFEBLOOD of your MMO. Without them, you don't have a foundation to build on for other in game activities. I can't stress how important this is. Once you lost these two segments of the population, the game declined rapidly. Also, these two groups of folks provide so many other resources - testing, builds, videos,etc.

    5. Release an X-Pac with catch up mechanics in place. Give new players the opportunity to get into end game immediately (no need to grind from 1-75 (or 80) start them out at max level. That will bring back some folks and they can play with friends from the start. Sure, that is a large task, you will need to provide a lot of content, but ultimately, it may save your game. Make sure you address 1-4 first when planning this out but you will be successful if you do.

    6. Lose some of the grind and a lot of the RNG. Make the game "playable" instead of a chore. Funny thing about all those 8 bit games from the 80's. They looked bad, sounded bad, but re-playablity (is that a word?) was off the charts.
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    I've already mentioned this in a post, but I'll ask again:

    Can we see an increased drop rate on lessers from RR? Newer players are struggling to fill them up, while older players got the luxury of completing a lot of them in the first few weeks. We also need something to spend our charges on!
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    I was going to write a War and Peace sized essay on things i'd like to see in Rift moving forward but as a lot of them would depend on 1: Time, 2: Resources and 3: Manpower maybe a slimmed down version might be better.

    Zone Scaling:

    It's not a new concept, some MMOs have had it for years but lately it seems to be the 'in thing' to do:

    Are they or will there be plans to introduce Zone scaling to Rift? it doesn't have to cover the entire game, like a level 10 can start questing in Vostigar Peaks but it could be done like what World of Warcraft just introduced this week, scaling based on Expansions.

    You could have just vanilla Rift scaled for level 5-50 so a new player after finishing the tutorial can pick any zone from Silverwood/Freemarch to Stillmoor and quest anywhere they like, likewise Storm Legion could be 50-60, start questing in any zone etc.

    The Sandbox Approach:

    Some games are adopting the mix of Sandbox and Themepark, like for example Black Desert and ArcheAge, mix in some sandbox elements like farming/shipping/animal husbandry/sea trading etc.

    The tech is already in game, can make use of some existing Dimensions which are set in 'farmland', there's even quests in game that require you to grow and tend crops, can even make a sub profession of growing items to sell that can be used for potions/buffs.

    The Open World Approach:

    At it's launch Rift was known and praised for it's open World content, zone invasions, World bosses peaking in the ultimate World boss Volan, all that got dialed way back because the "traditional" MMO players stuck in their quest only mentality weren't happy to see the quest hubs over run and invasions lasting for hours, now with shard hopping that shouldn't really be an issue.

    Stat squashing:

    We're already reaching a limit as to how high a boss Health pool can go and if a squash isn't done and if there is another Expansion with a raise of the level cap to 75 or even 80 it becomes a big issue.

    Rift is among the few remaining MMOs where gear is still defining your char and play style, compare two players, same class/soul combo, one just dinged level 70 and one is T2 raid geared, the difference is night and day, the freshly dinged level 70 in green and blues will get his butt handed to him if he tries to take on more than one mob in, say, the Maze of Steel elite areas.

    Right now a well geared player with same build/souls can chain pull packs and shrug it off, the difference in DPS can be one million or more DPS, that gulf is simply too wide, also applies to certain callings.

    I seem to remember a Live stream months back when a cap on maximum DPS was discussed between the Devs on the stream, no class/soul could go over, think it was 600k ceiling, might be wrong, this cap would solve a lot of issues, would make balancing boss fights better, would avoid stacking certain builds only etc etc.

    Intrepid Instant Adventures:

    I know Tacitus at one stage had plans to further the amount of Intrepid IAs with more set in Infernal Dawn and Plane Breaker Bastion, obviously this is probably on the back burner for same reasons i started the post with, resources and manpower, wonder will there be plans to introduce more intrepids and on the same theme, more Chronicles?

    Meh, this went on much longer than i wanted, still have a few more questions but i hope Brasse can bullet point some of the points.

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    - If you have patron will it carry over as play time on Prime?
    - Will Prime be using the same Gamebryo engine F2P Rift is running or are you moving it back to the original platform to allow for easier portability to other game engines? (This is an issue. Gamebryo is really old. If this is a way forward to move to a more agile game platform this would be huge news.)
    - What will the returning producer be focusing on?
    - Is Archonix going to be focusing on something else since we have a new producer?
    - Will the other classes get new souls or is that idea scrapped for now?
    - Will there be a class balancing or would that be complex for a shared load scenario?
    - How much does prime cost?
    - Why are there no baby goats on this livestream?
    - When is Intrepid Greenscale's Blight supposed to drop?
    - Will iGSB have the same loot models?
    - Will you be adding in Green Mother? IMO that could be a nice opportunity to make it "not another rehashed dungeon" as some would say.
    - Would you please stick the iGSB portal next to the original GSB portal?
    - Will you ever be fixing fragments? Like...ever?
    - Will you continue to review how unfun it is to grind captured intel?
    - Seriously, no baby goats today? Maybe just flash us a corgi or something?
    - How will the Crucia mount be acquired?
    - When will ascended weapons get their next upgrade step?
    - When will other ascended gear get an appropriate upgrade step?
    - Will there be a step reduction for the BiS crafted gear like their was with the planar crafted gear in NMT?
    - It's about time to consolidate currencies again. Will that get looked into? We still get vanilla and chocolate currencies.
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    • Feature wise I believe the Soul System is the most unique and interesting part of the game which sets it apart from other games. Does Trion agree and if so will more dev time and resources be allocated to working on current soul balancing. - As a side note I believe 1 person is not enough to do this.
    • For any new player starting Rift currently it is a very difficult and daunting task to try and gear up for PVE focused content. Will the eternal quest line for all classes be reduced in the near future to encourage new players to try Rift and old players to come back.
    • The fragment system is again daunting to new players and is easily able to confuse people while causing anxiety and frustration to current players. Does Trion agree with this statement and will the planned overhaul be coming soon?
    • This expansion has been very light on 5 man dungeon content launching with only 2 initially and later followed by two revamped old dungeons. It has been suggested several times for a scaling dungeon system that would open up a large amount of content on an on going basis. Would the team consider such a system and if not what plans does the team have to improve the dungeon system in Rift.
    • Guilds in rift are a central focus for communities to thrive and players to meet new people and form bonds with fellow members of the community. Will the team be updating the guild system in the near future? Examples would adding in game event calanders, updated quest system, perk system updates and management and statistical tools such as a way to track how long a player has been in guild, guild achievements or crafting profession tracking.
    • Patrons provide a steady and reliable income for the game. Does Trion plan to make patron status more attractive along with perhaps providing fun cosmetic rewards for long supporting veterens of the game. For example, a "The Long Standing" title or sum such.

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    Some of these posts sound so bitter it makes me wonder if you're so unhappy why are you still here? It's a game. Games are meant to be fun.

    That being said, I suggest adding eternal weapon quest upgrades to the Rift store.


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    Rift PRIME
    • Will we be seeing classes balanced around 51-point specs for the vanilla stage of this server?
    • Back in Nightmare Tide, Hammerknell Keep was upgraded to a level 65 Tier 2 raid. Will the original Level 50 Tier 2 raid version be brought back?
    • Will the Rift PRIME allow you to use all the souls unlocked for your account?

    Teaser features
    • With the introduction of zone auto-mentoring, will mentor scaling be addressed so that a level 70 mentored down to 15 will no longer be so far ahead of the power curve?
    • With regards to "dungeons dropping loot specific to your character’s true level" - does this mean that a level 70 player running Realm of the Fae will be able to obtain level 70 gear? If so, has it been decided what level of power this gear will be? (Expert, LFR, etc.)

    • With a new Warfront coming, and the open-world Free For All PvP being tested, will additional PvP rewards be presented?

    • PvE only mentioned that we will be getting an Intrepid: Greenscale's Blight, and new IAs for Droughtlands and Moonshade Highlands. Is there more PvE content planned for 2018 that can be shared or teased?

    Class Balance
    • With class balance being shared between multiple designers, will we still see new souls?
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    Default Regarding the Blog Post

    Welcome home Amary & Kirby!

    Questions for Kirby: Can we please have you in many forms for dimensions to celebrate you coming back and because it is Year of the Dog? Can we please have some of your ArcheAge forms in Rift?

    So many more questions but I'll ask the most important one, will fall damage be back on RIFT Prime servers?

    I hope so.

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