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    Lightbulb Giddy Up for Black Friday Savings

    Now that Autumn Harvest has ended, the RIFT team is busy making budgie dinner and spending some quality time with their families. Enjoy some sweet sales from November 22-29!

    All Premium Mounts on Sale

    From November 22 when the servers come back online after weekly maintenance until 29, 2017 at 11:59 PM PST, get 25% off all premium mounts in the RIFT store. Ride tall in Telara on your new, noble steeds!

    Daily Mount Sale

    Besides all premium mounts being on sale for 25% off, you’ll have a chance to take home some special mounts as well. Previous supply crate mounts are making a rare appearance on the RIFT store with a new one available each day from November 22 – 29.

    Date & Mount
    November 22, 2017: Moonstone Ki Rin
    November 23, 2017: Molten Thresher
    November 24, 2017: Tropical Budgie
    November 25, 2017: Ember Nebula
    November 26, 2017: Black Empyreal Walker
    November 27, 2017: Obsidian Ki Rin
    November 28, 2017: Nightmare Thresher

    Also note, that due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, we will not have a RIFTstream this week. Happy holidays, Ascended!
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    I miss the witches' besom on the list.

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    Disappointing BF sale.

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    If it's not too late, may I suggest adding Patron and Credits at a sale price?
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    finally able to get the ember nebula. thanks for the sale!

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