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    Lightbulb RIFTstream Nov. 3 Recap Autumn Harvest is Here

    On Friday, November 3, 2017, RIFT’s Community Manager Yaviey hung out with Captain Cursor to play through some Autumn Harvest-themed Instant Adventures.

    Last Friday, Jennifer “Yaviey” Bridges (Community Manager, RIFT) was joined by Nicholas “Captain Cursor” McDowell (Sr. Game Designer) to talk about Autumn Harvest 2017, now in RIFT. They played through several Autumn Harvest-themed IAs live with players and showed off some of the new Autumn Harvest goodies. Finally, they gave away prizes, including the new supply crate chase item – the magic broom mount! Watch the whole video to learn more!


    Come back in two weeks, on Friday, November 17, 2017 for next week’s RIFTstream. More details will be revealed later. See you then!
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