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    Lightbulb RIFTstream Crucia’s Claw Part 2

    This week Yaviey will interview more of the dev team about the rest of 4.3 Crucia’s Claw’s features!

    RIFT is starting off Trion World’s Extra Life 2017 event! On Friday beginning at 11:30 AM PDT, Jennifer “Yaviey” Bridges, RIFT’s Community Manager, will be joined by Simon “Dead Simon” Ffinch (Sr. Design Director), Chris “Keyens” Meyer (Systems Designer), and Chris “Tacitus” Cates (Sr. Game Designer) to talk more about last week’s 4.3 Crucia’s Claw announcement. Keyens will give an overview of the upcoming new mage soul, the Mystic Archer. Tacitus will then show off the frightful new goodies from the next big seasonal event, Autumn Harvest. Join us live for a special surprise!

    Do you have questions you'd like answered live on the stream? Post them here for a chance to be featured!

    Friday, October 13, 2017
    11:30 AM PDT: Crucia’s Claw Part 2

    We will simulcast on RIFT Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but remember that in order to get in on the prize giveaways, you’ll have to be in Twitch chat!

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    Nice with a new livestream, and with a new raid! Did some testing on PTS back when stuff didn't hurt that much. All I can say; if damage is increased (as it has been since) it ought to be a fun raid!

    Some questions:

    Will there be a new tier 2 raid currency?

    Last stream you got the question about people not getting 2400 hit before release and that it was something you've been working on. Any news on this?

    What kind of drop will there be? Will some items have procs? If trinkets will have procs - will there be better than VP trinkets?

    Will ranged and helmet get an additional upgrade come tier 2? Will patron sparkles quest be upgraded to tier 2 loot?

    There wasn't a great fragment overhaul in August and the overhaul wont be now either as far as Ive understood. Nevertheless, will there be any improvements in fragments in 4.3? For instance easening getting fragments such as CP death fragment from coffers?

    Can we expect some soul balancing come 4.3, or in the vicinity of that for existing souls?

    Will there be any catchup mechanics for the eternal weapon quest line, for instance reducing the 4 months requirement on IRotP added come 4.3 or close to it?

    If all pieces of gear can be dropped from the raid, and we only have 3 bosses, and 5 classes. Will it only be 2 pieces per boss as it is now? Why all pieces from the first T2 raid, will there not be any more T2 this expansion?
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    Is there going to be a necklace or other equipment released we can acquire to reach 2400 hit? Full T1 gear is only 2375 unless you have the necklace from the last boss in TD NM, this doesn't drop every week so not all players will be able to meet the hit requirements as it stands now.

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    1. It was also stated on the last livestream that it would drop every slot, but with only 3 bosses being available how is that going to work exactly? Are there going to be mini bosses along with the trash that bring down the walls to the arena? For those who haven't tested it yet which includes myself.

    2. Are you guys keeping the same amount of suffixed gear variations with Tier 2 or will that be cut down or even taken out completely? This current system deters a lot of people from bothering with dropped gear at all since it takes you 10 weeks to upgrade pieces that you may not even get for 5, 10 or even 20 runs. Not to mention that also depends on the class competition in your raid.

    3. What's roughly going to be the average dps requirement for people to complete all of the fights?

    4. Are the fights mostly mechanic heavy with lighter dps checks or bigger checks with lighter mechanics?

    5. Why was an open world soul picked as the new mage soul when mages already have plenty of open world utility?

    6. Why did the team decide to do Mages first?
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    Default Questions

    -Is there another change coming to eternal weapons proc? Will the dps be increased from PTS based on player feedback and recent testing?

    -What is the status of fragments overhaul? Any new fragment slots opening with 4.3?

    -Many people on the forums are asking for class balance. What is the status on class balance and when may it be addressed?

    -New souls- Mage just got new soul. Are other classes expected to get a new soul soon and what is timeline?

    -Intended warrior melee specs (non hybrids) appear to be low dps compared to other classes. The hybrid souls cannot hit targets with large hit box. What are the plans if any to buff a warrior melee spec that can be used in a competitive raid setting, against rogues/primalist, and hit bosses with large hit box.

    Thanks devs for taking our questions.

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    If I take a look at the payable souls (view from a cleric)

    Stom Soul Pack “Defiler” - does 50%-100% less damage than Nightblade - completly useless since 4.1. - is a waste of 1350 credits

    Dream Soul Pack “Oracle” – Useless compare to Archon – Has no single dispel - completly useless - is a waste of 1350 credits

    Ascended Soul Pack “Runeshaper” – does less damage compare to inquisitor – but is a very good offsoul - you got a good offsoul for 2025 credits

    We got a lot of useless souls in the shop. I say useless because they are simply unbalance. Are the coming souls as useless as the old ones? Are there any plans to “fix” the old payable souls?
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    1) Why a new soul and not re balance current one's first?

    2) Why soul focused on open-world when we don't need an open world soul?

    3) Why does the soul use the 2 new mechanics? (Non target to cast + arrows on floor)

    4) Will you be taking feedback on-board as the soul doesn't play well currently? (staying within the 2 new mechanics ofc)

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