The new Infinity Walker Supply Box is now on the RIFT store!

RIFT Supply Crate Refresh

With the launch of 4.2 Celestial Storm, we introduced a completely revamped supply crate system. This included a brand-new UI and better rewards than ever before. Besides the flashy new looks, the other most notable change with this is that it gives a reward for just about everybody! Each supply crate includes five different rewards, each with a chance at something amazing! These prizes can include such things as Favor, Harvesting Resource Bundles, Dimension Items, Prize Tickets, and more.

New Infinity Walker Supply Crate

The Infinity Walker Supply Box contains a random selection of equipment, potion, runes, currency or novelty items with a bonus chance at service items. Contents may be appropriate for your level range up to 70. It also includes a chance at the new Infinity Walker mount. For only 405 credits, get yours on the RIFT store now!