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    Default RIFTstream Post-PAX Plaguestream

    This week Yaviey interviews Brasse, Dead Simon, and Rough Raptors about PAX West 2017.

    Jennifer “Yaviey” Bridges, RIFT’s Community Manager will be joined by special guests Linda “Brasse” Carlson (Director of Community Relations), Simon “Dead Simon” Ffinch (Sr. Design Director, RIFT), and Ryan “Rough Raptors” Copeland (Software Engineer). Together, they will talk about all the fun that happened at PAX 2017. Additionally, they will open up a special present from the community to the dev team, live on stream. Watch us live on Twitch for a chance to win in-game prizes.

    Do you have questions you'd like answered live on stream? Let us know in the comments below!

    Friday, September 8, 2017
    11:30 AM PDT: Post-PAX Plaguestream

    We will simulcast on RIFT Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but remember that in order to get in on the prize giveaways, you’ll have to be in Twitch chat!
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    - What was the most exciting/strange thing that happened during PAX?
    - How many people visited the Trion booth?
    - Were there some nice interviews + suggestion from players that we probably see ingame in the future?
    - Did you find interesting systems/concepts that could work in Rift when you visit other games there?

    You visited Gamescom and PAX.
    - What are the main differences between them?
    - Were they both fun and what could be improved @GamesCom/Pax?
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