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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: Interview with Celyne

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    Cool Interview with Celyne

    Celyne is an amazing artist who has been playing RIFT since 2011. Sheís also a member of the TRION Creator Program. Learn more about her!
    • Q. How long have you been playing RIFT and what do you like about it?
    • A. Iíve been playing RIFT since it launched in March 2011 and there are so many features to like about the game that keeps me interested. First off is the GORGEOUS artwork with layers and layers of detail. I am still in awe each time I enter Meridian or visit Mount Carcera in Ember Isle. Then you have the brilliant wardrobe and Dimension system that rivals other games built specifically for that. But what I really love about RIFT is the core Soul System that allows you to switch roles or create your own to suit any instance. Because my gaming time was limited, it was such a pleasure to be able to stick with one main character who is skilled to fill any role needed for a raid at the same time hold his own on solo adventures.
    • Q. What calling/souls are your main character in RIFT and what do you enjoy about it?
    • A. My main character is a Rogue. I enjoy playing stealthy and speedy-hitting character types. When I used to raid, I had to master multiple builds to be efficient for max DPS or healing. I enjoy all of them. But my real favorite is the bard soul. I know other callings replicate the function of bards nowadays, but back then, this was such a vital requirement in a raid because of the massive support in buffs/debuffs it provided. I had over four bard builds for raids for extra DPS or heal numbers or just for fun. There is a sense of pride when the raid master says ďthe bard did more damage thanÖĒ One little peeve I have about the bard is the lute. Maybe one day we have an option to change the skin to an electric guitar or something that matches better with Storm Legion such as the Tacticianís weapon. MaybeÖplease???
    • Q. How long have you been a part of the TRION Creator program and how did you first get involved?
    • A. I became a TRION Creator back in July 2016. I heard about it through the livestream and I was very excited because this was an opportunity to share my work at the same time as making players happy by giving away in-game goodies. When I first applied, it felt like submitting a job application and I was really nervous. First of all, I didnít stream and the content I provided was Ďstatic.í I wasnít even sure if I had enough RIFT fan art to show and most of them were of my Rogue who was just another face in the crowd. When I received the welcome letter, it was really one of my best days! I was unemployed at that time too so that ray of light changed my outlook towards the situation I was in. A few months (and Lancerdoodles) later, I joined the ranks of Trion Creators for Atlas Reactor as well.
    • Q. What got you into drawing and doing art as a profession?
    • A. Drawing and art have been a part of my life since I was very little. According to my mom, Iíve been drawing people figures since I was two and I kind of remember what they look like with a line for hair and ten sticks for fingers in each hand. I also like telling stories through my drawings and was very into comics, manga, and picture books (although I am bad with layouts and paneling my comics until now). And that has been the fuel to my passion. For example, I would start drawing a random character and slowly a backstory would form around it. Or, I draw out my ďwhat ifĒ scenarios about canon video game/cartoon/book characters and so on. I would share them on my website, forums and on DeviantArt, which lead me to be asked to do commissions of OCís and other fan art. Iíve had a really positive run for commissions and plan to expand my offerings such as prints, stickers, and other physical goodies.
    • Q. What is your favorite type of thing to draw or color?
    • A. People/Humanoids (that includes elves, bahmis, and dwarves). The human body is amazing, beautiful, and complex in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Usually, the challenge for me is to be able to convey a story or message using only facial features, gestures, and poses. Recently, Iíve been practicing how to draw armor better. And what better way to get inspiration than from RIFTís armor system which is very intricate and detailed? Each time I get a commission request for a RIFT toon, I encourage my client to wear their best armor and I will draw it!
    • Q. What type of instruments do you use to produce your art? Do you have a preference between traditional and digital?
    • A. For digital art, I use Photoshop and a Wacom tablet. These are my preferred tools because Iíve used them for a very long time and have an established workflow for creating art. For traditional media, I go from pencils, colored pencils, inks, and markers. Recently, Iíve discovered the joy of using brush markers such as Copics.I prefer to do most of my art and commissions via digital, but I make time to draw using traditional media. The skills you learn from both go hand in hand Ė literally, they go into your handís muscle memory. A few years ago, I was in a situation where I had no access to a drawing tablet for two months. I had to use pens, inks, and colored pencils to satisfy my cravings to draw. When I got back home, I was surprised by how that experience improved controlling my stylus. My line art had become much cleaner and I have become more confident with each stroke.
    • Q. What have been your favorite commissions to do and what do you love about them?
    • A. Oh, thatís a tough question! I have a lot of favorite commissions like Mobiís Tol-Ren vs. Kenshin, my guild mateís Dancing Diaper Dwarf, and the Kalmar Trio I drew for Samuraiko. What I love about commissions is interacting and forming relationships with my clients. I get to learn their characterís back stories and sometimes, a little about the client as well.*Usually I get requests to draw a relative, boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend, or spouse as a character in their favorite game. Itís such an honor for me to be chosen to draw them and help them share their love and friendship or to brighten their day. It makes me very happy to know that I am able to spread positivity and cheer in my own, little way.
    • Q. Do you have any advice for people who want to get into art?
    • A. Yes, two pieces of advice: First is, pick up your pencil and paper and start drawing! Art and creativity are within each and every one of us and it doesnít matter if youíre 5 or 55. As long as you have something you wish to express, pick up a pencil and paper and start drawing. Itís never too late to start!The second piece of advice and perhaps, the most important is to practice consistently. One of my favorite artists, Stan Prokopenko said, ďfluency allows you to be more creative.Ē This has really stuck with me. The more fluent you are, the more efficiently you will be able to translate what your vision is. There are a million ways to approach this and a million more art video tutorials and resources out there. But there is one clear message, and that is: keep drawing, drawing, drawing!

    Want to connect with Celyne in more places? Follow her on Twitter and donít forget to check out her website for commissions, fan art, doodles, and more!

    We greatly appreciate Celyne taking the time to interview with us in our second RIFT community interview series. Would you like to be interviewed in an upcoming segment? Tweet us @RIFTgame with the hashtag #CommunityQA and what you enjoy most about the game for a chance to be featured!

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    Very nice Celyne, thank you so much for your incredible vision and ability to apply here and in Atlas Reactor!

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    Well deserved spotlight and props for all your good work! Keep it goin'!
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    so proud of you. love your artwork, of both rift and atlas reactor. keep it up, and making this community that much more colorful.

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    I must say , very impressive! Thank you for making Telara an even more beautifull place.
    I clicked on the link and instantly tried to contact you as i have a couple questions.
    My wife Caduto@Gelidra and myself started a webpage Cadarsk 'Achievement guides By players for players'

    I was looking for a Logo that suited us , this amongst other ideas . Either way your artskill is impressive. As i tried to contact you i noticed the link towards the email isnt working neither do the discord one.

    And forgive me but i am not much of a twitter fan.

    Either way keep up the good work

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