The RIFT store introduces the Nightmare Razorback Power Pack. Learn more about all the goodies inside!

This all new RIFT power pack is chock-full of value for the astute RIFT player. It includes the following covetable items:
  • Nightmare Razorback Mount
    • Increases movement speed by 155% or matches the speed of your fastest mount.
  • Ascended Hat Box
    • Contains a helm for your calling that scales up to level 70. This also unlocks the Vostigean appearance helm.
  • Raiment of Primal Madness
    • This bundle contains the complete Raiment of Primal Madness costume set which includes Primal Cestus of Madness, Primal Cleats of Madness, Primal Cuirass of Madness, Primal Legguards of Madness, Primal Mask of Madness, and Primal Pauldrons of Madness.
  • Packmasterís Reward Cache
    • 20 Individual Reward Charges
    • 2 Challengerís Mark

The Nightmare Razorback Power Pack will be available on the RIFT store beginning Wednesday, August 23, 2017, after the game update. It will be available for the amazingly low price of $19.99. Get yours now!