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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: RIFTstream Yaviey’s Let’s Play #1

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    Default RIFTstream Yaviey’s Let’s Play #1

    Brasse is out this week and Yaviey is taking over! She is your new Community Manager for RIFT, Jennifer “Yaviey” Bridges. Chris “Keyens” Meyers (Systems Designer) will be on stream as well, probably just to troll her. Join us live in-game on the NA servers.

    This is Yaviey’s very first “Let’s Play.” She will try her hand at a Guardian High Elf Mage, explore the starting zone, and try to get as many levels as possible while questing and killing bad guys. What souls should she pick? What should her rotation be? Got some other tips for new players? Let us know live on the stream or here on the forums. We’ll feature the best advice in a blog post next week.

    Friday, July 28, 2017
    11:30 AM PDT: Yaviey’s Let’s Play #1
    We will simulcast on RIFT Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but remember that in order to get in on the prize giveaways, you’ll have to be in Twitch chat!

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    best of luck with that... since I don't play much mage, I'll join in to get some tips myself ;)

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    Default High Elf Mage - Best Mage

    Of course, one of the most important parts will be what you'll make your mage look like, but I assume we can skip that part for the livestream.

    As far as souls, my favorite is stormcaller just because the spells and animations are very evocative to me. However, that's not a decent spec for soloing or single target dps or (unfortunately) even AoE right now. Pyromancer is always popular because it's so iconic. The healer (Chloromancer) does deal damage but takes way too long to kill things; same thing with the tank (Arbiter).

    I recommend starting with a preset. Check out the ones that are listed. They do a pretty good job at explaining a quick "feel" of playstyle. Check it out for a few levels, get an opportunity to see what the preset recommends for filling in the 76 points. It can be overwhelming to a newer player, so use this fantastic tool that RIFT has for newer players. Then after you've got a few levels under your belt, try playing around and choosing your own advancement. Or better yet, discover that you can have more than one role at a time, and build a whole new one!

    And be on the look out for a Rare or two in the starter zone. That was super surprising and it gives a nice little taste of the "what else is out there if I explore" feeling that appeals to many types of players.

    I have two thoughts purely from my personal preferences. #1 Be sure to use your racial power! The elven angelic wings of flight are sooo fun!!! And just because I've made it my personal mission to address the "clicking X" problem.. #2 Please just read at least a teeny tiny bit of the story bits. It's pretty good.

    I'll be watching and cheering you on!
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    The Leaf Blade preset for the Harbinger soul is great! I also love the Elementalist, great sustainability and I chose mage because of that soul. It has a special place in my heart. If you choose Elementalist, name your pets! Unnamed pets are sad.

    - From one High Elf mage to another
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    Starting as mage... depends on how you want to play.

    melee.. harbringer/chloro would probably be a good combo.

    If you only have the basic souls, without any soulpack..
    ranged, with pet, you can go elementalist with chloro for bloom (8 points) so you have a tank pet, while doing ranged damage. Bloom heals you, the shield from ele protects you.

    pyromancer + 8 chloro, some aoe from stormcaller.

    Full dps, pyromancer + warlock, death touch is not high damage, but gives an instant cast without need of line of sight, perhaps dark armor instead of pyro armor, so you return damage to anything that hits you.

    necro/archon I usually don't play, so can't say much about.

    In the long run... learn butchering.. level up de skill as you run around killing stuff. In the long run, especially if you only have one or two chars, the crafting workorders will help with Planar attunement Xp, that becomes available when the PA-tiers open up at level 50.

    As for levelling, it depends a lot if you are running alone, sidekicked alone or in a group.

    At level 10, Instant adventures wil most likely give you the best XP to level fast. At level 10, you can also participate in the world event, do the scavenger hunt quests and the bug stump daily.

    Just keep one thing in mind at all times... You can ask others what you should do, but you will for yourself have to decide what you are going to do. Play the souls/builds because you like to play them, not because somebody else says you have to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yaviey View Post
    She will try her hand at a Guardian High Elf Mage
    I like her more now.

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