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    Default Prize Ticket Merchant Delay

    We know that players have been greatly enjoying our new Supply Crates and new UI. Thank you for supporting the RIFT team through your generous purchases of these new crates.

    While we originally indicated the Prize Ticket Merchant would be available in this week's weekly maintenance update, we have to push that back to the following week (currently slated for the first week of August 2017). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause as we understand that you are eager to spend your prize tickets. As always, it is our aim to make sure that whatever we do release is in tip-top shape for your enjoyment.

    Thank you for your understanding!

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    One request, before launch, which I feel most (all?) of the community would support:

    Please make any Prize Ticket-purchased mounts account-wide, just like their lockbox equivalents.

    I know there was some disappointment with the affinity mounts being one character only (especially since the currency itself is account-wide), and it would go a long way if these Prize Ticket mounts were account-wide.

    I'm personally really excited about the prize ticket merchant, and hope it is a good system for the "damn, I missed the one item I really wanted" symptom that lockboxes inevitably have. One extra week won't hurt anybody, so I hope the system is working great and has neat stuff to get (including account-wide mounts)!
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