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    Smile New Community Manager Jennifer "Yaviey" Bridges

    Hail and well met, Ascended! My name is Jennifer Bridges, but you can call me Yaviey (Yah-VEE-yay). I am your brand-new Community Manager for RIFT! I’m giddy and excited to be here with such a wonderful and vibrant community.

    To give you some background, I’ve been doing community for a little over five years now. I’ve worked on such titles as EverQuest II, Dragon’s Prophet, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, WildStar, Lineage II, and many others. If you couldn’t already guess, MMORPGs are my jam. They’re my absolute favorite type of game for a variety of reasons. I love the communities in them, I love that you can constantly strive to be better at something, and questing in general always feels so epic. Generally, I like to play some kind of long-range magic-based DPS like a mage but lately I’ve also been dabbling in warrior and cleric-types.

    For RIFT specifically, I played wayyyyyy back in beta and at launch. I remember playing some kind of mage chloromancer build. I remember it being really fun and I especially liked the Rifts because you could just be going around and doing your questing when suddenly the place you need to do your turn-ins at suddenly has demons attacking it or something and everyone in the zone had to work together to drive them away. I also really liked going out of my way to find all the artifacts that I could. Therefore, I am incredibly excited to dive back in.

    Obviously, a lot has changed since I played. On that note, I’m planning to start up some let’s play livestreams and I welcome your input in what I should play and do. First off, what soul should I play? Help me choose and I’ll pick the most popular one to start my stream out with. Very soon we’ll put up some times/dates of when I’ll be on so you can join me and help me figure out the lay of Telara.

    Now for overall community stuff – Linda “Brasse” Carlson is NOT going away. Far from it! Me joining the team just helps to free up her time to do some cool creative stuff and help with the overall management of the team. She will still be on streams and a regular on the forums. After all, she’s still pushing for dwarven lady beards for some reason. I however, will be here a lot and working on blog posts, social stuff, livestreams, and getting answers to your most pressing questions. I can’t wait to work with you all!

    Also, I like faeries and corgis and cats.
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    New CM is badly needed and it's good we got someone. Not being that familiar with RIFT is not so good though. You will have a lot of catching up as it is quite a deep game.

    What we want as a community is transparency, day-to-day communication, teasing us with upcoming projects, basically keeping the playerbase happy and excited. And no power-tripping please.

    I suggest you start your work from reading this thread: http://forums.riftgame.com/general-d...formation.html

    Again, welcome and good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yaviey View Post

    Obviously, a lot has changed since I played. On that note, Iím planning to start up some letís play livestreams and I welcome your input in what I should play and do. First off, what soul should I play? Help me choose and Iíll pick the most popular one to start my stream out with. Very soon weíll put up some times/dates of when Iíll be on so you can join me and help me figure out the lay of Telara..
    Make a defiant and then pay for a race change to a dwarf.

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    Greetings, and welcome to Rift! Try not to feel overwhelmed, even though initially it will very much feel like you're drinking from the fire hose.

    And should you have questions, Telaran Directory Assistance (aka Raelskye@Faeblight) is often available in the /4 chat on the NA servers.

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    I think I found an in game picture of our new CM

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    Red face

    Welcome Yaviey!

    It's great to finally have a Rift CM again, it's crazy to even think of the amount of work and pressure that Brasse has to deal with working on multiple games at once, so you joining the game and the community is awesome news.

    Personally I think it's also great that you're starting over as a Rift player. Going all the way from the start to the endgame will allow you to see and experience the game from all kinds of perspectives, which is so important in understanding the reasons behind any feedback, whoever it comes from and whatever the issues may be.

    It's exciting to have you on board with us! Best of luck, and welcome to Telara :)

    P.S. Defiants > Guardians
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    Guns N' Roses summed it up best....."Welcome to the Jungle"

    You'll find instead of fierce beasts though most of us here are cutesy little kittens with the odd predator, anyhow welcome to Rift.

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    Quote Originally Posted by notawaifu View Post
    Make a defiant and then pay for a race change to a dwarf.
    Please no dwarf! Kelari or high elf! Rogue is my favorite class in any game typically, if your looking for a ranged caster type every class has something to offer. High elf has the best racial ability for artifacting imo. Good luck and dont skip Iron Pine Peaks!

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    Sorry I missed the stream they introduced you on. Welcome dear hope you enjoy being here.

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    Welcome to the ... jungle, which in its current state will need lots of good stuff before anyone can forget about the spills that left so many holes...

    I truly hope, like many do, that we'll see a less destructive direction for the game. Lots of work to do on getting reacquainted with the game. Since I can't play as much as I used to right now, I won't give you 'advice' as to what to play, surely there will be lots of people giving their opinions.

    Most importantly: enjoy the game!

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    Talking Welcome!

    Welcome to our community! I'm happy Brasse gets some support on the Telaran front.
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    Unless you're absolutely bent on doing raiding (or maybe PvP), play what you want and/or what looks interesting. That should be what Rift is about ;)

    In any case, welcome to the pleasure dome/tea party/jungle

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    Welcome Jennifer,

    you will see most people in the community are very nice, except the trolls, you will find them under some bridges and wait for trolling moments.

    Very nice to see the staff is growing again and hope wil will see just much more community stuff and informations.

    Zysa D'Argent

    P.S.: Warriors are best and if you like cats, the beastmaster have one

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    Welcome aboard. There's quite a bit to learn, but don't hesitate to ask the community if you're not 100% on something. We want to help!

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    Default YAV YAV!!

    Gonna miss ya Yav Yav, So excited for your new position over here!!! <3 You will do awesome!

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