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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: 4.2 CELESTIAL STORM: July 19

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xlavius View Post

    Feel the same, bummer.

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    Default Payment

    Quote Originally Posted by Maelya View Post
    I bought Prophecy of Ahnket and itīs "old" content for me now. Now it will be free to play. That is ok. But there is another problem:

    I wrote a ticket (german support) 5 days ago, because I canīt add a payment method.
    My husband already bought an offer package for me and sent it as gift to me before your offer ends.
    Topically I canīt purchase anything because your system does not give me a button to memorise the payment method.

    I have also a request: There was a Hotfix-Earth Bundle 2016. I lost the Dimensionitems because of a bug.
    It was not possible to restore the Items. The reason of the bug was not localized and the cusomer support was not sure, whether I simply had sold the Items.

    I request a purchase funktion for former bought Items. Make them soulbound. I really miss these cute animals
    I couldn't get my payment to show either because firefox was blocking it.

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    Nice but i hope Trion to forget the PvP Part i see no Progress in pvp and worth to buy Patron...many new gear for pve but pvp nothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrionBrasse View Post
    Cenderze, the Planar Fragments will be worked on after the 4.2 launch. We do not have a timeline on that yet, but we have tentatively scheduled a livestream on the topic for August. =)

    There is no new PvP content coming with 4.2 - you'll just have to keep killing me the old way.

    Folks, the people who bought POA early already received cool stuff that the new free players will not get: the Ethereal Drake mount, Level 65 boost, Asha Catari's Raiment, Ring of Ahnket portrait Frame, the title Starlord/Starlady, and, if they bought earlier, Opie the Artifact-Hunting Squirrel mount, Sack of Infinite Void and Tenebrean Mystery Box.

    Free players can now access the new zones, levels, systems and questlines - and they can play alongside you. This is more fun for all.

    Our Customer Service team will refund anyone who purchased POA within 14 days of the announcement (June 29th). Please submit a ticket via support.trionworlds.com and they'll be happy to help!

    We thank all for supporting the ongoing health and development of RIFT!
    not funny

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nefelia View Post
    I'm fairly sure that Sheo was not asking about new content for PvP. Rather, what Sheo and the majority of the PvP community are expecting is maintenance.
    Asking for new PVP content wouldn't be all THAT ludicrous though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catonmylap View Post
    ^^ What Rivkah said. ^^

    Well, except one minor detail: The game has gotten a lot cheaper for me. As in, I haven't paid Trion a dime this year, and will not pay any money in future unless and until the issues described above - i.e., horrendously bad RNG for gear and upgrades "forcing" IRC consumption (or not!) - are addressed in some reasonable way. I used to spend $50-100/yr on Rift. I like(d?) Rift, and would love to support the game financially, but I won't support the current model.
    Same here. The game has turned too much into Las Vegas for me to justify supporting it with my money, though I guess that's unfair to Las Vegas...I could actually win something there.

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    With only a few days left and from what it looks like still a lot of things to iron out, is there any talk about the possibility of delaying the 4.2 patch? Or at least certain part of it, like TD normal mode for example?

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    Default Already paid for?

    Why is it to me that 4.2 feels like content I already paid for that was supposed to be included with POA?
    Even a man who has nothing can still offer his life.

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    Default Anything new for crafters?

    Anything in 4.2 for crafter's. New recipes, etc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kassamai View Post
    I couldn't get my payment to show either because firefox was blocking it.
    As Murolosch wrote in another thread: Clearing cache & cookies, or trying another browser, Ad blockers and things of that nature are definitly not part of the problem.

    I tried another Pc and Browser: Opera, Firefox, Mircrosoft Edge and Explorer and I do all the other steps, but I still canīt send the payment method.

    My ticket got closed after several friendly back and forth and I have accepted the fact that I canīt purchase in the shop. Only things that my husband can purchase as gift for me.

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    so what do people who've purchased the pack from the beginning get? I hope I'm not stuck paying for 4 new role extensions. please at least offer that for us who can't get refunds.

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    Wink TIME

    does anyone know what time the CELESTIAL STORM will be due out on the severs on july 19 please respond tks

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    Quote Originally Posted by ponyed View Post
    does anyone know what time the CELESTIAL STORM will be due out on the severs on july 19
    It wouldn't be today, it's delayed to tomorrow the 20th.


    At a guess it could be as early as 6am Pacific Time which is 1pm GMT and the plan is to update both NA and EU together.

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    Default What the heck happened to the new Primalist souls advertised"

    Quote Originally Posted by Fasti View Post

    Prepare for war or prepare to flee. Crucia has come for Ahnket and is willing to crush any who get in the way.

    The Celestial Storm strikes on July 19th, 2017!
    Here are the key highlights, which we'll present in more depth in blogs and livestreams as we march toward launch:
    • Vostigar Peaks, a new overland zone with new questlines and several fascinating*points of interest.[/*]
    • Tartaric Depths Normal Mode[/*]
    • New Raid Rifts[/*]
    • New Instant Adventure[/*]
    • New creatures[/*]
    • Four new Primalist Souls, free to anyone who already owns the Primalist Calling. The Ascended Essentials Pack is a great way to gain ALL the souls!
      ⦁ Mystic
      ⦁ Farseer
      ⦁ Predator
      ⦁ Primal Lord[/*]
    Best of all, Prophecy of Ahnket is now FREE. For good. Forever!
    Bring your friends, your old guildmates, your next door neighbor, and enjoy all that this strange and wonderful comet has to offer! All you have to do is log in to enjoy the celestial lands.

    A new prophecy...

    Clouds of magic flow around the entity, swirling and dark. She has been watching from afar, slowly building her forces and honing them for war. At first, she thought the Ascended might defeat Ahnket for her, but clearly they are not up to the task.

    "Pathetic creatures," she sneers as she watches yet another piched battle between Ahnket's constructs and the Telarans. They are not moving swiftly enough, and her patience is at an end. Her desire is focused on the Tenebrean magitech perfected by Ahnket.

    She sweeps off to review the ships of her fleet. They must attack NOW!

    Vostigar Peaks spreads out before you. It is a cool, sweeping mountain range, gently cradling pastoral hills dotted with regal conifers. It is a feast for the senses, and, in any other circumstances, a place where one could enjoy a few years of quiet contemplation... but not now.

    You have traveled to the tail of the comet with Orphiel and Asha, hoping to end this long struggle once and for all. You've learned so much about Ahnket and her wide array of minions and allies as you slowly pushed your way to this serene valley. Surely you can lead the Telaran forces to a decisive victory over Ahnket!

    Battle rings out below you, echoing off the snow-clad peaks. The peaceful setting is marred with violent clashes between uncanny Tenebrean automata and the tyrannical might of the Legions... of Crucia. She has returned!

    You are caught in the middle of this Celestial Storm of titanic power, together with your Ascended allies, the fora and Simulacra Mages of Uttila. Can you survive? Should you leave and let the two great forces tear each other apart?

    And then you hear the terrified whispers... the prophecies that drive this conflict are uncertain and shifting now. Can you really hand victory from one villain to another? Is Crucia’s tyranny an alternative to Ahket’s destruction? The seers are unsettled, confused - images of a feathered God-Queen of Telara switch to a Tenebrean devastation that burns the very source of a mortal’s soul. The weapons of this devastation alternate between steel and bronze.

    Which doom of Telara will you choose? Or is there even a small chance that you can devise a means, with Orphiel and Asha's expertise, to defiantly reject such choices and found a prophecy of peace?

    You realize that you must remain, to defeat not only Ahnket, but the forces of Crucia once more - neither of them must be suffered to win this war.

    It is time, Ascended!

    I have the primalist pack, but cannot use any of the four new primalist souls being advertised! What gives?

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    Trion board meeting?

    Nixia@Greybriar (and Laethys)

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