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    Todays live steam was fun, they all are..and I hate to say it but every time I watch them I fall for the game even more seeing the folks that are behind the scenes is a treat in itself. however lol, Lots to work on, lots!!! I don't care if ya get ya yourself drunk and fart a little its normal but please do us a lil favor...work on the balance in this game PLEASE. its off the hinges and its not a good thing. Even if you have to take away some spells in order to balance souls its okay. I mean WoW did it, it worked. I think being overloaded with abilities is for the birds, and they are not chirping at it lol. I have faith you guys can do this, ..start simplifying things, get rid of the old ways and create the new. Look at wow I hate to say this but at least they are balanced or try to be as much as possible. I think that's my only complaint is soul's being the way they are, it truly sucks. If I wanna come fresh into the game and play whatever I choose well guess what I will get a big slap on the wrist for choosing that soul spec because it is dead now. It's not cool at all in fact the balance is what makes a game fun. If you only have one guy working on souls, than please hire another!!! lmao...I'm just trying to help. I know you guys work hard as it is, and we do to, but remember in order to have a great game it comes from balance...perhaps put a Libra in charge hahaha, just a lil astrology joke there. Look at other games and its not shameful to copy some stuff, look at how much wow copied Rift or other games for that matter. You guys have it in you, otherwise you would not be here. So Make it happen. I'm sorry I'm so harsh but honestly when ya got nothing, ya got nothing to loose. I'm not saying ya have nothing I'm saying you have it all to change this game to where its turning even my ma's head"what game is that"? Its Rift mom don't worry Im not gambling.hehe..
    you guys are sitting on a gold mine.
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