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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: RIFT ARTSTREAM: Friday, March 3, 3:30 PM PST

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    Default RIFT ARTSTREAM: Friday, March 3, 3:30 PM PST

    RIFT has a unique art style that earns praise throughout the MMOG industry. Meet some of our incredibly talented artists!

    This week, we explore the creative process that brings Telara to life. Some of our artists will present a series of "work in progress" images and discuss how we get from an idea to realization, along with the challenges of the process.

    Interested in game art? Want to know more about the design choices the art team makes? Please post your questions to this thread and we will pull them early Friday morning!

    Side note: we will also give away the first round of our brand new 6th Anniversary Tuskar Mount - remember that all of our Creator Program members have them as well, so check your favorite streamer or fansite now!

    Host: Brasse
    Artists with mad skillz: Stephen, Justin and*Zach.

    Friday, Mar. 3, 2017, 3:30 PM PST

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    How much of the Art team is dedicated to Rift, and how much works on other projects?

    What is your favorite plane?

    Do you have any concept art for Myrkur Depths? Can you show it?

    How much creative freedom do you have with creating art?

    How much feedback do you provide to the creative process of making new content and lore?
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    How does the art team weigh the advantages of reusing models for mobs vs the disadvantage of player burn out from fighting the same bad guys throughout a large majority of rift's content?

    Side note, we did get to see a few new models this expansion so that was nice. I recall seeing the artwork for 4.2 that to me said, 'lets slap a slightly different helmet on this guy, good enough.'

    Is the rift art team worried about reusing certain things too much?

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    Id like to ask, how many people are currently on the art team, and what allows them to do such a great job that continues to impress us as players while the rest of the teams working on the game continues to disappoint, feed us a new excuse weekly, and give us nothing but unpolished and mostly broken content? What allows the Art team to produce nearly flawless work every time while the rest of the game is in shambles when anything new comes out? (Except Tok's that was great work right there by someone who really cares and is most likely proud of what they do, Good job.
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    Is there a separate art team for Dimensions and Game art?
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    Default Looking forward to this, thanks for taking the time.

    • What comes first? The Lore or the Art?
    • Are you assigned a task or are you constantly creating ideas then something is chosen?
    • Do you design something then have no further in put in how its put in game? Whats the process?
    • Have you created anything in your spare time and its been used in Rift?
    • What is your favorite art work created so far in Rift?
    • If you could change the art of anything in Rift what would it be?
    • Whats a typical day for a Game Artist?
    • How much coffee do you drink?
    • What is the most difficult aspect of your job? Deadlines/Too many ideas/Not enough ideas etc
    • Are you able to show us your Trion office work stations?
    • Do you all have an Art Station page or where can we view your work?
    • What have you studied/where have you worked to get to where you are now?
    • What do you ultimately aim for as a Game Artist career wise, what's each artists dream?
    • Do you wish you had hair like Sven Bybee?

    See you Friday!

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    1. Did you originally or will you ever do any separate armor sets for primalists? I understand that just about everything you make takes time and resources which is why primalist and rogues use the same sets, but it would definitely be really cool to get some "Primalistic" armor sets within the theme of the class.

    2. Can we get some giant shields and bulkier weapons/armor for tanks? As a mathosian / eth I want to feel like a real juggernaut of a tank.

    3. Will there ever be anymore contests like the weapon/cape one we had in the past where players designs get turned into actual in game weapons and capes?

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    Great questions so far, thank you!
    I'll collect them all up tomorrow morning (Friday), before noon. =)

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    - How much is some of the art/design/lore impacted by H.P lovecraft?

    - Any dark souls/bloodborne fans on the art team?

    - Have you guys ever wanted to do a gotham city sliver dungeon with batman as an ally npc? (mwhaha had to ask)
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    Regarding Animations.
    - How much time does it take to animate a character or an object versus how long it takes to create it?
    - At which point in the process of creating a new character are the animations done?
    - What's the hardest type of character or parts to animate?
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    Aww man! I kept looking for this and couldn't find the thread.

    Questions anyway, in case you do a fast grab trout before xD

    What is the makeup of the art team? Are there people who are strictly Concept or Modelling or is everyone pretty well rounded?

    Is the team split across Wardrobe, Mounts, bosses, and enemies or anything like that or do you just do whatever is the current task?

    What is your favorite Plane to design for? Favorite enemies?

    At what point in the creation of, let's say a raid, does the art team get involved? What is the general process?

    What was a favorite design/idea of yours that never made it into the game?

    Do you have a lore cheat sheet for making designs fit or did CaptainCursor just live in your offices for new designs?

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    One of the artists on the stream. I didn't look for the others
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