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    Default Healing Balance Passes

    Quote Originally Posted by Zehne View Post
    So alot of the specs (dps) have had extensive #'s tuning; is there any mechanical tuning of specs(dps) in line later?

    Why play:

    When inquisitor pulls very similar numbers (thanks to the #'s tuning) and is many times easier to play? (mobility/no rng procs/ranged/few ability mechanics)

    Time frame on healing balance passes?
    Yes, may we have a ballpark on the time frame on the healing balance passes please? Many are wondering. Thank you.

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    Best tank EU, Arasdoros, wants to know, is it too late to add a sock puppet goat with a dwarf accent and beard as end-boss?

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    Default mechanics

    Intrepid: Darkening Deeps was basically the same as the original DD other than the mobs and bosses being buffed quite a bit. In regards to Intrepid:RotP, is this going to be the case as well or can we expect any new mechanics to be added in to kinda change things up a bit?

    If there are no new mechanics then anyone who has ran that raid before is going to be able to go in (with a group of course, seeing as it's going to be Intrepid now) and pretty much steamroll everything in there due to there's nothing new to learn. It's just a beefed up version of the original.

    I won't presume to speak for anyone else but, personally, I enjoy seeing new content added and having to learn it in order to get past it. So I'd love to see some new mechanics thrown in other than just the ones we're going to see with the new 10-man raid.

    In regards to the new 10-man, please tell me this one isn't going to have an insane puzzle in we have to solve to get throught it? I really hope not. I love new mechanics but the puzzles drive me batty.

    Thanks and see you at the stream.
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