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    Default RIFT PrimalStream: Feb 10, 3:30 PM PST

    The new Primalist Souls are under development. We know you're all eager to hear more -Brasse has captured a wild Keyens to spill info!

    This Friday, we'll talk about the upcoming Primalist Souls... what are they? How are they being built? How will they compare, contrast and most importantly, synergize with the existing Primalists?

    While the new souls are still a work-in-progress, we have a lot of interesting information to share, and Keyens will be happy to take your Primalist questions as well. Post 'em here!

    While we're at it, we'll show you the gorgeous new Valentine's Day items in RIFT! We are proud to offer a gift option healthier than wine and chocolates for your special someone.

    Host: Linda "Brasse" Carlson
    Guest: Chris "Keyens" Meyer

    Friday, Feb. 10, 2017, 3:30 PM PST

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    Thanks Brasse. Hope you're feeling better.

    When are they expected to be released?

    How many new primalist souls will there be? (Answered: 4 new souls, one of which is the one previously seen as "mystic" but might not be called mystic.)

    Will there be a fee associated with these souls? (And if so, how much and will they be purchasable with credits?)
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    Hi and thank you for the update! Looking forward to the stream, even though I'll have to watch it after work. I always end up missing it and it makes me so sad!
    Here's my question!

    Is there going to be any additions to the souls we already have to make them more fleshed out and longer? Currently they are so tiny and small compared to other classes! Thank you!

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    thanks Brasse and all the team! keep doing good job mates!

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    Two questions for the livestream off the top of my head right now. The first question is a bit blunt, but I think it's one of the most important ones to ask.

    1. It's been 1 year, 4 months and since the incomplete Primalist calling was released. I understand that not as many people purchased the calling as the team had hoped, but there were still plenty of people who did pay for collector's edition and the harsh reality is that we never got our moneys worth and from the sounds of it still won't until summer. What I want to (as do others) know is if the remaining souls are going to have to be purchased still on top of the money quite a few of us already shelled out to support it? I have a sinking feeling that we'll have to, but I hope that's not the case.

    2. In the event that you make any new callings in the future, what are you going to do differently to avoid what was stated in my first question? Please don't avoid the question by saying "It's not even on our radar right now." and that you can't answer it.
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    Considering how long we've had to put up with an incomplete calling + broken masteries, will we be expected to pay for the new souls?


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    Default Primalist souls

    Is their any plans on balancing out the Overpowering Primalist spec that's commonly used in PvP. ?

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    How do the new souls interact with the focus bar?

    Will the new legendaries have any synergy with Beserker?

    Will we have a soul with strong single target with some good cleave? (Looks longingly at bladedancer and riftblade)

    Which soul will cause the most complaint threads in the PVP section?

    How many Frogues will the new Froguemancer soul be able to summon at once?

    Not related to new souls, but random questions:

    Why does aftershock do triple threat?

    Why does Titanic spirit reduce healing by 80%? The worst other souls get is 40%

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    Before I start with questions/suggestions allow me a minute to say 2 things.

    1. thank you Brasse for this "submit your questions before airing" great idea.
    2. I read this thread and it made me sad how little thought had gone into questions.

    Observations. There are 4 things missing in Primalists that all other souls have.
    1. Support (good or bad) they offer quite a bit of flexibility to builds, Tact/Bard Pyro/Chon Lib/Master Sent/Acle. They also dovetail nicely with tanking and healing.
    2. Raid Healer. Being able to mix healing builds would be amazing.
    3. Pet Class. Not sure how this fits with plans, but I do know some people who love playing pet classes.
    4. Stealth. Not necessarily rogue like stealth, but the ability to end or break combat.

    So my questions are;
    Are these the souls being addressed and are they keeping an eye toward synergy and variety.
    Also are they considering updating the masteries to be useful with the new souls as opposed to the new souls fitting the masteries


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    Super glad the team is on the mend.
    Is the Valentines celebration... for a week?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirSnakeEyes View Post
    Is their any plans on balancing out the Overpowering Primalist spec that's commonly used in PvP. ?
    It's had a couple of round of nerfs and is probably just about right as of today.

    Keep an eye on these balance patch notes and you'll know when they happen.
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    Default servers down?

    Hey, i just wonder, is the servers down? when i tried to start rift, it sid that all the shards are down= if so, when can i play the game again?

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    Will these new souls need to be purchased?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bwian View Post
    Will these new souls need to be purchased?
    Unless they changed their minds, yup! you'll have to buy them.
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    Default Suggestion: questlines for new souls.

    As the title says... I recall CaptainCursor commenting, upon the release of the PTW, on the "emptiness" of the zone, manifesting his desire specifically to write quests and lore for the Bahmi but not being able to do so due to time constraints and such; so, take say the 4 least active towns/areas in PTW for quests and/or events currently and write (and animate/voiceover, preferably) a short quest-line in each of them, each line for each of the new Primalist souls? much like was done for the Dreamsouls pack that had Physician - I still remember that quest-line with fondness, even the action of Keira kissing her dead beloved went down in that soul's resurrecting ability to live on as its name - Kiss of Life.

    Seeing as this soul pack will probably not be free, this will rather serve as another incentive, even for people like me who never even played a Primalist, to buy the calling and additional souls - as well as go back to PTW and rediscover parts of it, if you will, or fill in the more deserted swathes along with adding more background on the Bahmi. You certainly can't say there wasn't enough time this time around though as these souls are waaaaay overdue =P also, the fact that players that buy the souls won't be buying just the souls but the quests as well - you guys can even add some unique rewards to the quest-lines like a minion card, pet, a cool Bahmi-related "clicky", an exclusive portrait... or maybe a pass-item that teleports you to an otherwise unreachable area in that map, like a "vantage point" spot with nothing but a grand view of the zone, maybe aboard one of those balloons?... in the PTW, not even the sky is the limit =)

    Come on guys, this is simple work - mechanical even... write up some quests and dialogues, animate and voice-act a bit, an extra pet and minion here and there, INTERESTING achievements, etc. it's not like developing a whole new system of spreadsheet progression and having to patch and balance it constantly... give us something actually decent and enjoyable after our unkempt foray onto the Celestial Infernal Lands... even I will buy it!

    Make it happen.

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