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    Couple more from me
    1. There are several bugs with classes as listed in several threads such as punishing blow legendary not affecting thunderous strike in champion. Does the team have a set window they aim to fix bugs by and could we get any insight into how the team approaches bug fixing.
    2. Would the team consider adding additional effects to spell interupts to prevent casting of a school for x amount of time ala wow?

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    Are you going to adjust the physical damage reduction of lvl 70 NPCS or is it intended to be 8% higher than the non-physical one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riftologist View Post
    I'd love to hear Keyens and the team's views on Dominator. What do they like about Dom? What do they not like? Any specific changes planned for Dominator in 2017 that the team can share?
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    Default Mage Chloromancer Veils dmg reduction penalty

    Mage chloro has long been a favorite healer due to heals being based off the damage they do. by nerfing this dmg by penalizing Veils, you have essentially made this heal style obsolete and made it like all other boring target healing.

    -Is the veils damage 90% (40%) nerfing of the Mage Chloromancer soul intentionally done to phase it out as progression raid healing capabilities in exchange to push for frostkeeper healing?
    -are you phasing out the atonement heal style of Chloromancer all together?

    -If Yes it was intentional so more will play frostkeeper, how about those who do not have frostkeeper soul, or do not like the traditional target heal of the frostkeeper and prefer the playstyle of Chloromancer?
    -being Chloro synergizes well with harbingers for survivability: being mages are glass cannon, the veils dmg penalty will seriously affect melee mages survivability. what was your thinking in the direction for the harbinger/chloro builds? are you trying to nudge players towards different souls? or have a different idea/intention on harbs survivability builds?

    - was this nerf mainly due to the harb/chloro builds that bring in both crazy hps/dps together? if so, how about adding in the veils reduction if paired with harb only? or only in builds lower than 54 points in chloro?

    please rethink the amount of the veils dmg reduction in chloro as this damage to heal style is a favorite amongst many healers and changing the chloro to a traditional target healer like any other healer will likely cause many to stop playing Chloro mages.

    ty for your time

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    Remembered another question, albeit a minor one. Will the tooltips ever be updated with what i'm asuming was an intentional change to pretty much all skills to now have 1% variance?

    Some skills didn't have it before at all, while others had 5% one. In i think all cases the tooltips showed that before, and were never updated for the 1% change to all of the skills. Atm from what i can tell the single number for damage in the tooltips is the lower value, i.e. 99% of the skill damage.

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    Holy mackerel!

    We have enough excellent, solid, well-reasoned questions to fill a three hour stream, and we've only got 45 minutes! We'll do our best to fit in as many questions as possible.

    Clearly we'll need to do another one of these streams this year!

    Thank you ALL, closing this thread now. =)

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