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    Quote Originally Posted by dunkelst View Post
    DPS souls:
    - Iirc we will see a trend of moving away from full-blown AoE souls. If so, how will they fit into the current meta? How will a soul like champion be competitive with riftblade, and to a lesser extend tempest and reaver around?
    - Generally, will melee > range and single target > cleave DPS (still) be a goal? What about the difficulty of a spec? Will we see more complex specs/playstyles outparse simpler ones in the long term?
    - How are bursty specs balanced? Should they achieve similar DPS compared to a non-bursty spec over longer fights?
    - How does PvP factor into class balancing? Is the current balancing pass focused on PvE and bandaids will be applied to PvP'ers boo-boos as needed?

    Healing souls:
    - Iirc one goal will be less playing yoyo with tank's hp. How can this be achieved across hopefully all classes. How are HPS/SPS and cooldowns balanced internally?
    - What about shielding? Will we continue to see Purifier the go-to pick for tank healing?
    - How do chloromancer and libchanter fit into all of that, given that they are able to both group and tank heal.
    - Is DPS normalization across healers a goal or will we continue to see differences like between liberator and chloro/warden?
    - How about the difficulty of a spec? Warchanter (with DB) imo is a lot harder to not mess up compared to other tank healers. Will we see differences in how harder specs perform in comparision?
    - How does PvP factor into class balancing? Is the current balancing pass focused on PvE and bandaids will be applied to PvP'ers boo-boos as needed? (Same question, different category)

    Support souls:
    - Iirc Bard and Oracle are meant to be more defensive supports, will their DPS be comparable to each other, but lower than BM and Archon?
    - BM being a melee (pet) spec, will it outperform archon for that fact alone on a dummy? If so, will there be a reason to bring archon over BM unless the encounter or group setup requires an archon?
    - BM is currently way over the top with the pet focused legendary abilities. Is it an option to go back to the player being the majority of the DPS contribution?
    Hire this person Trion.No trolling seriously do it we need ppl that know wht they talking about.

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    What's the "balance DPS target".
    1. What's the average ST dps a full ST soul should do? (Paragon, Assassin ect).

    2. What's the average ST dps a cleave hybrid specs should do? (Reaver, Warlock).

    3. What's the reasoning behind forcing Ranger into completely worthlessness in any serious contents? And why the uselessness of Ranger doesn't apply to other callings pet specs like Druid and Elementalist?

    4. What's the reasoning in killing off the viability of the entirety of rogue ranged spes completely by nerfing marksman into Ranger's tier of DPS?

    Thank you.

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    When are you planning to tackle healing/support classes?

    Will you be giving Tact healing utility? Will it be a large soul rework?

    Why is Legendary Cadenza worse than its non-legendary version?

    Will you atleast keep f2p souls close to p2p souls? E.g. Assassin doing competitive dps and being close to Shadeborn, so raiders don't feel forced to buy paid souls

    What are your plans with Nightblade? Why hasn't it been touched yet considering it has some of the most awful legendaries?

    Will we ever see hybrids make a comeback? nb/sin, assdancer etc?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yaviey View Post
    At this point we're looking more at after summer for really new Live content but that could change depending on how fast the team goes.

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    Default Purifier/Oracle

    "Purifier ward of fire legendary is bugged and the shield component is only being buffed by 3% per stack instead of 30% per stack, which probably has a lot to do with how weak it feels"*

    a) Is this slated for correction?
    b) Are there any improvements in the works for this soul? Currently not using it.

    Any plans to increase dps? Not a preferred support spec.
    Thank you.

    (*Quoting 12/21/2016/ 7:19pm post by Scourge to Thread: "The Official Feedback Thread ")
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    • How much burst is too much burst?
    • Is it ever okay for a class to be able to kill a geared player in PvP in one hit? How about under 3 seconds?
    • If so, what are the factors that make it okay? Long CDs, little utility or CC in the soul, no self-healing, etc.

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    What are the overall goals the team aims for when balancing a soul?

    How much impact does the macro system have in balancing?

    Does the team have a rough idea about the primary purpose of each soul?

    What new specs in 4.0 were unexpected surprises?

    Why did the team decide upon legendary powers over, say, another tier of Masteries, or seeing what could emerge with 5 more soul points?

    Where there other ideas for 66-70 skill growth/choices besides legendary powers that got scrapped? If so, are there any that you can share and explain why they were scrapped?

    What is the overall goal of the upcoming healing changes?
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    How do you test specific specs and how well they'll perform? Do you have a parse simulator? Maybe an executable spreadsheet for specific rotations? If it exists, does it include a lag factor? Etc.
    TL;DR, how do you test a specific spec?


    Does sending you a specific spec and parse that shows buffs and damage per spell help the process any?
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    1. Aoe Based Souls - Would the team consider the idea of moving away from aoe based souls and allowing all souls to do some aoe. This is because over the years the need for any real pure aoe souls has never been particularly high and it opens up a lot more choice
    2. Would the team consider allowing souls to toggle into different roles. For example creating a toggle ability with a cd for BM to increase all dps but disable support abilites. Similarly this could be for tanks to go full dps but disable threat and most defensives.
    3. Would the team consider community suggestions for new souls? I would love to see an axe thrower for warrior for example if I were to suggest one
    4. Are the new primalist souls being worked on and will they be free?
    5. Seriously though, Path of the Hurricane, can we have it back please?
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    Great questions, folks!

    Some of them are too specific to one build or ability for the purposes of this stream, but I'll add them to the list of "just on case we have extra time because Keyens talks so fast."

    Looking forward to this tomorrow. =)

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    Default I would have Loved to ask a question BUT>>>>>

    Quote Originally Posted by TrionBrasse View Post
    RIFT Livestream Jan 13: The Balancing Act

    What is balance, anwyay? Who decides what abilities get buffed, nerfed and tweaked? How do they make the call? Why is it SO hard?

    This week, we explore the philosophy, methodology and processes employed by the RIFT Systems Team when addressing the ever-moving goals of class balance. RIFT is unique among games in having am almost limitless combination of soul builds to work with, and this complexity often leads to heated discussions between passionate gamers on forums, Reddit and i
    Chris "Keyens" Meyer will be on hand to talk about how the team views and evaluates balance, and the challenges of trying to accommodate the widely varied opinions and desires of RIFT players when it comes to specific classes, skills and builds. Balance in this game is definitely not one size fits all, and Keyens will describe the internal process of evolving class skills, including when and how the Systems team decides to tweak them.

    Keyens will delve into the challenges of player feedback, parsers, opinions, synergies and perspectives in a world of widely varying playstyles and approaches. We will take a number of questions from this Livestream question thread, but be aware that Keyens is here to address class balance philosophy, evaluation and process, not the highly detailed raid parse or effects/viability/needs of a specific build, ability or soul. Thanks for your understanding!

    RIFT Livestream
    Twitch Channel:
    Start Time: Friday, January 13 at 3:30 PM PST (GMT-8)
    Duration: 45 minutes

    Finding new ways to take on content with RIFT's complex Soul system is part of the meta game in Telara.
    Please post your Balance questions for the livestream to this thread.
    We look forward to hearing from you!
    Balance? what Balance a Rogue doing 1mil DPS in an SOE spec is not a Balance
    I don't mind seeing others doing better DPS the I do but that was Just Ridicules

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    Default 1mil dps to high?

    [QUOTE=bollesti;5281302]Hire this person Trion.No trolling seriously do it we need ppl that know wht they talking about.[/QUOT
    Will you be Nerfing the one button specs?
    and when is DPS or and AOE to much? don't you think that 1mil DPS is a bit excessive? I see 1mil DPS in a instance thought that was going to far> I feel anything over 400k to far but that is Just My op

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    Like some other's have said as well, what is the target for the dps of melee, ranged, cleaving, aoe, ... specs? Or if numbers don't mean a thing, how about the order for them, which should be better and when?

    This one is a bit warrior specific. I was under impression that the pet system was too difficult to manage and make it work well enough, hence the changes to elementalist pets, and druid ones a few months ago. Why on earth is a BM now a full pet soul where the player is mainly just the buffer for the pet? I mean, in what way does this make sense, considering that the whole pet system was deemed to tedious and practically abandoned?

    And as a last one, not a dirrect class/soul ballancing question, but it is connected with it. Can we finally get an answer if the armor/resist scaling and its values on the dummies/mobs are working properly?

    If they are, why is physical reduction so much higher than the magical one? If they are not correct values, which i asume (considering the past ones in previous expansions), are they beeing taken into account with the current ballancing?

    Also connected with this is that currently dps/heal specs have 40%-50% if not higher armor/resist reductions. And because of scaling slowly "flattening" out, it means that tanks don't have that big of an advantage there anymore. Is all this taken into account with the ballancing beeing done now, especially since it seems to be moving towards tanks and healers and i asume dmg taken overall?

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    A primalist question: Curious to know how the focus bar factors in during design/balance. Instead of just having a cooldown, now abilities can have a cooldown, a focus requirement, and a focus change.

    General legendary question: Why did the team decide on a max of 3 legendaries per soul?

    A primalist and legendary question: Is it tougher to balance the primalist legendaries? Most souls get a buff/cooldown at the 61 root, which seems like an easy target for legendaries. Primalists, however, usually get their hardest hitting abilities at the 31 root. Seems like it would cause balance issues making it legendary.

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    I would like to know how balancing affects other stuff in the game... how attempting to balance one class affects how another class is balanced, and for that matter how attempting to balance classes seems to cause "bugs" in areas not related directly to the classes balanced, like how adjusting a spec/soul causes a quest to not complete...

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    I'll keep all my questions pvp related, because that's how I've spent most of my Rift time recently.

    1. What can be done to allow melee specs to become more viable?

    2. Are ranged specs intended to have such high burst?

    3. How much crowd control should ranged specs have? Should ranged souls have pulls like Dervish does?

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