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    Default RIFT $99/yr Patron Sale EXTENDED to Jan 18th!

    When Archonix is away on holiday, the Boglings get busy. This time, they’ve decided to rig the Patron sale to go on for an extra week, to allow even more people a chance at it!

    You’ll never see Patron offered at a lower rate, so don’t miss out – lock your rate in NOW with this fantastic deal! $99 for an entire year ($8.33/mo).

    There are a great many reasons why Patron status is coveted throughout Telara. Patrons receive loyalty rewards, store discounts, affinity rewards and convenience perks. In addition, all Patrons gain an amazing array of in-game bonuses, including experience gains and mount speed. Check out the full list of Patron features here!

    Log in TODAY and take advantage of this Patron Sale in the RIFT Store!

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    Is there also a sale on Credits?

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    Great Price !

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