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    Default A Quick Word on Compensation

    Just wanted to drop a quick line about what all we're working on to compensate for the current issues folks are experiencing on live. Rest assured we're working throughout the weekend to clear things up as quickly as possible, and appreciate your patience.

    The first part of our compensation pack for the ongoing network issues should be out now. Anyone who logs in will be able to claim the following in the RIFT Store:
    • Login between now and 11/30 11:59:59 PM server time to receive a Bundle of Affinity, containing 100 Affinity for your account. Claimable from the RIFT Store.
    • We'll also be granting additional time to Patron cycles for those affected, who have logged in since all the network issues started late last week. We'll keep that window open until we've finalized the solution. More info later in the week.

    Due to the current instability with 64-bit clients, and the fact we're patching over the weekend, we've enabled bonus Affinity gains starting today, and running through the Thanksgiving weekend:
    • Affinity Rewards have been doubled for Patrons
      • Patrons will gain 10 Affinity for logging in daily.
      • Patrons can earn up to 6 additional Affinity daily, rewarded 1 per hour.
    • Non-Patrons will also earn Affinity at the rate Patrons gain under normal circumstances.

    Thank you again for sticking with us over launch week. We'll have everything running smoothly again soon!
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