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    Default Yer new CM, Brasse, and a note from Ocho!

    Good morning, folks.

    Some of you know me pretty well, others know me just a little, but everyone is about to know me a whole lot better. As of today, I am your RIFT Community Manager in addition to being Director of Community here at Trion!

    First a note from Ocho himself:

    "Heya All,

    Leaving is always hard, but sometimes change is necessary and helps us grow. I've had a remarkable time in my almost three years at Trion working with the RIFT community. It's been incredible working with all of you and the RIFT team, especially towards the launch of Starfall Prophecy. Now it's time for me to join all of you in sitting back and waiting eagerly for the launch of the next great chapter in RIFT.

    While you may not see me anymore in my official capacity, I will still be wandering Telara with all of you. You may see me fighting battles with planar invaders and occasionally against other Ascended in Warfronts. I know I leave you in good hands. The passionate and caring folks on the Trion Community and Dev teams truly want the best for RIFT and all of you. I can't wait to see your reactions to Starfall Prophecy and where the team takes you next!

    Wishing you all the best,
    Eric "Ocho" Cleaver"
    You will see him show up in an interesting and even more challenging role at another company when he decides where he will hang his hat next. Now, if he is smart, he'll leave the game industry for something that pays better and takes less stamina. But I suspect that based on our long discussions, just like me, he will not be able to tear himself away from his passion for gaming and gamers. =)

    Also, to be fair, in order to advance to Directorship in Community here, someone would have to assassinate me in the finest Klingon fashion. I am rather pleased that Ocho did not take that path. He will make a fine Director, and Iím quite attached to being alive.

    In the interim, he is taking a vacation to hang out with the adorable mini-Ocho and is enjoying every minute of that beyond playing games. Meanwhile, I am diving into RIFT headfirst (and likely a little over my head to start) with you all. Don't worry, I have Ocho on speed dial, and I owe him for that.

    I love RIFT and have nine characters ranging from level 15 to 61 (yeah, yeah, I'm slow, I am a roleplayer with too many alts!). More than half of these are Dwarves - I can't help myself. I am just starting in PvP thanks to my friend Wren, but I know the rest of the game really well... although admittedly not as well as come of you folks.

    I've been writing many of the articles you have read recently and have handled RIFT's social media for a while in preparation for this amazing opportunity. I will do my level best for RIFT and you all as we roll toward Starfall Prophecy and beyond!

    I look forward to seeing you on livestreams as well, starting this Friday! Meanwhile, if you have any questions about me, let 'em fly.
    Yer auld Dwarf,

    ps. BEARDS FER LASSES! Join the campaign.

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    Good bye Ocho.

    You'll be a great community director Brasse!
    Last edited by DarkDaemon; 10-17-2016 at 11:53 AM.

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    I thought there was something suspicious when I noticed that Ocho's name wasn't purple anymore in a recent post.

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    Its time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boase View Post
    Its time.

    rol tugh Dwarf. yIqaSmoH.

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    Bye Ocho.

    We gunna miss ya.
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    Well there we go...

    I'll miss Ocho but I wish him a great time with his new epic minion.

    Welcome Brasse! May your beard never grow thin and your ale mug never be empty!
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    Bye Ocho and best of luck.

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    All the best to all parties thanks for everyone's hard work and....

    Quote Originally Posted by Laeti View Post
    Well there we go...

    warn me next time you make me spurt giggle....

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    Um... congratulations?

    And take care Ocho ;)

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    Bye Ocho! We'll miss you!
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    Time to come back to RIFT then.

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    Maybe Apotheosys will come back now lol

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    Fia is online now
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    bb Ocho. *wave*
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    bb Ocho
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