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    I think the next two month will tell us if it's cool extension or if the game is totally on "bankable/let it die mode" ..., choice is in your hand. Hope i'm totally wrong and some cool raids and content coming cause i like Rift but i'm starting looking aside others MMo actually, just saying.

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    Default RIFT Producerís Letter: Starfall Prophecy

    The result of all this hard work is Starfall Prophecy, where the Acended will continue the fight against Ankhet, who just happens to be hell-bent on obliterating Telara. Originating far beyond the Cosmos, this Tenebrean construct of monolithic proportions has burned its way through countless worlds and torn huge swathes of the Planes of Fire and Life loose from their primal realms. The Ascended must stop the denizens of these planar domains from destroying Telara before they can ever hope to battle the tower of Ahnket itself!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maetha View Post
    40 euros >>> 4 day of play , kinda excessively short for a paid expension , remember Storm legion one (was free) was real content like 10 time more than this SFP stuff, so my question is , can we expect for more content or the SFP stuff is aldready "release " at all ?? (i don't speak about planar fortress or raid p1) ?
    It wasn't free, at least it wasn't for almost a whole year until F2P came out, veteran players had to pay for it and we were paying a monthly suscription either, so by then TRION had money and probably a bigger crew than now, so no, SL wasn't free and neither their souls are nowadays.
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    We expect a new Producer's Letter from Archonix after the team finishes plotting out the rest of 2017. First they need to get 4.1: Forged In Flame out the door!

    I am therefore going to unstick and close this thread. Thank you for all of your comments and feedback!
    Be sure to join us for this week's RIFT Forged In Flame Grillstream, for questions related to 4.1, and watch for a new Producer's letter in early spring!

    We are taking questions for the Grillstream now, on this thread.


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