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    Quote Originally Posted by Rastifann View Post
    Hello, I am a Dimension lover and actively create dims. I also Grind my main through the constant boring, tedious degrading tasks to upgrade gear etc, and need to Escape to my dim. Recently, I decided to create a Public / invitation only, ( can handle no more than 10 players at one time) Treasure Hunt Event !. I do 3 Event runs of 1 hour length, each Sunday, on the EU, Gelidra shard, Dim name: Tempest Island / "Treasure Island" with my Alt character Sootfoot.

    So far, I have ran 6-8 Events with nothing but Compliments and thumbs up .. and a few frustrated brains. Rift Celebrity "Dimensiondiva@Gelidra" from Dimensiontouring.com even gave me a Thumbs up, and suggested I contact Rift to see if they may offer Help in promoting, supporting my self-created & funded event. I work, and am patron, but purchasing rewards for players, such as REX, Dimension interactives such as mailbox, banks etc, prove costly, and I will very soon be unable to supply fancy rewards for players.

    Promoting is an unfamiliar skill. my usual advertisement is pasting a public invitation in open chat & Dimension chat. Dimensiondiva mentioned streaming. I am not good with multi-tasking as most people, and fear screwing up. Running the event & chatting in multiple chats is hard enough. I have Ideas, like doing Themed Events, and using alternate Dimensions for the Hunts to keep it New & exciting. However, I do not have a Twitch, you-toob etc off-game website, and not willing to add to my already tight gameplay available hours.

    I am Hoping you can suggest ideas, or point me in the right direction. Any help is greatly appreciated, Thank you,
    Paul Petit, Aka: Sootfoot, Thinktank, EU-Gelidra.
    You could create a simple WordPress-Blog and update it with the stuff you make (screenshots, comment, story etc.) and use that as your forum signature. Maybe that'd work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rastifann View Post
    Hi ya, I have a post on Community Creations forum "Social media Workout" to help with setting up social media, using hashtags and getting to know who else is in the community.

    I also host Rift MMORPG Community Discord where we share our projects and events plus get to know each other.

    Self promotion helps grow the game generating interest in Rift, there is no one way to do this but do consider your own place to post all your screenshots of your dimensions, events etc which has been suggested as a blog already but can also be a free outlet like a post on forums updated regularly for you to tweet out OR free hosts like tumblr, facebook etc - just to name a couple.

    You are a telling a story which you could also include your adventures with gearing up etc. Jump on discord and feel free to ask any questions a few of us are happy to help others brainstorm sharing Rift for sure.

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    Default Thank you

    I will continue looking at forums & support related groups. I do have discord, so will try to have a chat there too ^^.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samuraiko View Post
    Oh I HAD to sign up for this.
    I've seen your videos! I LOVE them! Made me wish I'd spent more time paying attention to the lore... Great work!!

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    It seems that the "Apply" button does not work when you want to sign up for the Creator's Program.

    Link I am using to signup is: https://www.trionworlds.com/en/creat...QlUUbbyZEf-cas

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