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    First, thanks for your involvement in the game. It has become my favorite, and of course I owe that to you and your team. With all things considered, I have not been let down at any point from Release to Storm Legion to NT. So, job well done.

    The only ideas I would like to raise, are possible improvements to systems that are already great.

    1) I would love to see more interactive items for dimensions. Things like practice dummy and dream-weaving station are brilliant ways to make a place feel like home, functionally.

    2) I would love to see more costume items available, preferably from crafting and rare drops....but even Rift Store could use a nice bump in variety, for variety's sake.

    3) Red power-ups for PVP dimensions? In fact, I would love to see more development of dimension PVP in general....I guess a lot of that has to do with lack of interest, I am thinking of ways to change that as a player.

    4)Big thumbs up for the secret minion cards. I would love too see more hidden things in game....hidden quests, hidden items, hidden achievements and rewards. These things are fun.

    My biggest suggestion, and thing I would like to see, is to stay on the road of being "advanced", for lack of better word. All of your in-game systems are expansive, and I love it. I see other big name MMO's borrowing this page from your book, and its a good thing for MMO's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ocho View Post
    My question to all of you is what would you like to see in the next four years of RIFT? Is there something we used to do more of that you miss, something new you’d like to see, or something you wish we’d never do again? Let us know!
    I'll tell you what I miss... cool mounts that you earned in-game and were unavailable via any other method.I was proud of my spectral horse from RoS conqueror and my armoured Murdantix from HK conqueror. Everyone knew that any player riding one of these had put in a lot of time and effort into getting one.

    Nowadays, if you see someone on a cool mount you just assumed they got lucky with a gamble box or bought it with a large amount of plat from someone else who got lucky with a gamble box. Heck, you even made the models / meshes of stuff like the above-mentioned mounts available in world events or via loyalty levels. What a way to cheapen the achievements of those that got them via conqueror.

    I presume Trion earn more cash by selling the chance to win a mount in the gamble boxes than by actually just selling the mounts out-right but I, along with many others, just steadfastly refuse to waste away my cash / credits this way. The recent hover-bike was a prime example. I saw that and my immediate and unequivocal reaction was "Wow, I want one of those" and had there been a price-tag associated with it you'd have had my cash within a couple of minutes. As it was in a gamble box though, I basically did the one-off quest on each of my characters for a free gamble box, didn't get lucky, and ignored the mount.

    TL;DR I hate gambling for stuff. Let me earn stuff in-game, even if that takes a huge grind.

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    I'd like to see some content that fills in more of the backstory of Telara. What was the Eth Empire like? What about the Mathosians of long ago? Who were the people the Souls are based on? Are the histories correct? Or off a little or a lot?

    It would also be nice to have some more chronicles and more 5-man content, like a 5-man version of Endless Eclipse. I understand the need for 20 man raids, but not everyone can get into a raid group and it would be nice to experience that end game content. Of course, the rewards would be appropriate to a 5-man dungeon, not asking for raid gear out of a 5 man instance.

    I would also like to see the return of the quests that you had to do in the beginning to get access to the various souls. I understand the reasoning behind making the souls insta-access, it is more convenient and sometimes it was a royal pain to get the quest done. But I would like to be able to do the quests for content.

    Also, the quests in the newbie areas that were taken out to speed the journey through, again, understood, and no real upset over them being taken out, but it would be nice if they were returned and listed as optional, perhaps with the purple quest icon or another color to indicate completion isn't necessary to leave the area.. There is a lot of lore in those quests that's just plan missing now that no one gets because the quests aren't there.

    I would also request that when it comes to the mounts out of the box, either set them up with a higher drop rate, or that you get the mount at the lower drop rate until a certain number of boxes are opened (like 100 bucks worth of credits or something). A friend spent a ridiculous amount of money on the Arclight mount (too much over 100 bucks). It was appropriate to the character and he is getting his enjoyment out of the mount (and also got a lot of equipment upgrades from the non-mount boxes), but still, for a mount (and other upgrades) it was a ridiculous amount of money to spend.

    I understand the business model, it is successful. I have spent more money on Rift than just a subscription and plan to spend more money in the future, but the obvious money grabs are a little grating on the soul. Just saying.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work!

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    Default Faction Change Story

    would like to see a story line concerning those guardians/defiants who have changed factions i.e defiants who lost faith in their machine and embraced deities and guardians who lost faith in their deities and embraced the machine or better yet instead of a faction change scroll the scroll actually starts the appropriate story line and at the end of the quest series your faction changes but not before finishing the story.

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    My question to all of you is what would you like to see in the next four years of RIFT? Is there something we used to do more of that you miss, something new you’d like to see, or something you wish we’d never do again? Let us know!
    Jonus hit alot of topics that I agree with.

    I miss seeing Dev's or CM's joining the players in rft like in warfronts. I think it would be cool to see more of that and perhaps see them in the random warfronts and not just conquest.

    I do miss GM's or CM's poping into rift asking players what we would like to see in the future as well and answering questions.

    I feel that Ember Isle was the best new addition to rift I had experienced and I think when SL came out I did like the Volan event alot as well. I would like to see more of these things in the future.

    I feel that we could use something extra added to fishing. Like getting in a boat or some kinda of vessel that the player can operate to let us venture out in the middle of a big area of water and fish up new and exciting things. Perhaps new crafting items that would let us change stats on a weapon or a piece of armor? An example would be you have a trade skill in tinkering and to use that skill you would need to find things by taking a boat out into the middle of a large area of water and fishing up these crafting items. Say you get an item that increases damage to a weapon, or increases dexterity, strength, intelligence and so on.

    Any way we can fix the issue with my character going invisible? Every time that happens to me I just put my back up against a wall to fix it.
    It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives.

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    My question to all of you is what would you like to see in the next four years of RIFT? Is there something we used to do more of that you miss, something new you’d like to see, or something you wish we’d never do again? Let us know!
    My answer to Darkmoon is a couple of things.

    Firstly I loved Ember Isle, let me just say that. Its my favorite zone in the game. And it bugs me that its now a barren wasteland. We HAVE to find a way to utilize not just that zone but other older zones. Ember Isle particularly cause its skipped to move on to SL.

    I really think its perfect for an open world pvp zone. Its isolated, so for people to go there they would need to WANT to participate. This sort of idea has been pitched by me, by Baramos and others.

    But to answer your question about things that used to happen and don't.

    1.) I would love for PVP Rifts and or Ancient Wardstones to come back. They were removed because they were never properly implemented. Much in the same way that Conquest hasn't really been implemented correctly. There are tons of posts about that so I'll not go into it here.

    2.)Master Modes. It makes no sense to release any more max level dungeons unless they take into account the natural progression of the game. Its a waste of your resources as designers to design content that will be run once for achievements. Dungeons going forward need to be expert/master not normal/expert. The old master modes were amazing and made sense in progression except their rewards were sub par. With the way things are now, I think you guys could easily make master modes a great stepping stone to potential raiders.

    3.)World events. Waves of Madness. If you want to do world events again, which you should, look at Waves of Madness. We should never be getting new landmasses without having world events to introduce them, I mean thats the very definition of a world event! Dig back and look at what made Waves of Madness work. You had multiple components. Most of these could be loosely templated and applied to the formula for future world events to streamline the process.

    The environment would change (different skybox, in WOM case you had occasional periods of rain).
    You had collosi that would randomly attack towns, not with a zone event associated with them but they would suddenly start broadcasting in the zone channel and attack a town in the zone,.
    You had random npcs all around the world that you could save from the cultists that gave you a small amount of event currency.
    You had a new zone event introduced with each stage which progressed the story.
    You had Rifts themed around the new world event for the element of water and in this case pertaining to Hammerknell.
    You had neat little things like localized zone events that spawned off the coast of sanctum and shimmersand.
    You also had a great fun celebration stage which had some things like the seacap races and what not.

    Now not all this would apply to every zone event but that sort of outlines what made Waves of Madness so popular. Rift feels alot less dynamic without lore based world events. We really need those back.
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    Please continue pushing sex and romance in the game.

    If I liked the feeling of rated G content, and mother-approved dialogue and zones filled with prepubescent children spamming their verbal-hormones, I'd of stayed in World of Warcraft.

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    Hi Julia, fantastic to meet you! I'm sure you're swamped so I'll keep it short:
    • More chronicles please.
    • Bring back special World Events.
    • More items unlocked with plat and notoriety.
    • Return of PVP Rifts.
    • Master Modes for Dungeons.
    • Dreams of Blood and Bone - a) needs fixing- auto mentored to level 60 and b) rewards need updating.
    Thanks for listening,

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    Hi Darkmoon,

    I believe the game urgently needs another big raid 20 man like original Hammerknel (or even Infernal Dawn) with at least 10 bosses, different wings and huge areas.

    As for the 10 man raids, I believe they have been pretty good since Vanilla, but imo the 20 mans have been progressively falling behind since SL. PBB was not great but at least the last boss added a monumental touch to it, however IG and mainly all of the SL T3s felt way too "short", probably because those were small raids on rehashed zones with rehashed bosses (while at the same time GA was a pretty good 10man).

    Apart from that, I think the game has matured enough to start adding some form of competitive and ranked arena pvp.


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    Congratulations, Darkmoon, on your being the impetus behind Ember Isle. It is a fun and fascinating map. I remember the first day my guildies and I explored it and found to our amazement that the mobs were actually picking off anyone who strayed too far from the pack! The zone events were interesting, the PVP daily quests were fun, and the dungeon was a challenge.

    I agree with the previous poster who asked about returning to some zones later in our progression. When I go to Ember Isle now, it's completely empty, and that makes me sad. We got far too little time in EI before SL came out and we all ran off to the new zones.

    I would like to see EI turned into a PVP zone with PVP daily/weekly quests involving the capture of cities. It would work best if everyone who zoned in was automatically set at level 50 so that anyone 50-65 could play it equally. Or perhaps everyone from level 15-65 could go there and all be the same level. Keep the fierce NPCs so that everyone must stay on their toes. Perhaps EI could be the one zone that is the same for all servers- not separate EIs on each server? Like CQ is now- you zone in and play with people from all servers, but open 24/7.

    Perhaps even a separate gear set that can only be used in this zone and earned in this zone? I've seen that setup in other MMOs- you zone into the PVP map and your gear set and level automatically changes. A player may earn PVP gear, but it cannot be used in any other place. Perhaps even the ability to earn siege weapons.

    It would be pretty great to see one of the zone events with the addition of PVP. This occured regularly on Seastone back when we were all exploring EI.
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    Default Customer input - my input

    I do enjoy Rift. That being said, I'm quite happy at the INVITATION to express my views. First, general criticisms.

    1) There are many places (other than the intentionally obscured puzzles) that are quite difficult to get to. Nowhere, perhaps, is this exemplified more than Sharax. It affects me more than most by being burdened with no sense of direction. This, unfortunately applies also to secure areas like Margle palace. It took me far too long to learn Tempest Bay, and I despair of ever learning Margle palace, especially Flargle Plaza.

    2) SOUL RESURRECTION AREAS: ow! Too few, and much too difficult to return from. This is aided and abetted by the grey-on-grey landscape (terrain) one must cross to get anywhere.

    3) RANDOM RECIPE DROPS: While it is good and necessary that random high-level items drop from dungeons and raids, there should be certain high-level items that drop randomly, and certainly recipes should be random world drops.

    4) ONE IDEA FOR THE FUTURE: The present! We were all sent back in time to prevent a disaster, yet we have no idea how the changes we've made have affected the future (present)
    of Telara. Inevitably, from a story perspective, we must return to our (all ascended's present) and understand then deal with the challenges we face. Is the world free from planar invasions? Have the two factions splintered? Are the two factions at peace? Are the two factions embroiled in all-out war? Have we accomplished anything, or is Regulos still at the brink of total world domination?

    5) One trivial observation: the word "decimate" means destroying 1/10th of the enemies forces. Its 2 most likely roots are A) the number of the opponents forces needed to demoralize their forces, and/or B) The former common practice of killing 10% of an area taken hostage, of troops taken prisoner for the purpose of obtaining information. This was primarily used in insurrection, where towns might harbor "enemy combatants".

    Obviously, I enjoy more aspects of Rift than I dislike; why else would I be playing, and playing as a subscriber. I apologize in advance for the unintended yet highly probable ugliness of this post; a tutorial link for the effective use of the word processing tools available would be nice.

    Thanks again for the invitation to provide feedback. It's much appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Papagabriel View Post
    So, my two cents. What I loved was the sparkle event. need to do more of those! What a great way for us non-raiders to FINALLY get some decent gear. Like previous post, wife and I are causal gamers but have been playing Rift since it came out of beta and this was perfect for players like us.
    Rift store - cost of upgrades is WAY out of balance. It takes way to long to get enough abyssal marks to just purchase one piece of expert gear. and to upgrade a whole set? 56 of the accelerators? for world gear and 37 or expert? at 5k & 2k a pop for one. for just the Void Seeker set its almost 400k stones to fully upgrade. Way to much.
    Let the raid gear be bought with credits as well. for those that don't do 10-20man raids, the cost of them is prohibitive as well.
    Take out the heart of the frozen, if I am going to grind out marks of horror to get raid gear from dailys, then I should be able to either buy a heart or get upgrade to gear with out one.
    I just don't do 10-20man raids, nor does the casual guild that we are in.

    (Like the one post. I have a in game friend that can solo the new chronicle cause he has VERY nice gear from his raiding guild.)
    Let crafters craft raid equivalent gear that can be upgraded see above.
    Heels for female toons - Marla has some nice ones!
    I like what you have done with content. Keep up the great work.
    yea I know, kind of a rant, but mostly I am good with everything, just keep in mind that your casual community is probably way more than the hard core raiders are (no offense guys / gals)
    I agree with many of your points, but just wanted to point out a couple things. In the past, RIFT has made raid gear purchasable with credits when the next tier comes out. If they stick with this trend, you will be able to buy the T1 gear when T2 raids come out. Having T1 gear is more than sufficient to shine in open world/casual situations currently.

    About Hearts of the Frozen: I can see how this is prohibitive for more casual players. There is a small chance to drop them from Conquest, so you don't technically HAVE to raid to get them, but if you're like me then you absolutely hate Conquest. Many people never do it at all, or do it but hate it. So yeah, I definitely feel you on this one.

    I wish they would just rework Conquest in general, actually. I do at least one Conquest every day in an attempt to do the weekly quest and I have not won a match in weeks. It is a little ridiculous. I know it is tricky to handle the whole premade situation, but for people who do not join premade groups it is almost impossible to win. Also another Conquest map would be nice, doing Stillmoor and Steppes over and over gets a little boring.

    Overall though I am still enjoying the game a lot. Lots of good suggestions in this thread, so consider some of those and keep up the good work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonus View Post

    A few points about what I would like to see in the next four years:[LIST][*]Myrkur Depths. This feels like something that Trion is already planning on opening up with the 4th zone to the right of Draumheim - I say this based on the lore, especially the Ghar Station broadcasts from Ghar Station Prime. That's really gotten me excited, especially since Prime is hostile to the Ascended.
    .[*]New Raid Encounter Zones. Lately the 20-man raids have been doing what the 10-man raids used to be about - re-using open world or existing maps. Infinity Gate, Bindings of Blood, Mount Sharax for 3-4 bosses, Tyrant's Forge. They all use open world content. In the past we had GSB, RoS, Hammerknell Fortress, Infernal Dawn, Frozen Tempest, Endless Eclipse, Planebreaker Bastion. I hope that F2P hasn't caused a change so that the 20-mans are no longer in unique, new locations due to resource constraint.
    .[*]The Planes. I hope we get to journey to the Plane of Fire, Plane of Air and Plane of Life during the next four years. The others would be nice as well, although I'm most interested in these 3. Hoping the color scheme is worked on for the Plane of Fire, although the Platinum Keep might help with that so the mobs aren't camo behind the landscape.
    .[*]Hybrids. I'm interested in both the Planar Attunement hybrids as well as the lore in the Runic Athenaeum hinting that the edges of each planes when crossed over has hybrids. Really interested in knowing how Trion goes with this. Even Crucia in Tyrant's Throne talkes about becoming the Queen of Tempests, controlling both Air and Water in the same way she's tapped into Earth energy (Frozen Tempest) and Fire energy (Bloodfire). New hybrid mobs and factions appearing outside of just lore books would be amazing and really expand the universe.
    I agree with a lot of Jonus' points, but these are the best.

    I've really wanted to know what happened to Ghar Station Prime since it was first mentioned
    in the Goboro storyline. Specifically I'd like to see how they adapted to their new environment once the sourcestone ran dry. Did they find a new power source for their machinery? If so, why haven't they contacted the other stations? If not, how did they learn to survive in their new home? I'd also like to see some more lore pertaining to when the Eth first arrived in the plane of water, as I found the lore we already have relating to it to be very interesting.

    As for the other Planes, personally I'm not psyched for Death, though I think Life could be interesting, provided it doesn't have many of the world-strangler roots we see so much of in Brevane. A heavily forested zone would be nice; something with a lot of trees. I've always felt the forests in rift don't have enough trees. One thing I'd really like to see in the Planes is what happened to the other Eth expeditions.

    I especially loved how the Runic Athenaeum quests delved into para-elemental hybrids and intersects between planes. First off it was cool and interesting, but it also made RIFT feel a lot more... realistic. It made the rifts and invasions feel a lot more serious than they had previously. We've always known they were tears in space that were slowly causing multiple realities to collide with disastrous affects, but the Athenaeum storyline showed us what those affects could look like, and more importantly, that it isn't some far-off threat, it's happening right here, right now, and it's getting worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strikelittle View Post
    As for the other Planes, personally I'm not psyched for Death, though I think Life could be interesting, provided it doesn't have many of the world-strangler roots we see so much of in Brevane. A heavily forested zone would be nice; something with a lot of trees. I've always felt the forests in rift don't have enough trees. One thing I'd really like to see in the Planes is what happened to the other Eth expeditions.
    How many players' favorite zones are Silverwood and Moonshade Highlands? Tons I bet. I am weary of deserts and snow and ice. I would love so much to see more zones like SW/MH. I did not care for the way the Life influenced parts of SL were done. I want to see grassy plains and forests! Environments you might think of as typical high fantasy. IMO, we are overdue for this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shattered View Post
    How many players' favorite zones are Silverwood and Moonshade Highlands? Tons I bet. I am weary of deserts and snow and ice. I would love so much to see more zones like SW/MH. I did not care for the way the Life influenced parts of SL were done. I want to see grassy plains and forests! Environments you might think of as typical high fantasy. IMO, we are overdue for this.
    To sort of expand on this... I'd like to see more 'hybrid' zones. Forgive me for using another game as the example, but bear with me here.

    Lord of the Rings Online:

    The Trollshaws - dense woods, with pockets of close-quarters rocks/canyons, leading to a river ford, leading up into rocky moors.
    Bree-land (leaving the town out of it) - open farmland, forests, and a marsh.
    Eregion - vast open moors, pockets of forests, ruins scattered everywhere, with a large riverbed running nearly the length of the area.

    These are individual zones, and maybe because they have the sheer SIZE to do it, they manage to (mostly) avoid the 'one zone = one look' problem. It's probably the one thing about the Telara maps that kinda bug me is that you can practically see the demarcation lines between the zones. They lack... flow-through, I guess.

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