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    Default PAX Day 1 Wrap Up

    BOOM Goes the Dynamite as we kick off another year of PAX!

    Yesterday was electrifying as Penny Arcade 2011 kicked off - thousands of people descended on the Trion booth from the first minute the doors opened. Eager to see RIFT for the first time after its launched (or just log in and do their dailies while taking advantage of the Half Birthday Bonuses.) Some of you even showed up and helped us demonstrate RIFT to others - it was epic to watch how awesome our community really is!

    Read the Rest @ The Community Blog

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daglar View Post
    As for folks calling me a carebear, I've got 99 problems and being a carebear ain't one son. I've done far more than my share of virtual murder over the years. I've been part of alliances that have so heavily destabilized server balance in games that the other sides ceased to log in due to being so massively dominated.

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    It has been very exciting to see all of the people constantly playing the game at PAX, every time I've walked by there hasn't been an empty computer.

    Keep your eye out for some cool videos and interviews from RIFT Junkies.

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