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    Default Gamescom '11 - Houston? We need more coffee over here!

    We have been told gamescom would only grow bigger and bigger every day. We didnít believe them. We should have.

    The team over in Europe have been chronicling the activities in Cologne this week, check out their latest update!

    Read more @ the Community Blog

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    If I would have known you had a sneaky webcam installed.... Be warned people not to do any "fails" ( Unless you're Ayase ),... you're being watched 24/7

    If ya havent been there, make sure to jump by at the place, almost feels like home XD( cept its more crowed there )

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    Did I hear Houston?

    You rang?

    Hope the barbacoa is grand! Great to wash it down with some beer!

    I saw one person walking across the floor? What time is it? 3am? PARTEEEEEE Time!
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    Who? What? Where? I seem to be way behind in the news. Send invite please.

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