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Thread: Talk of Telara #2

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    Default Talk of Telara #2

    Welcome to the second edition of Talk of Telara, our bi-weekly community feature which highlights some of the creative stuff our members have shared with us, events they're organizing, as well as community news.

    We continue to be amazed by the talent and energy of our community members and we thank you for sharing your creations, your time, and your talent with us. We hope that you enjoy doing these as much as we have enjoyed seeing and reading about them.

    The deviantART RIFT: Create a Colossus Contest is still going on. You have until June 19th to submit your very own concept art of a Rift colossus for a chance to win cash prizes and other cool stuff from deviantART, so get those creative juices flowing! You can find all the details here.

    As we mentioned last issue, our Fan Art and Fan Fiction forums are a treasure trove of talent and creativity, and we encourage everyone to go check out these forums for more. We also now have a Fan Videos forum, where you can share your machinima and music videos!

    Here are this edition's samplings from the Community Creations section. As we've mentioned before, please don't feel left out if yours have not been featured yet - there's still a chance you'll see them here next issue!

    Fan Art

    So this time, Becka2 shows us what happens when she gets bored; elegos87 creates magic with a nice Rift screenshot and some Corel wizardry; and Kristafee dazzles us with her talent. Click on the thumbnail images to see the corresponding full-sized image from the artist's gallery on our forums.

    What Happens When I Get Bored - RIFT Fan Art by Becka2

    From Screenshot to Oil Painting - RIFT Fan Art by elegos87

    Kristafee's Rift Art - RIFT Fan Art by Kristafee

    Fan Fiction

    Community member eudaimonia tells a moving tale of a mortal NPC yearning for immortality as an Ascended. Here's a sneak peek...

    Rebirth - Ascended Through an NPC's Eyes - Written by eudaimonia

    The Chosen never walked. That was the first thing Gareth noticed when looking at them. The tireless Chosen of the Gods never walked: they either ran, or rode. There was never a motion wasted, never a moment squandered. The Chosen were the power of the Vigil itself made manifest, Ascended to redeem Telara... and these troubled times called not for divine serenity but for divine intervention. And so the Chosen did not walk but ran, and rode, with a single-minded intensity of purpose that was fearsome to behold.

    Fan Videos/Music

    Our two featured videos are from the new Fan Videos forum. In the first one, community member Gr1fter created a beautiful music video starring the world of Telara, set to a lovely original soundtrack. Watch it in HD for the full experience! The second video is a fun one that will have you jumping... er dancing along in no time.

    Beauty - Music Video with an original soundtrack by Gr1fter

    Not Your Average Dancing Video - Game Music Video by Leanpocket

    We have added a few new guides to our Rift Community Guide Compendium. As always, we would like to thank all of our amazing guide writers for their tireless contributions, past, present and future. Remember to check out the Guide Compendium regularly because we are constantly updating the list. (Please note, some of our community guides do link to other websites.)

    Butchery Leveling Guide - Written by Aieny

    The Saga of the Aelfwar (Quest Guide) - Written by ZAM Rift

    The Saga of the Endless (Quest Guide) - Written by ZAM Rift

    Cleric Healing Build Compendium - Written by Snarfums

    Ciderhelm's Guide to Tanking Builds w/ Recommended Progression & Macros (1.2 Updated) - Written by Ciderhelm of Eventide

    Once again, we’ve scoured our Shard forums, searching for community-run events and projects. If you have a shard community event or project you’d like to have added to this list or future Talk of Telara features, please PM someone on the Community Team with the details, or email us at community@riftgame.com.

    Here are some of the recently-concluded shard community events, as well as current and upcoming ones that you may be interested in checking out!

    Elrar's First Town Hall - Alsbeth - Our very own Assistant Community Manager, Elrar, made a surprise visit to the Alsbeth shard on June 3, stopping to chat with the Ascended in both Meridian and Sanctum. He has promised to make the rounds and eventually hit all the shards so keep your ear to the ground!

    Shadefallen RP Night - The Blades of Silver, a Guardian guild on the Shadefallen shard, hosted an RP meet-and-greet at the main courtyard of Quicksilver College last June 2nd. By all accounts, it was a resounding success, so they have promised to do it again soon!

    Grand RP Event on Argent - Community member Cathryna is organizing a grand RP event on the Argent shard, involving both factions. The event will span several days but the initial Councils of War will convene on June 13th, so choose your side and gather your comrades and supplies now!

    Play GIMP on Kelpmere - If you've never heard of the game GIMP (Get Into Multi-class Project), here are the rules. Well, some folks from the Kelpmere shard have decided to play the game within the game by creating a Defiant guild called GIMP. You can check them out if you want to play along. We're not really sure how you win the game but it sounds like fun anyway!

    King of the Mountain PvP Event on Emberlord - If you're up for some organized PvP, community member Tweets is getting one together on the Emberlord shard on Friday, June 10th at 6:30 PM server time. Check out the event thread for more info!

    Faeblight Community Events Hosted by Gascioch - The Gascioch guild on Faeblight (G) continues to host weekly community events. This week, join them for some PvP and raid rifting in Stillmoor, a lowbie rift hunting adventure in Freemarch, and a rift hunt in Scarlet Gorge!

    There you have it, folks! We hope you enjoyed the second edition of Talk of Telara, and we look forward to seeing more great things from you! If you have a shard event, big shard news, community creations, or anything else you’d like to see if the next Talk of Telara, please feel free to PM someone on the Community Team, or email us at community@riftgame.com for consideration.

    If you missed the first issue of Talk of Telara, here it is:

    Talk of Telara #1

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    love the addition of GIMP. i recommend it to all as it is a lot of fun
    Experience is the best teacher.. if you can afford the tuition.

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    nice pics! :O
    Leimone Whitefall EU | Cleric

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    This is really neat, thank you! Love the fan arts!

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