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Thread: is it worth it... ?

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    Default is it worth it... ?

    hi, sorry for complaining but i wanted to try Rift again after so many years, and i have a lvl 66 cleric, i tried to quest/level up but its so sluggishly slow in terms of exp reward, i spent 2 hours playing and i barely got 10% exp..., celestial/intrepid adventures give 1% exp per run only ! normal quest gives around 1~1.5% exp only, story quest barely 4%~ ...

    correct me if am wrong but isn't the current expansion 3 years old ? why is it still so slow to level ? and why are 65+ dungeons locked to 70 only ?!!? i love healing and dungeon healing particularly but am pushed into questing and its so slow it's depressing my enthusiasm to even play the game...

    again, am sorry for complaining but this just seems to go against new commers and returning players, whatever interest i have in Rift is dwindling every time i login spend 10 minutes to do 1 quest that gives 1% exp only...

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    As long as you don't buy anything.. yes.. But buying packs, you risk not getting what you pay for. CS is basically non-existent..

    The game has its ups and downs, new stuff seems to be coming, but xpacks.. no guarantee for that

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    Only you can answer your question. And you are correct that XP from 65 to 70 is sluggish. 66 to 67 WILL take you forever if you are only free-to-play and do not use any XP vials. 67 to 68 will take you forever and a day. 68 to 69 will take you forever and a month. And 69 to 70 will take you forever and a year. If you are free-to-play and do not use any XP vials.

    But, as long as you plug away at leveling, regardless of how long you play each time, eventually you will reached level 70. And then you can begin ALL of the epic grinds for gear which actually are not as epic as they used to be. Especially your eternal weapon. They were generous with their use of the nerf bat on that thing.

    Patron WILL give you XP and other boosts that should make your gameplay less sluggish. But only you can answer your question of Rift being worth it.

    Whatever you decide, welcome back to Rift! Happy hunting!
    If you're feeling down maybe one of these links will cheer you up. Only one way to know for certain.


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    I have ten 70s and leveled most of them mainly with daily quests, carnage quests and IAs. Maybe I have a higher tolerance for repetition than you. You can often multiply your Celestial IA experience by also doing carnage quests, regular quests, the daily rift closing quest and the weekly IA quest while also doing IAs.

    I thought it was worthwhile doing all the storyline quests in the Celestial Lands at least once for the story and rewards, which includes minion cards. Completing the storyline quests in a zone opens up a daily quest that allows you to replay the final storyline quest to kill the zone boss.

    One quest in Ashenfell gives you a permanent item that provides a temporary lava immunity, That can be very handy there, in the fire rifts part of Celestial IAs and in some other zones. Some of the quests are quite interesting, such as the Ashenfell quest to play a tune by provoking screams of agony from prisoners.

    I've tried several other similar MMORPGs and none were nearly as free to play or with all the features of Rift, such as dimensions, minions, artifacts, extensive and customizable wardrobe system, pets, mounts, world events, etc. Haven't found another MMORPG that gives away a free mount every month just for logging in most days.

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