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Thread: How is the server population these days?

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    Default How is the server population these days?

    I keep missing Rift but it was a ghost town last time I checked.

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    It's not great tbh. Here is my perspective of what I have observed:

    A lot of people have quit or are not logging in at all because of the recent shard/server issues that have made the game really unstable. Longtime RIFT veterans might tell you it's fine, but that's because their perspective is different. They have curated a friend's list and know enough other "lifers" that they can still put together a group to do something, while on the other hand someone who is newer or much more casual will have a really hard time putting a group together. A rift longtime veteran with any sort of decent rep can easily pull together a group because they can get other hardcores to come along just to help out real fast, whereas a new/casual player wont be able to. A fellow hardcore player will be more likely to go on a run with other veterans because they know it will be a super easy run and build up rep/favors with their fellow players. Hardcores don't want to risk going with a random group of unknowns because the run might take longer, they may have to hard carry, or they don't care to help because they don't need personally anything, or they are just lazy and want to be carried themselves by leaning on eachother's gear.

    All that being said, you can still get groups and can sometimes get people to help with things. BUT it will either take quite a long time posting "LFG" messages in chat OR you will need to get in a guild that will actually be active and do things. It may take a few attempts to find the right guild for you as well. Players of RIFT don't use the "Looking for group/raid" tool/s and groups are either put together from pm's, messages in guild chat, and then spots filled with a "LFM" message in Crossevents chat.
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    Lower level zones are very much a ghost town.. try IA and you will likely find a group fast.

    Walk around tbay, summerfest stuff and you'll prolly see more people..
    Keep in mind summertime activities, not everybody sits behind the screen when the sun is shining..

    Also, check the prime hours.. they may be different from your local prime/personal favorite login time.

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