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Thread: Confusing search for guild / german shard?!

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    Question Confusing search for guild / german shard?!

    Hi everyone,

    I am pretty new to this game (3 days or so), but I still thought I'd look around just to check out the "who is who" of my server's guilds.
    So I looked into this forum - nothing! My questions now are:
    Am I blind?
    Are there no guilds on the only official german shard (Brutwacht)?
    Should I switch shards?
    Is there a point in looking for a guild anyways, given the fact that I am pretty useless at this point in my ingame career? Just for funsies?

    Any advice is appreciated!

    Thank you so much in advance!

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    Not really sure how Guild Finder works on the French and German shards but did you change the language in the drop down menu to match it? as in picking German for Brutwacht?

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    LFG doesnt work that way...

    Just check the guildfinder, read the messages... There are a lot of German guilds out there.. they usually write their guild description in German

    You may want to check boxes for type of activities, but if you just click the search, you should find the 2nd guild in the list already with a German description..

    guardians of brutwacht is the game starters guild, so you can skip that one anyways if you're looking for a german guild.

    Guildnames often give away where the guild comes from or what language it is based on.

    Sidenote.. I play on all shards, have never seen/used a language/translator tool in game and have never seen any difference in display for guild descriptions on the different shards.. There are english, german and russian guild descriptions in the brutwacht guildfinder...
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    Default Die Eulen Wacht grt dich...

    Hallo Eoleon

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    Halte dein Abenteuer am Laufen... EU-PvE/ Server:Brutwacht/Syliandra

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