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Thread: Newbie issues

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    Default Newbie issues

    As a fairly experienced MMO gamer (i started way back in Dark Ages of Camelot) i am coming up against some unique issues since starting Rift two months or so ago.

    While i try to complete all available quests there seems a lot of gating with no new available quests unless a specific one is completed and at lvl 63 "infernal uprising " disperse demogos is one of them and it's kicking my bottom. ( no other quests in my log)

    but this throws up another issue, looking on AH for some appropriate lvl health potions and no available..similarly looking for blue armor upgrades or even the odd purple is not showing very much available ..plenty at lvl 65. but is this symptomatic of an already capped player base that are not getting the items to place on the Ah or a real lack of drops at certain levels.

    Either way the loot tables need tweaking to allow gear upgrades be available for newer players as drops and the difficultyof the end of level bosses could do with a slight tweak seeing as they are mostly being soloed becuase no other players around to help or be helped.

    Have to say..hated the water zone in WoW and hate it just as much here.

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    Have you tried joining a guild where you are more likely to find people willing to help you finish some of the harder quests, or running dungeons with looking for group is a good way to pick up gear and guilds usually do a lot of runs as theres always alts to gear up...

    If your really stuck give a shout out in chat asking if someone would come help you, just because you see a lot of trolls in chat doesnt mean there arn't heaps of nice players out there that would assist you. Its nice to see that your actually doing the questlines and not rushing through which most people do. At lvl 65 the areas you will be in are usually a bit more populated to so the chances of joining a group doing stuff increases.
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    I can help if needed. I have a few 70's and a 63 warrior, any can help. Just let me know here and if it's worth your time, we can knock them out.

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    If you are having issues killing mobs that are the same level as you and you are wearing quest gear then its likely to be your spec that is letting you down.
    You dont say which class you are, but you should by now be following a solo spec guide that will have mostly DPS abilities mixed with some sort of self healing. If you are still using a preset spec that you havnt changed much since before level 50 then its time to change it

    if you are using a decent solo spec (able to kill 'normal' mobs of your level at a good pace without loosing too much health) then you may want to create another solo spec with a bit less DPS and a good amount of self healing that you can use during these types of 'boss' fights.
    You can also use void stones to buy gear items in the rift store that may bulk out your stats a bit more to make you more powerful.

    and of course as peeps above have said, ask for help in public chat, join a nice guild so you can start making friends

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    You are absolutely right. With few players queueing for low level Dungeons you might have to do some very boring instant adventure leveling.

    The issue was always a part of the game. Luckily you can (on some of the continents) move between zones and do a bit of leveling and return later.

    I recommend using Compleationist addon. Unfortunately you will see nonexistent quests also that you don't have enough noteriety to accept. But at least you will be able to see all carnage.

    good luck and don't fe afraid to ask people in the public chat, there are many helpful players and good guilds.

    (For non raiding stuffs in the game, you don't really need strong gear, for just quests and dungeons you get the gear as rewards from quests/dungeons, and at lvl 70 you can start thinking about gear)
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    when levelling, keep track of the daily quests.. there are a couple at atragarian well in goboro, at the ghar stations (ghar Mem, Ghar rosh, Ghar Tau) for the manugo game, the dailies in Margle palace, downstairs in the hall with all the instance, quest and notoriety quartermasters.

    There is the nightmare rift storyline, that has several dailies as well.

    Also there should be several 'on the road' quests, npcs with a green/white marker on top of their head, indicating they have a quest to offer. Those small storylines are parallel to the main storyline, you need to visit different locations to find those quests.

    completionist, carnagebook and the achievement check for visiting every named part of a zone should help you find those quests

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