Hello. I feel the need to say how much I like this game and I wanted to say why. I hope that some devs will read this.
I started playing it many months ago but I didn't played frequently. Now I realize how good and nice this game is and I can't stop playing.

It has so many secrets, so many things you can find if you want to explore the world. And I am a hardcore explorer. The joy of actually finding secrets is so beautiful. I am so glad that there are game developer who give thought to people who walk on every slope and who look in every crevice. This game is full of details. It is a game worth exploring.
That's the main thing I love about it, there are others like the variety of quests, the option to play and enjoy the game without the need of a group, the fairness of getting mounts or quality equipment without spending a fortune...
There are things that I am not fond of but these things are so minor that I don't even want to say that.

I hope that this game will still be online in many many years and that it doesn't get destroyed because of patches that change the whole gameplay.

Thanks to the people that came up with the secrets, with creating a world that is alive and interesting. Thanks for this game.

With best regards,